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Ladders? bigger hangars?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by desolateworld, Feb 27, 2017.

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  1. desolateworld Trainee Engineer

    could you guys add the ladders again? they were a nice thing to have in the early stages of the game, they really made small ships easier to build with more floors than just one, and could also help with hydrogen usage. i thought of this watching a video on YouTube by meowcaptian, and thought about the fact lots of ships from the workshop use the passage ways as "stairs" which i am not gonna lie, i do not like having to fly to get to the other floors, and at times it is actually a bit frustrating to get up. another problem i come across is the hangars are too small for some scenarios, like a large ship hangar. i am not saying make them bigger in general, but maybe adding a few variations may come in handy, and assist with new or old builds.
    i hope this comes into consideration with you guys, see you star-side!
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  2. PilotMax Apprentice Engineer

    Define "hangars".
  3. REDSHEILD Junior Engineer

    I think he's talking about hangar doors.
  4. EstebanLB Trainee Engineer

    Do you mean that ladders are not in the game???? I haven't played in a while but, how come that an essential ladder is not on the game yet?
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2017
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  5. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    *SOB!* They were! They were in the game! But alas, their time was cut short, far too soon!
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  6. Captain Broadstairs Apprentice Engineer

    Tip for ladders, Use Stair blocks inverted so they are 2 blocks in height one block depth. Not the same as Ladders, but you can be much more economical with your stairwell volume.

    Though I would much rather have actual ladders back.
  7. [flux] Trainee Engineer

    Ladders are basic to any structure. Bring them back!

    I would be greatfull for a selection of hanger door sizes as well.
  8. 333546323 Apprentice Engineer

    You can just coustoum build them ive built alot of them and they are prettu fun ive built ones where they rais up and move back
  9. Martin R Wolfe Trainee Engineer

    Larger hangers is an in game engineering problem that can me solved by using merge blocks to make the door part of the main ship grid then either more merge blocks to complete the seal or the existing hangar door blocks could close onto the constructed door to seal it. The door itself is just armour blocks attached to the ship by pistons and or rotors. On one test of this technique I had a 20x20 block door to a hanger that would pressurise.
  10. Guardian Trainee Engineer

    Definitely agree ladders are vitally needed (for both space engineers & medieval engineers), extendable ones like Digi's Ladder - climbable! mod would make it much easier to board a landed big ship without needed to use your jetpack (and maybe we could have bottom hatch on our big ships with unfolding ladders).

    For larger hangars it would be nice if there was a kind of seal block a block 1x1x1 block that acts like a normal armour block on 5 sides but a lockable landing gear on the last side to create an airtight seal, merge blocks are a good solution but they don't let doors slide against their frame (and frequently cause pistons and rotors to explode when locking)
  11. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    Ladders definitely need to make a comeback. Now they've got physics parenting sorted out, it shouldn't be too much trouble to parent characters to ladders so that moving your ship doesn't cause you to fire out of a ladder shaft like a railgun round.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.