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Large ship command bridge "furnishing"

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Vikingr, Nov 9, 2013.

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  1. Vikingr Trainee Engineer

    I think this game needs some sort of "furnishing" for the large ship command bridges, with strategic tables and screens, and maybe have them functioning. Could look like this:

  2. Omega Trainee Engineer

    I totally agree with you. There needs to be a star map, some randomly placed monitors that seem important, a fern, and some chairs. Heck, maybe even a soda machine. Bridges seem pretty dull right now. However, I know there will be more stuff added soon.

    I'm just impatient and totally psyched to see whats coming. :D
  3. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    Agreed. But this is alpha, so something like this will be below Multiplayer, Survival and Functional Blocks. Unless that Map Table is a working object for mapping a course and whatnot, it might get bumped up a few notches with how badly players need some form of navigation.
  4. Vikingr Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, ofcourse we need the things you listed first, however, I think a fully functional command bridge is essential for this game.


    Also, I am sorry I did not specify what could be added in addition to my post, so here it is;

    For command bridges, I think we should have some sort of tables (as shown on the picture at the top), that emits a holographic map, generator- and thruster-status, incase of an impact with an asteriod or another ship, for example. I'm fairly convinced that we could actually have holographic emitters by 2077, considering how fast our technology has evolved in the past 20 years. I mean, we already have gravity generators in the game.
  5. kuro11 Apprentice Engineer

    My vote would be various displays to show ship status like we see on the HUD of the pilot.
  6. knightmaire Trainee Engineer

    also I want a 3d of my ship and damage info accessible form the bridge
  7. TechyBen Junior Engineer

    This game could do with a "systems console". Would work like the current cockpit for large ships, but allow "on/off" function of devices only. So you could kit out the engine room etc.
  8. Vikingr Trainee Engineer

  9. g4borg Apprentice Engineer

    i would love the monitors to not just show unimportant stuff, but be reactible or programmable to finetune their functionality.

    you basicly put them up and select a theme, but if you want to, you could combine it with stuff to actually be your main screen, control turrets, or swap internal cameras, or whatever (yeah, even showing utub in an overlay), if you script it.

    also, floating screens would be awesome (like a giant glass screen standing around displaying transparent information, like maps or ship status, or whatever)
  10. bob4life10 Trainee Engineer

    id like to see different specific stations for flying large ships and such.
    one person flies, the other has control over ship power, another controls the star map, weapons, etc.
    itd be neat, and give others who work on your ship something to do.
  11. Ralirashi Apprentice Engineer

    I say yes, we need more thing to put into our bridge. However not now. There's more important stuff that should come first.
  12. Banditv1 Trainee Engineer

    Hello all,
    These are all great suggestions and I feel sure lots of these ideas will be implemented as the game develops. And the good thing is these forums are read, researched, and categorized by the company.
    This way they always have the suggestions to work on as the game moves from the alpha version to release version. So some times as development is happing we can get little things that are suggested. Like the magnetic landing gear we just got.
    These all sound great and I hope to see as many as possible added to the already this impressive game.

  13. Wyvyrias Junior Engineer

    I totally agree. It's not top priority, but it's a must-have.
    Bigger ships = bridge, not just a cockpit.
    And I think this make it hard to control an overpowered starcruiser alone.
    Could be a good way to balance the game.
  14. Jeffry Trainee Engineer

    i complete bridge should be perfect in multiplayer mode. I imagine allways: the captain drive the big ship, someone at the map table, telling the way, 2 or 3 people checking other things in battle, like damage taken, state of thrusters/generators/, 2 or 3 people controlling weapons. and so on.
  15. Guest

    [FONT= &#39]Even if most of the "furnishings" weren't actually functional, just making a bridge feel like a bridge would be great. And this goes for the majority of sections in a station or ship. Crew quarters could get bunk beds, etc.[/FONT]
  16. Jeffry Trainee Engineer

    or maybe, you need some blocks to get things in the cockpit , like if you want to see the map during navigation, you have to build a map table in the bridge. or something like that.
  17. iambeard Trainee Engineer

    For a suggestion like this, it sounds like we just need to mod things for now. There is some information on the website on how to import models into the game, and I'm sure if someone were to release something, the devs may contact them on integrating it. I only suggest this because furnishing is probably fairly low on the development list.
  18. TrashMan Trainee Engineer

    There is already a trhead for intenal ship components/furnishing.

  19. Vikingr Trainee Engineer

    'Already' ? Looks like my I wrote my thread before you :p
  20. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    He just wants people to use his unnecessary thread.
  21. DrVagax Administrator

    Deleted poll, don't post polls with just 'yes' or 'no'.
  22. DEAL0010 Trainee Engineer

    A holographic display (of the ship) would be incredibly important when operating a very large ship, especially when one is operating in a grief-permitting server (Personally, I like the idea of having grievery permitted, as it allows for people to move against existent an live challenges). In this case, the holographic display would be specifically displaying the ship itself. It will give a quick outline of the ship itself and be colour coded to inform the ship crew of the ship's situation.

    For example, as mentioned on another topic, there are numerous ways to destroy a large ship right now by simply damaging the small parts. So in this scenario, when a block is being destroyed, the general region will change its colour from blue (neutral) to red (hostile activity; ranging from the attachment of blocks, detachment, or destruction of blocks.). This will allow for a crew to be able to pinpoint a danger, allowing them to intervene with the activity before things get out of hand.

    Another example of its usage would be to have it display stats of specialized objects. For example, if reactors are to ever gain the capability of overheating, the crew would be able to tell from the colour of the dot in the hologram marked as "reactor". When green, it is at a safe temperature, and may operate without danger. However, depending on its usage, it may slowly change its colour to yellow, orange, the red. This colour code may also be used to inform the crew of what mechanism is consuming the energy from the reactors, henceforth also explaining manners in which the ship may be improved.

    This component of the command bridge, I believe, will probably become a must once people start creating multiplayer servers.
  23. TrashMan Trainee Engineer

    Nah, I just didn't notice this thread when I made mine.
    But even if I did, they are not technicly the same, sicne this one is just about bridge furnishing, while mine is a collection of ALL internal furnishing.
  24. BlankWarningsign Apprentice Engineer

    the bridge on my ship feels so lonely with just one command console T_T
  25. brainsuker Apprentice Engineer

    I have an idea for the furniture that will definitely be used in the game, but without increase the need of operator in a big ship (so it still can be piloted by 1 player :

    Damage control monitor : It is a monitor that you can put on your bridge that can tell everyone who see it the location of broken ship part.
    Map : If you remember the map in Minecraft, it is basically the same. A blank map that will reveal the location around the ship. You can put it to the table in the bridge so it can show the location where you are
    Interior ship map : To detect intruders in the ship (people who enter the ship need to register their profile so the ship won't consider them as intruder) It will show red dots to any unregistered player who enter the ship.
    CCTV monitors : or you can use this monitors to fill your bridge.

    These furniture will definitely fill you bridge and make it less bland. they will be useful, and they won't increase unnecessary people to operate the ship.
  26. Veleno92 Trainee Engineer

    I totally agree with you
  27. DMMWolf Apprentice Engineer

    heavy blast doors . also the map of the ship idea is relatively simple. A 3d transparant representation of all attached parts with a color code for integrity. If your engines are built on pillons and some on shoots them off your ship what you would see is the pillon would shift color as it took damage then the map would change as that section became a seperate entity showing you the new shape of your ship.
  28. Bolus Trainee Engineer

    Adjustable sounds on all machinery to create a 1970's scifi bridge with ''goofy'' sounds,
    panels with flashing lights that dont do anything.
  29. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    +1 for furnishings. I need to pimp my escort carrier out.
    +1 extra for any furnishings that would make it possible or easier to control the ship while being in first-person mode. I particularly love the idea of a 3d map, although to be honest I'm not sure it'd be feasible; generating 3d wireframes of playermade objects probably wouldn't be too hard, but constantly updating them as they change shape might be a bit of a strain on a lot of folks' hardware.
  30. ADM-Ntek Trainee Engineer

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.