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[LIST] Graphic card not supporting DX11

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by DarkGhost, Feb 21, 2015.

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  1. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    NVidia :

    • 9600GT and earlier
    • GTS250 and earlier
    • GTS250M and earlier
    • GTX260M and earlier
    • GT330M and earlier
    • The Quadro GPU's are having troubles, still. Check if yours support DX11 as it depends alot.
    ATI :

    • HD 4000 series and earlier
    • HD Mobility 4000 series and earlier
    Intel :
    • Intel HD 3000 serie and earlier
    This list is not exhaustive and will be filled as I find more of those. Please check Mishka's post about how to use GPU-Z to be sure your computer can handle Directx 11.

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  2. Mishka Junior Engineer

  3. HarrySax Trainee Engineer

    So anyone with one of those graphics cards is s**t out of luck?
  4. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    Unfortunately, yes. ME requires Directx11 and those don't support it.
  5. Maxwell Sinclair Trainee Engineer

    Dunno if this helps your list at all but Intel HD 3000 only goes as high as 10.1

    Have to say I'm glad I got the game for free (Participated in the SE lore creation contest) since I can't actually run it. I doubt you'll need a screenshot from GPUZ but I can add one if you like

    Wierdly when I check what version of Direct X I am running on my computer using the "dxdiag" tool, it says I am running direct X 11.
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  6. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    Thanks for the notice. I never really got my nose into the Intel HD parts as, for me, it ain't a GPU at all. Only a pure dedicated GPU done by ATI or NVidia would be.
    Those APU are wayyyy too new to be considered a GPU, yet.

    About dxdiag : It shows the version of Directx installed on your computer, not the highest one supported by your GPU. It's all about the "using DX11 software-part but not hardware-part but without hardware-part, the software-part is totally useless" discussion.
  7. Maxwell Sinclair Trainee Engineer

    Gotcha, I wouldn't call my intel HD 3000 new though, it's part of a laptop I purchased in 2012 ;)

    What I'm really saying is I need an upgrade <.< :woot:
  8. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    APU as in the A-serie of AMD ...
  9. Pass Trainee Engineer

    This is absolutely ridiculous that my $300 graphics card isn't able to run this game. Is there any way I can get my money back as there was no way of me knowing this before purchasing the game? It has been complete waste of $15 since I'm "shit out of luck".
  10. sku08 Trainee Engineer

    sorry to say but most technical help forums are against anything integrated for gaming IE: laptops

    then to add on DX11 only makes it rough(dedicated gpus), but i run a hd5770. it's under the min requirements but it runs.
  11. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    You were MORE than told it requires Directx 11. It's even in the minimum requirements on the Steam page.
    Complaining ain't gonna help, even more if you don't tell which card you got.
  12. x416C6578 Trainee Engineer

    Short comment then a question:

    Medieval Engineers does run (but not smoothly) on a HD5450 (long story short I have a new gaming PC but tought about using my other one for multiplayer... It has a HD4850x2 as primary card and use th HD5450 only to plug one more monitor...the main card only supports direct X 10.1...I've juste learned that).

    The question: Is it planned to support direct X lower than 11? (I do get that the choice of dx11 is probably for good reason, but since the game is not done... I'm taking a chance here)

    Cheers and keep up the good work (ME and SE look awesome)

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.