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Khalad's Industries

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Khalad, Jun 13, 2015.

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  1. Khalad Trainee Engineer

    Hi there,

    as a newcomer on the forums, I'll use my gallery to quickly introduce myself (as there is no specific place for that, if I'm not wrong ^^) and the "phylosophy" behind my ships developpment. If not interested in that, you can go straight to the pictures ^^.

    I'm playing SE since a few month now, and I have roughtly 200 hours of playtime (very little compared to some people here ^^). It tooks me a lot of time, trials, and a few disapointment to finaly decide what I want to build and to find my own style, but I think I am now ready to build a full fleet that fit within these few rules :

    - Vanilla !!! Only Vanilla stuff in my ships. I want that anyone can use my ships (if anyone want to use them, of course ^^), mod user or not. Plus, I like to try (and succed sometimes) to engineer myself some systems, instead of simply using mods that do it with no effort (no effort from me of course, that's probably a lot of efforts for the modders ^^).

    - 1 ship, 1 role in the fleet. You probably won't see multi-purpose ships in my fleet, or only a few exception when I feel like building something different.

    - Survival friendly.

    - Efficiency. I try to make ship that work well, without too much micro-managment.

    - A little bit of aesthetical design. As I'm not very good as designing nice ship, I put that last on the line. However, I always try to make ships that look at least ok, and sometimes different from the most common shapes. But I'm not always successfull in this part ^^.

    Ok, now, going to the interesting stuff. I'll use this 1st post as a summary for my ships, and most of the details will be in the next posts. I hope you'll enjoy what I'm going to share with you...

    The Driller 2000 :

    A very classical small grid mining ship...


    The Builder 2000 :

    Again, a very classical ship, a quad welder :


    His brother, the Deconstructor 2000 can be find here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=508475007

    The Juno Mk2 :

    This ship is the 1st exception to my rule "1 ship, 1 role". This huge mining and refining mobile base was originally built for AutoMcD's contest, but the Mk1 version was an unperfect prototype. This version is better, even if still not perfect.


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  2. Khalad Trainee Engineer

    The first ship of my fleet is a very classical small grid miner :

    - 9 drills
    - Oxygen generator
    - 10 Batteries
    - 1 Large reactor
    - 4 large cargos

    Nothing fancy, juste what is needed. The nuclear reactor is not supposed to be the main source of energy, but only an emergency power supply. The batteries are supposed to be recharged by docking to a dedicated ship (coming later). The ship is able to mine for several hours without reloading the batteries.

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  3. PeterHammerman Junior Engineer

    Very nice design :) +1
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  4. Khalad Trainee Engineer

    Hi there,

    here is coming the second ship of my fleet, a quad welder simply called The Builder 2000 (he has a brother, called The Deconstructor 2000, very similar to it ^^) :

    - 4 welders
    - 3 batteries
    - 1 large reactor (for emergency)
    - 8 medium cargo containers

    As this ship is supposed to stay close to the main base, it has a lot less batteries and storage that the driller, and no oxygen support. Batteries are supposed to be charged by docking on a dedicated ship, and oxygen supply will come from the base, with oxygen bottles provided to the pilot. The Grinder is exactly the same ship, with grinders instead of welders, as you can easily guess ^^. Hope you enjoy.

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  5. Khalad Trainee Engineer

    Hi there,

    after quite a while without new ship, I'm back with the Juno Mk2. The Mk1 version (you can find it here or here) was build for AutoMcD's Prospector contest, but it was far from perfect. I drastically change it, according to comments I got, and also to correct things not working well.

    And I think that after this complete reffit of the ship (I only kept the outside walls and the arm's structure), the Mk2 is far better than the original in both interior design and efficiency. Here are the specs and modifications of this ship :

    - 100% Vanilla
    - Automatic mining thanks to Timers and Sensors
    - Mining heads with 25 drills
    - No pistons. The extendable arm is welded as it goes away, and grinded when it comes back
    - Theoretically unlimited mining distance. If you want to mine more than the setup I'm providing (1000 meters), edit the arm's blueprint to add some light armor block to the arm.
    - 6 reffineries, 9 blast furnaces : 3 furnaces per ore they can process, 1 reffinery per ore left.
    - Automatic sorting of the ores you mine and your processed ingots/components : if reffineries/furnaces are full, the overflow is directed to one of the 16 storages dedicated to ores. Ingots and components are sent to one of the 2 storages dedicated to each.
    - Hangar for up to 4 ships.
    - 2 Jump Drives

    The ship works fine with 1x grinding and welding. 1x inventory might be too small for the arm, but it works. 3x or 10x inventory are better.

    Modifications from the original Juno :
    - 100% working mining arm, driven by rotors instead of gravity drive. It means that if you have a hole in the asteroid, the arm won't speed up to fast anb break when reaching the other side of the hole.
    - Improved system to retract the arm if it reaches it's end.
    - Removed the 70+ drills mining head that was useless and hitting too hard the sim speed.
    - Prototype hangar door : Unlimited size airtight hangar door with easy docking acces for the small ships
    - Automatic doors everywhere
    - True AirLocks with pressurization/depresurization system, as well as a bypass option for emergency (but will depressurize the adjacent room)
    - Jump Drives

    Please, note that this ship is big and need a good computer to be run. The polycount is high, and the drills hit hard on the sim speed.

    Let me know what you think about this new version ^^.


    I also edited the 1st post to add links to the workshop for the small craft I put here earlier.

    Small question : if someone could tell me how to edit a published blueprint (forgot to rename things in english in some blueprints), and how to put pictures in the 1st post as spoilers, that would be great, thanks.
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  6. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    These are very good looking ships! Both the shapes and the color scheme are great.

    1. Overwrite the old blueprint in your list with the new one, then republish it.
    2. {spoiler}PICTURE{/spoiler} but with square brackets instead of the curly ones.
  7. Khalad Trainee Engineer

    I tried the {spoiler} stuff earlier, it didnot work... And now it does. Weird ^^

    Thanks for your help.
  8. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    NP. I've had glitches with the spoilers before too.
  9. Khalad Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys,

    after a while playing on and off SE, I started a new project : the Phoenix project. This idea came to me when playing survival and looking through my blueprints to find a ship to build... And I realised I had nothing usable and survival friendly (by friendly, I mean that it won't take me 200h to gather the ressources ^^). So, I decided to build a ship that I can use from early game to endgame (in this case, planetary colonisation). So, I'm happy to introduce you the Phoenix in all his evolutions :


    Now I'll detail the steps. As you start, one of the first thing you need is a small ship (large grid) able to move around and provide support for refining ore and assembling parts. This is the role of the IS-01. It has 1 reffinery with 4 efficiency modules and 1 assembler with 2 productivity module. The oxygen generator and the automatic Airlock are providing a pressurized area in the ship. In addition, this ship can be improved with modules for drilling, grinding or welding (projectors with bluprint in the ship).

    You also noticed in these pictures that the IS-01 has a litle angry friend, the MS-01. This is a compact military craft with only the minimum needed : reactors, pilot seat and weapons (2 gatling and 2 rocket launcher). No oxygen system, no antenna, nothing industry related. I kept this ship as small as possible. Oxygen is not really a problem, the ship is supposed to stay next to the base or the IS-01. The MS-01 is small, cheap, and then expandable (at least later in the game).

    These 2 little ships are provided with merge block, so you can merge them together if you need to move around. This should be enought to gather the ressources for the next step : the basic mobile base.

    The Phoenix is designed to be a nice improvement after the IS-01. In my opinion, it's the good size for a mobile base early game. Big enough to get 2 boosted refineries, 4 boosted assemblers, 2 large cargo containers, 2 oxygen generator and 2 oxygen tank (all conveyored, of course). In addition, the Phoenix has 2 docking area on the tail, one for each of the small ship (think about using the "safety lock" timer to avoid thruster damages when merged)

    It's shape really make me think of a bird, and with the purpose I had in mind, "Phoenix" appeared to be the perfect name. I'm usually not a big fan of dark ships, but I think this paintjob fit quite well the ship... I hope you'll enjoy it. If not, then you can repaint it ^^.

    I said it looks like a bird, but don't you think there is something missing ? Yes, wings... That's the next evolution of the Phoenix. As time goes on, you'll get more ressources, and you will need to spend them. Well, thanks to the projectors inside the ship, you can easily add 2 modules to the ship, one on each side. You probably noticed in the previous pictures that the side of the ship is designed for that. At the moment, I only designed to modules, but more can be added in the future.

    The first module is a hangar module to store all 3 modules from the IS-01 (but it can easily be modified to store small ships instead). The second module is an industry module with 5 boosted reffineries, 5 boosted assemblers, and 2 large cargo containers. Each module also get a large reactor to provide energy to all the large thrusters. Now, it has nice wings :


    Finally, after so much time spent in space, anyone would enjoy to go back on a nice planet, right ? And you know what ? The Phoenix can easily help you for that as well. Thanks to a last projector, you can build hydrogen thrusters and tank on each side module, plus a landing ship on the belly. Unmerge the 2 modules and collect them with the LS-01, and you have your landing module ready to go on Mars or on Earth. Of course, you'll need to wait a bit for the oxygen generators t provide hydrogen. During this time, you can enjoy a small nap in the crew quarters of this LS-01. It's not luxury, but it's good enought for us, I guess.

    I didnot test the landing step as I have nothing to do so. But with the planets tomorrow, I'll do it. If the module lack thrust, I'll tweak it to make it work.

    After landing, secure the ship on the surface with the landing gears. I highly suggest to build an anchor on the surface and merge the landing module to it to avoid movements. Then, you can start to scrap down the whole module to build a new base. Or, as I did to go until the end of the evolution, you can build around the module to get the Phoenix station. I didnot put a projector on the landing module, because the modifications include a lot of grinding and bloc replacement. Thus, building it from a projection would be difficult, I think. But if you want to try, go for it ^^.

    For this base, I slightly improved the already good functions of the modules. The industry module got some oxygen tanks, oxygen generators, and 2 more cargo containers. The hangar module was modified to store wheeled vehicles, and it's size got increased a bit. All the central area was turned in a more "RP" zone, with crew rooms, rest area and work rooms.

    While you build on the planet, the Phoenix stays in space and start a new cycle of evolution to colonize a new planet... A new birth from ashes, as a trus Phoenix ^^.

    I hope you'll enjoy this ship. I may have left some mistakes in the ship (some names still in French, some thruster not hidden in the terminals, or other things like that). If so, please, let me know. I would also like to know what you think about the overall shape, interior design, and especially the paint job... I'm not so happy about it, but that's the best I could do. Ill try to improve it later.

    Thanks for reading.

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  10. CptNuts Trainee Engineer

    wow, thats a really nice idea! the implementation looks great aswell, I will probably give this one a spin, once planets are out :D
  11. Khalad Trainee Engineer

    I tested it on a planet... And it hase more vertical thrust power than needed. It can even take of and go to space from planet surface (at least when it's empty ^^). With 1g gravity, it takes between 1000 and 2000 meters to stop when launched at full speed from space.
  12. Krougal Senior Engineer

    Love the concept on the Phoenix system. Also looks good, nice use of colors and wedging. Not at all survival friendly for a lot of reasons though.
    Feedback if you're interested in improving on the concept. If not please ignore and don't take any offense. Your work is still very impressive and it gives me lots of ideas.

    Visibility is poor everywhere. Cannot rely on 3rd person view being available and even then there are times when cameras are necessary. The modules on the IS-01 block the view completely. The MS-01 would replace the 2 front center armor triangles with windows at a minimum since the view is so bad. Rear cameras would really help with docking (and a camera on the main ship for remote docking...remotes would be good on the small ships too). Docking and undocking the modules from the main ship to the LS absolutely needs cameras and some lighting, it's extremely difficult to get view angle and lighting externally for this operation.

    While I love the maneuverability, way too many thrusters and gyros. It would take weeks to refine the plat for all the thrusters. Being this is a mobile base it doesn't need to perform like a fighter. Also needs turrets.

    I see you already see the amount of H2 thrusters is ridiculous, but I understand planets weren't out yet when you designed. Besides the fact that if the ship is not meant to leave orbit once it lands there is also the fact that H2 consumption is ridiculous!

    The hangar. I know I'm not the greatest pilot but it is impossible to get the modules in (and probably out again as well) of their docks. Need clearance. Suggest putting the landing gear on the same side as the connector.

    Love the large reactor look but it's impractical. Not to mention the 2 additional on the modules. It's way more power than this ship will ever need. At 2k reactor comps a pop it's too much luxury just for looks. A single small reactor would power ALL the refineries and assemblers. A handful more the rest of the power needs.

    Would be good to fit in a few solars and oxygen farms for sure. Especially when making hydrogen since it becomes easy to run out of ice and then you're dead.

    I'm no expert on this game but so far it seems to me survival is about spamming refinerys and arcs. There is no need for anywhere near an equal number of assemblers since you can't keep them fed. I'd remove a few and slap some arc furnaces in. My current survival game I have 3 assemblers (2 prod each), 5 refineries (and it's 1 F in English BTW...4 eff each) and 6 arcs and still the bottleneck is refinery capacity. I got lucky with a large platinum deposit early on, and have been refining it for over a week. It's also enough for maybe 20 small thrusters (lg grid) if I am lucky.
  13. Khalad Trainee Engineer

    First of all, thanks for your feedback, it's very usefull to improve the designs.

    All the points you're talking about are things that either I forgot (cameras, visibility) or didnot think about correctly. And sorry for the spelling mistake on 'refinery', the French word has 2 'f', and I didnot check for the English word...

    I'm not playing much SE at the moment, but I'll try to modify the ship with your comments to improve.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

  14. Krougal Senior Engineer

    Some more thoughts after a bit more playing around with them (still in creative).

    IS-01 is actually a very good solid 1st ship (complaints above aside). I'd probably get rid of the conveyor system, and put more cargo blocks right down the middle. I know it's a toss up between the speed and ease of pressurizing the cabin vs more cargo.

    The catwalk plates on the sides, in front of the thrusters. A bit concerned with them taking damage since technically they are the blocks right in front of the thrusters, won't know for sure until trying in survival. Also would recommend squeezing an arc furnace in; starting out being able to refine Fe/Ni/Co at the same time as other stuff is a huge help.

    I don't have enough combat experience in this game to comment on effectiveness but MS-01 does seem like a good 1st defensive fighter, provided one can come up with enough thrusters.
    Flying it around though, I can tell you the 2nd gyro is uneeded; even with just 1 it needs to be cut to like half power or it oversteers like mad. I'd put a remote in that spot so you can fly it from the Phoenix.

    Both of these ships also need antennas or at least beacons. I think most multiplayer servers delete ships without them. Also being how easy it is to forget where you parked it can be a lifesaver. Also IS-01 could really use an ore detector.

    Working on my own mobile base like the Phoenix (don't worry, it's hideously ugly next to the Phoenix ;) ) a few other things came to mind. I'd go for like 8-12 large cargo for end state. I've also seen no way to get around a large reactor for a ship this size once you put thrusters on it, but still I'd try to keep it to 1 and use less thrusters. You're going to jump long distances and then fly around in the support ships once you get where you need to be anyway.

    Was trying to design around just making small drones for mining/welding/grinding but the small grid ships are such a pain. Also being as at the start you've only got the comps to build 1 reactor and a dozen thrusters, having a ship like the IS-01 makes the most sense. The big ship can be built without thrusters as a base until such time as you can get thrusters for it. The biggest challenge seems to be compartmentalizing things in stages for survival. Thrusters and jumpdrives can wait, but everything else is really needed ASAP.

    And once again, because I tend to get right into what's wrong instead of what's right (I'm an engineer after all...) I just want to say again; these really are beautiful ships and great work!

    Just had a crazy idea. Make the docking for the IS-01 in such a way that it can be the "command module" , ideally somewhere where it makes a nice flight bridge. Cuts down on redundancy early on, since you'd be flying around in it most of the time anyway (and it has all your starting thrusters).
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