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Ladders / Structural damage / Survival aspects / Weather / etc

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Sabo, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. Sabo Trainee Engineer

    Hello Engineers,
    Last night i was thinking about interesting elements, that could enhance this game. Ok let's move to the first aspect.

    I think this item is necessary for a medieval game. Here you don't have a jetpack and building some towers or other high objects would be very hard process without ladders.
    Next to ladders it would be nice to see some basic climbing system (but just if it is not too difficult to programming)

    Structural damage
    It is very nice. Without doubt. But. But the walls should be much, much more efective than in videos, in the Middle Ages the most powerful siege weapon was starvation. I think for gaming experience one block should endure at least 3 hits, not only 1 hit and whole tower falls apart. Just my opinion.

    Survival aspects
    this topic is here used as often as a cheap prostitute. Its not necessary to have complex medical system as in Dayz. In simplicity is power. No diseases, no fractures, no need to sleep and no temperature system. Just 2 small bars one energy and the second HP.
    It's simple. Vegetables and fruits provide less energy than meat. And by the way who didnt want to eat meat in the Middle Ages
    Again easy it regenerates over time and if you have energy on 100% it will regenerate 2x health points. But if you have 0% energy it will slowly take your health points. No so fast i think 0,5% per sec. is enough.
    Animals and enemies
    There would be nice to see 2 type of animals. Aggressive and non-aggressive, aggresive will be wolves, wild boars, bears and maybe lynx. Non-aggresive- rabbits, deers, birds, cows (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highland_cattle). You can process the cach and you get meat, leather and bones (don't know for what yet :)).
    Enemies should be barbarians (know somebady more about this feature?) and it would be lovely to see some their wooden camps with stolen items. (mini but hard dungeon)

    Snow is not neccesary to have but it would be nice to have rain and storm will be enough. And with storm comes wind. And wind should be an important element of this game.
    High buildings could be damaged by wind

    You plant a plant and then water it and then harvest it. Nothing more (maybe manure).

    For watering plants. You use that well and you get bucket of water. You use it on your garden plot and your garden plot would change texture, bucket would disappear. When they add water (if they add water) you should be able craft a bucket and in the bucket gather water

    Combat system
    Some peoples are begging here for hardcore combat system like in Chivalry/M&B but these people probably don't know that these games are based on these hardcore combat systems but Medieval Engineers are building game. WE ARE ENGINEERS! Ours creations fight for us (most of time). What would be nicely to see is just LMB for attack (2 animations will be more then enough) and RMB for block (if is it possible). Axes, swords, maces, spears, bows, crossbows are welcomed. Another tools such as building hammer, shovel, pickaxe would give low damage. Nothing more for combat. Maybe shield againts projectiles weapons.

    And at last how about something that is not historically correct. Potatos :) (Who wants to eat only cabbage and turnips ;) )

    Thank you for reading this topic i hope that you will like my ideas and i apologize for my English (It's weird for someone from Czech Republic to write suggestions to Czech developers in english ;) )
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  2. jokernthief Trainee Engineer

    Pretty good ideas. Some of them already read here on the forums, but that doesn't make them bad. ^^

    I think ladders will be included somehow. In the development picture video one can see scaffolds to provide safer building (at the bridge). Somehow you have to climb these scaffolds...

    What do you mean by "basic climbing system"?

    For survival I personally liked the Minecraft system pretty much. It was very simple but effective... it forced you to do some survival stuff like hunting, or farming or whatever. As you mentioned: one energy bar and one health bar. Energy drops over time and from actions like running or fighting and whet is below a threshold, it drains your HP. Can be filled up by eating. When at 100% HP regenerates slowly. As for decorations I would like to see beds. Why don't be able to use them - but also here: keep it simple. Sleeping will regenerate HP and energy at maximum for example.

    For the farming and combat aspects your ideas are good. I like the simplicity in it, because the main feature is engineering. The side effects from hunger, threats, weather etc. could be to engineer workarounds and solutions. Nothing more.
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  3. Sabo Trainee Engineer

    Something like in GTA:SA/4, Gothic, Rune, ...

    Someone here suggested the need for sleep. In my opinion it's horrible idea.
    Bed would be a great feature, but the MC solution that must be whole server in bed so as you can fall asleep is bad. This option i would leave only for the SP version.

    Thank for your reply.
  4. Sergy096 Trainee Engineer

    +1 I love the idea and...

    What about water pressure?
  5. Silen Apprentice Engineer

    Good ideas but about the combat systems, if it's possible to make 1 attack and 1 parry why not making 4 attacks and 4 parry directions like in M&B? Same thing repeated 4 times but you get a better and more various combat system, that's it! :)
  6. Grendel Apprentice Engineer

    I'm hoping they don't just make it an MC Clone...
    Survival aspects have their place Especially if they want to stick to realism. But this isn't a Survival Game it's a Building one.

    I'd much rather see agriculture, food and bed requirements as resources required to get NPCs to populate your castles/towns

    "You need 1 bed and x amount of food per day for each NPC"
  7. Deadlyapples Trainee Engineer

    Survival -

    The way I see it is there are several ways of approaching this and plenty of situations to think about.

    1. Plenty of people will just want this game to be an awesome Medieval building game. They won't want that survival stuff but then again there will be creative mode for that. Mining resources is a survival aspect after all.

    2. Health - This is a major aspect, if you can't die then there is no such thing as survival.

    3. Hunger - Most likely having a serious hunger system will lead to people being annoyed with the fact that instead of spending time building cool things I am having to eat potatoes and lamb. (I personally like Hunger and HP) I think hunger can be really important when it comes to creating a survival experience but it should be an adjustable option in the world settings. No hunger, easy hunger (Have to eat but not very often), normal hunger (Eat or you will die, more integral to the survival experience).

    4. Sleeping - Horrible horrible idea as you are creating an artificial grind which will put people off. You need to sleep because your character is tired, oh so I have to let my character rest and play another game while he sleeps, I don't think so!

    5. Thirst - Nice idea but then having to juggle hunger and thirst would become tiresome. Unless hunger and thirst are diluted down. Take minecraft for example. You need to eat but not so often and its not really out of place or takes you away from what you are doing. You have to be aware of it but you are not always constrained by it.

    6. Weather / Seasons - I would like this for several reasons. Weather and seasons could bring more diversity to the game, structural integrity might be affected by seasons. (wood becomes brittle?) (stone becomes slippery?). Snow and ice would be quite interesting for building with haha! How about wind? You have to take in to account your surroundings. The valley you build in has a very strong easterly wind which could be disastrous to your tower you are trying to build.

    7. Combat - I think a game like this would some decent combat would be missing out greatly. Yes I know it is a building game but I am almost 100% certain that people are going to want to have melee pvp, wars and sieges. I would also like to see wildlife, because without that the world will feel truly empty and lifeless. How are you expected to make leather which is required to make furniture? Just magic it up or the recipes don't require leather? Wat... Please add animals. I want to re-enact some monty python scenes. You know exactly what I am talking about, I know you do. It involves a catapult and a cow. Come on who doesn't want Cow siege catapults and trebuché?

    8. Agriculture - How do you make rope? Hemp most likely, which means you need to grow crops to make rope. Either that or just magic it up like some sort of wizard. MAGIC ENGINEERS! How am I supposed to feed my cows that I am going to send to my friends via catapult. We all know cows eat things. Like food. I eat food as well.

    Discuss. Erm. :D
  8. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    It's already not going to be an MC clone. So much more engineering capacity and structural integrity so you don't end up with things like this


    For those of you who do not recognize those. They are Mass Effect Reapers hovering in the sky made in minecraft.
  9. Grendel Apprentice Engineer

    Well given that MC is the great Grand Dad of Sandbox Survival Games, Most of these Threads will compare our suggestions to equivalent features in MC or an MC Modpack.
    But this is the first I've seen where people just said "Do it like minecraft" instead of trying to think of something better.

    so my 2 Cents is this: DON'T DO IT LIKE MC!

    There are plenty of Suggestions for Realism and Survival on these forums with better ideas than MC and the Army of Sandbox Survivalist games that followed that we shouldn't have to go back to how it was done in MC...
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  10. scroll_tro0l Trainee Engineer

    Mount and Blade's combat system was fun and not too hardcore. Something similar to that would be nice.
  11. Sabo Trainee Engineer

    I do not like the combat system in the M&B is not as realistic as everyone thinks. In my opinion is easier combat system better suited for this type of game. Just basic hack&slash combat system would be amazing.

    I don't say that M&B combat system is bad or something.
  12. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    It's may not be very realistic, but it is more so than attack and block being the two things done in combat. Plus, most hack and slash systems I've seen revolve around dropping as many enemies as possible in the least amount of time possible and I don't think that would really work here either since I expect one would not be fighting more than a handful of opponents at once in melee. And preferably combat will rely more on skill than just brute forcing it.
  13. Sabo Trainee Engineer

    this game should not be about the combat system. I do not know why everyone wants to game with such creative potential (and I do not mean just a creative mod) to become only something like open world Chivalry.

    I imagined a game where you must mine a rock then built a castle then defend it with a traps not only rush the attacker with a sword over head and scream:"DIE MOTHA*CUKA!!!"

    If the combat system would be perfect nobody would build castles and everyone should only ran around the map and murdering everything.

    I would rather see trades than murders.
  14. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    Actually, IMO if the combat was perfect. No one would go around just haphazardly murdering everything because things like natural hazards would off you, you'd die as soon as you got attacked by a group of barbarians, and you'd need a good infrastructure to get to a point where you can get the good stuff.

    What I want is something where we can duel each other but if you try to go up against more than two, maybe three people of similar equipment level, you're dead. You can't fight over more than a handful of opponents. So the combat system requires that you use traps and siege equipment to weaken the enemy enough for standard weaponry to be able to mop them up. Someone who actually engineers good offense or defense will drop someone who tries to rush in sword swinging any day of the week.

    One on one combat and climactic duels are where it would shine.

    Without some form of personal combat, preferably a good one, the best defense will just be a tiny hole dug into the side of a mountain or hill with a tiny door so one can't fire into it from the outside.
  15. Deadlyapples Trainee Engineer

    I'm with Wintersend. +1
  16. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    +1 Ladders. I have some spots stairs wont do the job.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.