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landing gears

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by paul, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. paul Trainee Engineer

    got a few carrier's when I try going anywhere it all goes to hell even with the new increase they still break and take chunks out of the carrier's and now i'v got a few ships with turret's on/ in the same thing happens.. booom... sigh had enough... turn off

    i'v gone through forums and looks like almost every1 is saying the same

    any chance of making them unbreakable? or almost??
  2. Gentry Senior Engineer

    or don't fly a carrier like a fighter and expect things not to shear off like they would normally.

    Its a real engineering problem, this game is about engineering.

    Find a solution with your design using what you already have.

    Whether they need to be stronger or not will come with more testing but making them unbreakable? no way.
  3. Vrmithrax Senior Engineer

    I experimented with a fighter "cradle" that worked well. Basically 3 gear on the underside, and a gear sticking straight out of the left and right edges of the ship (a miner in this case). I built the small ship so it fit nestled into a sort of raised box in the carrier - a little fun to align, but once you slide the fighter down into the cradle and engage all 5 gear, you get added lateral resistance. I put a ton of gyros into my carrier just to see what would happen, and couldn't get the ship to shear off and wreck things like it was doing previously with just the bottom landing gear. It's made me reconsider many of my designs for fighters and utility pods.
  4. Thalion Apprentice Engineer

    I agree with Gentry, i do not have the problems with carrier type ships when flows properly to their mass. A carrier has it's fighter and escort vessels, i even don't need to be fast and agile. So use less gyros - you'll have trouble in manuel / survival either way with too many of them and too big ships.

    Another fix for this "breaking landing gears" issue is to place components which are held by landing gears more to the center turn axis of your ship. The forces when turning the ship aren't that great there. But of course, you cannot land all your fighters there ;)
  5. Thalion Apprentice Engineer

    But still: do you really expect to have turning contest winning super carrier? O.o
  6. OracleTX Apprentice Engineer

    I think there is a balance point between uber landing gears where one of them can hold two huge ships together no matter what, and they're so weak it is almost a Post-It Note. Note that in the last patch they were made stronger. Have you tested your carrier and fighter design since then?

    I still think the landing gear need some more development love, especially in the shock absorbing category. Currently I feel like I have to set a ship down almost like it is made of glass.

    It looks like the game does take into account torque and shear with the landing gears, so more is better, and spreading them out along the broadest side of your fighter should help. So, if you have a classic 2001 1x3x5 Obelisk, it won't stick worth a damn if you put them on the 1x3 face, but should do fine with 4 landing gears on the 3x5 face. <--- This is the "Engineering" that Gentry is always carrying on about.
  7. Azan Trainee Engineer

    1x4x9 ;) (It's the squares of 1,2,3)


    Can't say I have had any major issues with landing, guess it does just come down to how much force you are putting the gear under due to rotation/linear thrust. I tend to build my hangar bays around the middle of the ship and not try to get ridiculous performance from a capital ship, so that probably helps.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.