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Latest Steam Update Hated, Keen's move?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bort, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Bort Trainee Engineer

    The latest Steam Client update advertised and known as the "Library update" has made a lot of changes the Steam community does not like. I also do not like the changes at all and after 20 years of supporting and being a Steam Community Member I am considering leaving because of the features this update removed, and 'updated', which I cannot even begin to tolerate and I will not get used to it as they probably expect. When they updated the Friends List about a year ago that got a lot less complaints than this one did I did not get used to the new layout, I stopped using the friends list. So that is likely what I'm going to do if Valve doesn't revert this latest change that in my opinion has made the client worse, and has removed features I use all of the time; I'll stop using steam.

    Assuming and predicting the possibility others will do the same how can I continue playing Space Engineers if I no longer have and refuse to use the Steam Client? Will Keen (hopefully) release it on other gaming networks if people start leaving Steam as I probably will and allow people who already have it to get it there at no charge?

    Is there or will there be a stand alone version? I already wish there was a way to play SE without running the Steam Client. One reason is the memory usage the Steam Client requires; without the Steam Client running my desktop only uses 8% of my RAM. With the old version of the Steam Client running my memory usage was 32%. Since this update the memory usage has gone up again to 45% with hardly anything else running.

    If I can avoid running Steam that would be great in many ways. My games, including SE, would run better because there'll be more memory available to run them with.
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  2. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    look, dude. Space Engineers, the workshop and publicity system, the infrastructure is all tied into Steam - like hardcoded level tied. Making a move to another platform would require a team of designated devs, UI/UX designers, possibly even Game designers. It's not going to make sense, economically. Stand-alone would be completeley out of the question if you look for mechanics like server, workshop and skins. The refactoring would be far too intense.

    Apart from that: Good sir, you might be disgruntled and I get that Valve apparently has taken away all the niceness from your old-school, 2003 type interface. But that does not make it neccessarily make it a doomed platform and even though you and even I may very much prefer the old system, a greedy, money-grabbing company like Valve (and nowadays, companies are only about making money, right?!?) might actually like to cater to the next generation of customers that prefer an interface that does not look like a Windows 7 start-screen.

    Out of curiosity: What exactly are the features you are missing now?
  3. Bort Trainee Engineer

    1. You don't pay attention to the steam forums.
    2. You have absolutely no idea how games work.

    Solution to 1: Go to the Steam discussions. In less than 4 hours there have been over 3000 posts.
    Solution to 2: Learn how games work. For decades including before Steam published the workshop feature games have easily had player created content. Player created content sharing started, or at least player created content began becoming popular, with Activision's Battlezone released in 1998.

    All workshop items can be shared by the creators and placed elsewhere. Several games ran that way before Steam introduced the workshop feature. All that subscribing to a workshop item does is download and install the same package that can be downloaded and installed the same way, without Steam.

    My question is, and it might become a reality that people stop using Steam because a lot of Steam users no longer use the Friends List because of the horrid update to it they forced on us the same way (same with MySpace, Tagged, YIM, AIM, a huge list of now DEAD portals and programs because they screwed their audience over being greedy for ad money):

    How is SE going to deal with it if a mass of people leave Steam?
    Keen put all of their eggs in one basket. What happens if that basket gets dropped and the eggs get destroyed?
    Keen need to consider alternatives. Putting all of everything in one place is never a good idea.
  4. Malware Master Engineer

    @Bort I'm sorry, but Sarekh is right. VRage uses Steam libraries both for the multiplayer networking and for dealing with mods and the workshop framework. Mods is the lesser problem. Network the greater one.

    It doesn't matter what was done with other games. What matters is what has been done with this game, and this game is tied quite strongly to Steam. The exodus from Steam will have to be quite significant for them to find it economically viable to make a change.


    If it really is as bad as you say (which is quite unlikely as things like this always cause a loud minority to yell), then Valve will simply make more changes - because it won't be economically viable for them to not do so.

    - yes, I did say minority. 3000 posts over 4 hours isn't that much when you consider just how many users Steam has. It's not insignificant, I'll give you that, it's a clear indication that people don't like it, but even assuming that all those posts were made by individuals, and all those 3000 people left Steam, Valve would hardly notice it. It's a numbers game. As of September 2019, Steam reached a peak of 14.15 million concurrent users. Concurrent users, meaning that there's a not insignificant number of people not online at that particular point in time. Even if 10000 people left it wouldn't make a dent...

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  5. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    I reverted my Steam back to normal... the new one is too much like a mobile phone design for my liking, with the amount of people pissed off on the steam forum post regarding the update, steam reddit, steam's twitter, I think Valve might have to do something to fix it officially.

    The new update also uses more memory and cpu, the perks of using Chromium yay......

    Until Valves fixes it I'm quite happy to use an older copy of Steam.

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  6. May Rears Apprentice Engineer

    3000 posts out of how many million users and that is 3000 posts, NOT users since there will be the usual crowd foaming at the mouth making the usual multiple posts.

    You want SE to spend the money to remove themselves from Steam based off those numbers?
  7. Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    That old version of the library is such a classic. I miss the old look already.

    I agree, I HATE the new library cartoon hell they forced on me yesterday. I was bombarded with all kinds of things, and I don't like that. At all. Reminds me of their big screen feature, which I never use. Because it's big, and bright, and completely useless.

    I much prefer the old look, and that was the first thing I tried to revert to. But there was no "classic" option. So... Not sure how I can revert to an older version of Steam... Any ideas?
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  8. KissSh0t Master Engineer


  9. Bort Trainee Engineer

    Malware: Thanks. I wasn't aware that VRage was so dependent on Steam. That really sucks.
    And in my opinion was a mistake, although I can understand why they would create such a tool that way.

    KillShot: Yes, I'm using that work around too. But I'm still avoiding running the client. And I'm not giving Valve/Steam any more of my money purchasing games there. I'm not doing it in spite I'm really bummed out that they did this change the way they did, forcing it on everyone. Beta testers told them not to do it and they did it anyway. It's only a matter of time until they either find a way or produce something else the new layout needs to be used for that kills being able to use the old UI files like that.

    And I've also set BootStrapperInhibitAll=Disable in mine.

    Mr. Rears: I never said "Remove" them selves from Steam. I'm not the only person already starting to decrease my usage of the Steam client. Like they did with the Friends List UI update, this update is similar, and they did the same thing: Avoided and ignored negative feedback about it.
    I stopped using the Friends List. I'm probably going to do the same and stop using steam completely when they insure everyone is forced to use this new Library UI update that has removed several other features - that are likely going to get scrapped and disabled in the next few updates.

    I am suggesting they provide an alternative way for users like me that are not joking that we're leaving Steam so they don't get wacked because Steam is turning in to a piece of schitt. Same thing happened with Myspace, Tagged, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and others: They didn't listen and didn't care about the users likes, dislikes, or wants. And they're now dead. If Valve doesn't start listening to the users again that is very likely where they're going to end up too. Not only Keen but all developers need to at least consider the possibility that Steam isn't going to last forever and make preparations and make their products and services available through some other source so they aren't effected by some other entity going down the tubes.
  10. KissSh0t Master Engineer

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  11. Dax23333 Junior Engineer

    I wouldn't mind so much if it diddn't go unresponsive and have to be killed most time I start steam.
  12. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Kinda reminds me of a certain visual update a certain developer pushed out... side eye to Keen .... :D
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  13. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Who does?
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  14. Bort Trainee Engineer

    Serveral million people, daily. A lot more than the amount of people that frequent these forums.
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  15. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Several million may see it. Hardly anyone "pays attention." For good reason.
  16. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

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  17. shimonu Apprentice Engineer

    I would say the best option for steam would be letting people choose what ui to use.
    For bigger monitor new library feel better to me (my opinion)
    Oh and this one gone offtopic rather nicely :D
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  18. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    I choose not to use it at all. My best day was when I discovered I could launch SE without launching Steam first.