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Is this game dead?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sinsemillia, Nov 4, 2017.

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  1. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    For some ....the game is dead. Those people will stop playing.

    For others ...not as they still want to play.

    Others again are new to the game and are just beginning.

    That's the normal life of any game.

    Whether the game has seen it's peak or not is impossible to tell, as only time will confirm. For me personally...I have close on 3000 hours in the game, and I play it less than I used to...but that's because I have run out of things to do. New content and new fixes give an incentive to play a bit more, but for me a game isn't truly dead until I uninstall it. That means it's less important to me than some free space on my hard drive.
  2. R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    He he - "This" was nice told ...
    Have ~2.4k hours ...
    Was it worth the ~20€ .... yes ...
    Would i recommend it to new players - No ...
    Why ....
    i realy dont know the future ... but we can make only assumptions over the past and extrapolate it to the future ...
    keen have in years not fixed many , and i realy mean MANY basic bugs where "naturaly" get fixed before beta ... so alone the "tag" beta is an lie .. simply to get more players, an concept many here have sayd over big gaming companys like EA or Ubi .. now keen doing the same ... and it is tolerated to hold SE on life ....hypocritical
    The 3 times promised multiplayer improvements are not here - simply ...
    The game have run MUCH better 2 years ago in multiplayer as now .... i had server running on the same PC with 8 player online, much more grids with much higher block count and simspeed around 0.9~0.95 ........ now i get with 3 player 0.5 if i have luck .. with less mods too ...
    If an new patch get drawbacks sometime and dont run as expected is not the question ... this can happen and should get sortet ... anytime ..
    But only decrasing in simspeed, rubberbanding , desyncs of all things you can imagine, GFX decrasing (very low LOD behavor) and removing of features (physic interaction with ore, ore generating at mechanical drilling , horrible pressurization calculation - now disabled at default) "sold" to the player as "optimizations" .. , much more bad wheel interaction/behavor , more bugs with new subgrids locking [Piston/rotors/wheels] .. .... i think the list can be very long ....
    And this is ONLY the diffs to the gameplay 2 years back ... (not one word over basic bugs that was here 2 years back and still not fixed .. not one .......)
    So every one can self imagine where the way is going ...... maybe magical a unicorn appear and fix all bugs the developers are not cabable of .................

    The game will be an long time still around .... but the peak is long time ago .... imho ....
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  3. Roxette Senior Engineer

    To be fair, at that time, most of the computation for player controlled ships was done client-side. There was no server-side checking of permissions, a hacked client could teleport around the world and manipulate/delete/spawn grids. There were no projectors or programmable blocks, both of which have significant server performance costs. The world was a limited size with a small number of predefined asteroids. It was a very different game.
  4. R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    2 years ago was after the Planet Relase - i have bought the game after Planet Relase - have no interesst an "Asteroid Ship Crushing - fake Enginer" gameplay ...
    here it WAS programmable blocks and projectors !
    No real new block was relaseed after this time (except parachute - but this was an mod before from an existing block ..)
    World WAS actual size !
    With the SAME settings as now - solar system start with 3 planets, 3 moons and infinite asteroids ... as i told -> THE SAME

    And yes - it was client side calculation - have write a couple of times, server side calculation will never work with this game ... would be nice if i was proven wrong .............
    All heavy complex games (and proffesional simulations on PCs) handle this in the way that the whole sim is running on all clients, and the server only coord this and correct the errors that happen from rounding errors with floatingpoint calculations ... but this would mean all player musst have an PC that "can" handle the full simulation .... musst not more say ..this would destroy the player base ... the lowest client PC on an server would set the simspeed ..

    So he switch from an non optimal, but performant client <> server system to an server only system that will never work with so much data ....
    And this is without the many other bugs that not rely on the problem of "stay-in-sync" ....

    A much bigger company can handle this .... (but it is not worth the sold copys ...)
    But develope the GFX Engine (Rage) is an task at its own ..
    And bound to an outdated physic engine (Havoc) make it not more easy ...
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  5. UrbanLegend Apprentice Engineer


    It's funny that you mention ArmA. Because when I think of an early release game that feels nearly "dead" it's the DayZ standalone (which as you know, has it's roots in an ArmA mod). DayZ has been in development for YEARS with mostly cosmetic changes to the landscape being the only thing to show for it. But unlike Space Engineers, DayZ doesn't let you really do or make anything and depends on an active community to fill the servers, unless you just want to wander an empty Eastern European landscape by yourself like Mad Max with no car. Which is a shame because the mod was a lot of fun.

    Space Engineers really is accommodating of a lot of different play styles and seems to have an extensive community of moderns, content builders and YouTube channels.
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  6. chrisb Senior Engineer

    I suppose it could be that players consider the mod is better than the game they eventually released. I don't really know, not played it.
    That said, some of the assets in DayZ, from videos I've seen and the BI forum discussions, could be put into A3 to help that a little, i.e. enterable buildings etc.. ;)

    I play/make missions for A2+all the dlc's, with great mods there is no need to move on from that really.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2017
  7. Xelo Trainee Engineer

    No matter if a game is "dead" or not.
    If I play it, it's alive!
    I'm playing f.e. "Dungeon Keeper I (1997)" and even older Amiga games on WinUAE and have a lot of fun.

    But to come back to Space Engineers, I think a game which is under development is the opposite of "dead". Maybe it's "exhausted" or "ill", but not "dead".
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  8. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    I'll drop in $0.02. Multiplayer lacks any interesting game play elements. Modding gameplay for a server is very, very time consuming and has to be thoroughly tested since there are many ways to get it wrong. You can spend more time testing to see if the elements of your server are actually working than setting them up. A lot of it is trial and error since there aren't any definitive guides that are up to date.

    That's not some sort of condemnation. But going from a "beta" to a full release, they'll have to re-engage the player base. If multiplayer still feels like an afterthought then the game will quietly dwindle down. Hopefully, some major thought will be given to actual gameplay and level design before the end of major updates.
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  9. NoThanks Apprentice Engineer

    I'm surprised no one noted that according to that steam stat tracking the game has still produced a net gain in playership over the time period listed (just under 1600 players gained). So judging by the metric alone it cannot/should not be considered "dead".
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  10. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    -when mods stop being made for it i might consider it that...but not really.
    -when updates stop....that might be good/bad. bad that theres no more updates. good that modders can finally mod without having to update because they're following an updating game.
    -when player made ships stop being made and uploaded to the workshop...then we really know something is up...or down...or dead...i mean there is aload of ship blueprints. i can't even express how many. the good/bad and the ugly.
  11. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    @Forcedminer makes a good point about the scale of workshop content, most of it out of date. I wonder if ksh/steam will clean house at some point and dump everything that hasn't been updated in a while.
    personaly I am guilty of leaving stuff on there that doesn't work anymore. I really should get around to deleting it.

    eh, ill do it next week...
  12. Carrion Senior Engineer


    its not keens job to police the client made content. im quite sure i have obsolete stuff on the workshop that no longer works from a pure player made construct. but if your hunting that far back in time then what do you expect.

    it would be a steam job to police dead mods and i cant see that happening ever.

    "mods" that break the game ie the old shield mod that nuked sim speeds by twisting the engine . yeah ensure they cant be used and other things which would on any other game be hax when it becomes known. but just something that isnt updated because they forgot about it or dont game anymore? why?
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  13. Timuroslav Apprentice Engineer

    Well the alternative is to rating bomb broken mods. I'm pretty sure owners can delete their workshop content. It's not a popular solution because it's kind of a sledge hammer, but it will get some kind of result. People see these high star ratings from popular mods and then they download it. They then read the comments about how the mod works so well, then when the game crashes they blame keen because it's "Fix your game keen".

    Some of you already know how I feel about mods, don't blame keen for your broken mods.
  14. jemccro Apprentice Engineer

    I doubt they would ever clean house. That could cause a backlash from some people. Also, it is possible someone may just want to update an older design that they did not do themselves. This is what makes the "most popular," "Most subbed" & "most recent" sorters handy.
  15. Forcedminer Senior Engineer


    I wouldn't necessarily say nuke it all to high hell. that'd be like burning all known history books and historical webpages. :p
    I was thinking more of an automated process of labelling mods on their updated year. as in last time they got updated.
    since we've got mods that are a few years old and it looks like the workshop was added back in 2014.
    just so we can filter out ancient mods or ships that mightn't even have a single hope of working.
    ....the more i think about it the more impossible it sounds since its on the steam workshop.... :(
    if only the steam workshop had a filter by year feature or something.
    don't get it mean its pretty great how we can filter it by say...block mods, or script mods. that really cuts down on the searching. :p
  16. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    I've seen people fix broken mods, repost them, create a link to the broken mod, and then disclaimer the hell out of it. There has to be some middle ground between stealing someone else's work and updating abandoned mods so that they work again.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.