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Is the ship grinder speed mod-able in the Cubeblocksall.sbc?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Kezat, Jan 22, 2019.

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  1. Kezat Trainee Engineer

    Hello everyone, my knowledge of modding is extremely limited so forgive any silly questions.

    I'm looking to mod the ship grinder speed for my single player game as i find its just as fast with the character basic grinder let alone the advanced grinder. I did not see any mods on the workshop to do this without adding entire new grinder models.

    The only thing i found that might help me is the <SensorRadius>1.3</SensorRadius> but i'm guessing that is the area of the grinding and not the speed, though it is named strangely if that is the case.

    Edit: Also would be nice to reduce/disable the grinding knockback force on objects as your grinding them.

    Below is the definition for the vanilla small ship grinder as a reference.

    <Definition xsi:type="MyObjectBuilder_ShipWelderDefinition">
    <Size x="3" y="3" z="6" />
    <ModelOffset x="0" y="0" z="0" />
    <Center x="1" y="1" z="3" />
    <Component Subtype="SteelPlate" Count="10" />
    <Component Subtype="Construction" Count="15" />
    <Component Subtype="SmallTube" Count="6" />
    <Component Subtype="LargeTube" Count="1" />
    <Component Subtype="Motor" Count="2" />
    <Component Subtype="Computer" Count="2" />
    <Component Subtype="Construction" Count="2" />
    <Component Subtype="SteelPlate" Count="2" />
    <CriticalComponent Subtype="Motor" Index="0" />
    <Model BuildPercentUpperBound="0.5" File="Models\Cubes\Small\WelderConstruction_1.mwm" />
    <Model BuildPercentUpperBound="1.0" File="Models\Cubes\Small\WelderConstruction_2.mwm" />
    <MountPoint Side="Left" StartX="3.5" StartY="0.5" EndX="5.8" EndY="2.5" />
    <MountPoint Side="Right" StartX="0.2" StartY="0.5" EndX="2.5" EndY="2.5" />
    <MountPoint Side="Top" StartX="0.8" StartY="0.2" EndX="2.2" EndY="2.5" />
    <MountPoint Side="Bottom" StartX="0.8" StartY="3.5" EndX="2.2" EndY="5.8" />
    <MountPoint Side="Back" StartX="0.25" StartY="0.25" EndX="0.35" EndY="2.75" />
    <MountPoint Side="Back" StartX="2.65" StartY="0.25" EndX="2.75" EndY="2.75" />
    <MountPoint Side="Back" StartX="0.35" StartY="0.25" EndX="2.65" EndY="0.35" />
    <MountPoint Side="Back" StartX="0.35" StartY="2.65" EndX="2.65" EndY="2.75" Default="true" />
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  2. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Can't change the speed of it in that .sbc file. I am sure it is somewhere in the code somewhere just cant direct you to where to look.
  3. Isaax Trainee Engineer

    im fairly sure the speed and area settings are in the model.
  4. Kezat Trainee Engineer

    Hmm so the .mwm file? Sounds odd to have that kind of data in a 3d model file but i will look in to it thanks.
  5. Digi Senior Engineer

  6. Kezat Trainee Engineer

    Strikes me as a bit strange that the grind speed apparently cant be modded easily. However it would explain why i have been unable to find what one would think to be a simple and obvious mod to make.

    Another odd bit (to me) is the sensorRadius is in the Cubeblocksall.sbc and the sensoroffset is in the MyShipToolBase.LoadDummies() going by your linked post Digi.
    Also this is the first i have heard of the MyShipToolBase.LoadDummies(), i will see if that contains any relevant settings to adjust the grinding speed though i suspect not. (as soon as i find that file :D)

    Thanks thus far everyone, i learn a little bit more with every reply:)

    I wonder if its possible to create multiple instances of a grinder in one spot/block to effectively multiply the grind speed. Might be a bit kludge but in the end its not much different with what we have to do with grinder walls. Only less ridiculous looking.
  7. Digi Senior Engineer

    I think you can change grind speed using the damage system via scripting, but you do need to know some C# for that.

    I suggest starting in the #programming-modding channel in keen's discord, you can find people there to help with starting or ask someone to make one for you.
  8. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Ugh..... Discord!!! lol
  9. Kezat Trainee Engineer

    Thanks Digi, i will check out the discord channel.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.