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Large Ships: Not Viable for Survival?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Buddymcfriend, May 20, 2014.

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  1. Jacob Ellinger Trainee Engineer

    I listen to music and chat with friends on skype while doing the boring stuff.
  2. Sirhan Blixt Apprentice Engineer

    I wound up building a gravity gun around my stone ejector, and now I use it to dig divots in new asteroids I find so I can see what they've got at a distance. It's really not a responsible use of gravity generators, but I find that ejecting unwanted stone at a high rate of speed is more amusing than just having it float away.

    It's also good for digging divots in passing NPC ships, but I have to work on my marksmanship.
  3. drageuth Trainee Engineer

    I know I'm late to the game, but I just thought I'd weigh in. I play with all settings on realistic, and I -still- usually end up building at least a large-sized miner. The large drills just outclass the small ones by that much. It's usually the second or third ship I make.

    The first ship I make is a builder-grinder that's usually solar powered, for exploring and construction of future ships. I also use it to scrap the starter ship and turn it into my first base.

    Then I either add a drill to the builder, make a dedicated small miner, or pirate an NPC ship for materials if an easy one is passing by. I usually have a lot of leftover materials from the starter ship, especially thrusters, so I can build a smallish large-ship pretty easily with just a few passes of a small miner or the parts from a single NPC ship.

    Of course, the limited number of parts means that I have to try and cram all the parts to make it work close together since I don't have the materials to make conveyor lines and such. It's.... never exactly ended up pretty[​IMG]
  4. mze9412 Junior Engineer

    I am currently building my second large ship in my infinity world. The first was too heavy and my first real attempt at a large ship. The second one will be a bit smaller but contain a docking bay for my grinder and welder ships and the possibility to transport my mining rig (automated and docked). It has everything I need (refineries, assemblers, storage) and will be my mobile base. It takes a few hours to build but it is well worth it :D
  5. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    gotta start somewhere, lol. If that's all you can manage then you might be better off with a multi-drill small-craft until you get the operation rolling. ;)
  6. drageuth Trainee Engineer

    Eh, I find that a single large drill is way more effective than even a largish array of small ones. It's so much more sturdy and mines at such a fast rate. Not to mention the massive advantage a large-scale ore detector gives you in infinite mode...

    Besides, the DerpShip-Class Mining Vessel usually only needs to do 2 or 3 runs before I have the materials to make something at least marginally less shameful.
  7. HCP2311 Trainee Engineer

    The HMS Argonath (pic below) is 2.2Gg, has a 4-panel jump drive, a hangar for 8 w/ locks and with a crew of two its almost impossible to keep It running without regular stops for repairs. A crew of 5 could keep this thing running IF and only IF the crew could move around while at max speed. And yes that ship is what you think it used to be. I call it the Blue-Class Refit. :D Large ships are not viable without large crews.

  8. UrbanLegend Apprentice Engineer

    I like to build my large ships in Creative and then switch the world to Survival. It's not like James T Kirk built the Enterprise as he was flying it.
  9. Lt_Duckweed Apprentice Engineer

    Why the hell do you have to repair it all the time?
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.