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I've got an idea. Anyone interested?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Strangelegend, Nov 28, 2017.

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  1. Strangelegend Trainee Engineer

    Vanilla Survival.

    12 man.

    Two factions.

    Earth spawn.

    Objective - Conquer the planet, wipe out the other faction.

    I've already got a dedicated server up figured I'd throw the idea out, see if anyone is game.
  2. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    No respawn ships? Preplaced bases? How does one wipe out the opponent?
  3. Strangelegend Trainee Engineer

    Hm. We could do either insanely log respawn times on the landers. There may even be a no respawn option in the config files if I remember correctly.

    Honestly, still going through the thought process of how this should go down but I think it'll be fun.
  4. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    I've always wondered how different it would be to play on a rather small planet but with no jetpacks or flying grids. so engineers have to depend on rovers and running to get around.
    you could always just get players to spawn then grind away respawn med-bays
  5. Strangelegend Trainee Engineer

    Well, landers are fine. Just have to make them a one time deal.

    To be honest, I'm new to running a dedicated server and there is no interface, it's Gameservers. Digging through config files isn't a problem, just new to SE's stuff. I've been playing the game for years though.

    The idea is each faction spawns a lander, land it, and have the other members spawn on it. Would just need to limit the landers to Earth-like ones which shouldn't be too difficult.
  6. SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    I've never tried multiplayer but this sounds interesting. Are you doing 1x cargo, refining, assembly?

    What about this for starting. In addition to your OP, disable respawn ships, and disable spawn with tools. Create a simply structure (think platform with a roof) that includes the following:
    * 2-4 batteries
    * medbay
    * arc furnace
    * assembler
    * large container

    The container will have a few components including enough for 2 large solar panels. Also 12 grinders and welders. 3 drills and 2 rifles and ammo.

    Place 2 of these somewhere and assign one to each team. With decent teamwork they can fortify those and then build a second, better defended base.

    With some teamwork each side can fortify that location and build a second base to suit their style.
  7. Strangelegend Trainee Engineer

    I don't think I'd do x1, maybe x3?

    That start sounds good, actually. What I don't know however is how to create a custom world with pre-built bases. From what I've read you can't do a lot with dedicated multiplayer servers in the way of custom worlds. I'm not sure if this would be a 'Scenario' or just a modification of the scenario.

    Still trying to work out the logistics of how to put this together. It would be great if say all I would need to do is modify the 'Easy Start Earth' scenario, modify the starting base, add another one and off we go.

    Any input on that side of it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Roxette Senior Engineer

    You can start with a completely empty world and populate it with planets, moons and bases of your choice anywhere you like within it, either of your own creation or from the workshop. If you have non-standard planet positions you would probably want to create a custom spawnship mod to have spawn points in the right places.
  9. odizzido Junior Engineer

    It sounds fun, but I never get very far with multiplayer as the bugs are too frustrating.

    Disabling all thrusters(+jetpack) and having two bases on a planet sounds cool as a starting point.
  10. Allammo Apprentice Engineer

    This really sounds interesting. Sort of campaign like ones known from Enemy Territory combined with PlanetSide2? Mine, build stuff to destroy opponent, or go silently with machine guns kill all opponents and hack their respawn structure. Only problem is with game limitations of handling many players. No respawn ships should be allowed, predefined structures, bases with med bay, refinery, assembler, things to start with. There should be couple bases for each faction, when all are lost faction loose. There should be time limit for such campaign and total restart after one side victory or passed countdown. Chosen planet should be as small as possible, however well chosen, with geography fitted for small size. That kind of scenario I would really like to play... Yea, it's easy to say way harder to do, I'm curious if scenario editor has enough power and possibilities to cover this and game itself to maintain such world.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.