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Looking for an Air mod with a difference...

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Moose Tetrino, Jan 12, 2019.

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  1. Moose Tetrino Trainee Engineer

    Hello everyone,

    I've tried my best but I simply can't find the area in which to do it myself. I'm looking for a mod (either I implement it with some pointers, or one exists) that adjusts oxygen values per block in a pressurised room, or adds a scrubbing system.,

    Essentially one of my largest personal longstanding issues with how pressurisation works in SE is that there appears to be no real advantage to actually pressurising a room. It's a great bit of RP and introduces lovely engineering challenges but on a pure mechanical level, pressurising a room does not gain you anything over refilling your suit O2.

    For a while I wrote this off as a tricky design challenge, but having played a chunk of Hellion recently I realised that we could change this with a mod that either:

    1. Introduces an air scrubber block that will "recycle" air (realistically for mechanical purposes this block would just spawn a small amount of Oxygen into the conveyor system if said block is in a pressurised room while a player is present in the same space to prevent unlimited O2 gen).
    2. Doubles the available air within a given "Air" block - according to the Wiki (may be outdated) that would bring O2 to 2 solid units per 1m³ - without increasing the resource cost to produce it.

    The first option involves a new block and potentially some nasty calculations over whether a player is in the given pressurised space (I am unsure if there is an easy way to tell this) but would be more balanced as per the spirit of Space Engineers.

    If balanced correctly, a room with a scrubber should be able to retrieve around 90% of the oxygen in the room that all characters in the room are using (playerCount*oxygenRatePerPlayer*0.9) meaning O2 is still spent but at a vastly reduced rate.

    The second option is more universal and doesn't need to take into account where a player is, but is less scaleable and a bit too automatic for my taste.

    Any thoughts? Does something like this exist already? How easy is it in a mod to determine if a/how many player(s) are in a given pressurised cell?

  2. Kezat Trainee Engineer

    If that is implemented in a mod it will let you use less O2 but part of the issue is that O2 is not hard to get in the slightest unless your intentionally not using a H2/O2 gen. I don't think using less O2 is a strong incentive to make a pressurized room.

    With the same goal in mind my take is a bit different. With two "simple" changes.

    1. Make O2 Harder to get. Simple way is to make the H2/02 gen only make hydrogen then you have to rely on dipping in to a planet atmosphere to vent in O2 or use the solar o2 farm.
    2. If in a pressurized room and the vent has conveyor access to your cargo then hand welding blocks will pull directly from the ship/station cargo.

    Could also add the requirement to be under the effect of a gravity generator per perhaps adding a grav gen will allow larger items to be pulled also such as large steel tubes.

    The first is easy, i did this myself with a slight change to the H2/O2 gen.
    The 2nd i'm not sure how that could be done but i would suspect it could be done as the nanite assembler mod has a similar effect.
    A extra issue is what to do if your on a planet, i guess it would work just the same but with only new block as a requirement to have your suit pull remotely from a nearby cargo.

    This would incentivise large pressurized hangers to work on ships and also offer a less cheaty version of the nanite mod.
  3. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @Kezat This is a good idea, but I think you give the game engine for SE too much credit. I do not think this is something that could be pulled off in SE. However Keen did surprise me with a multifunctional block, that is something I thought would never happen in the game.
  4. Netherspark Trainee Engineer

    As far as I know there's no way to do what you describe, but it may be possible to simulate it.

    If you took an O2 Generator as the basis, and remove the ice requirement but give it high power consumption and set its output to match 90% of the player's oxygen consumption it should approximate an "Oxygen Scrubber". It would essentially be generating air without the need for ice but at a very low rate. I think it's about as close as you're going to get.

    Though I don't know if it's even possible to get an O2 Generator to work without Ice, given that its output is based on a ratio of ice consumed...
  5. odizzido Junior Engineer

    I think making o2 more valuable would only further incentivise people to not pressurise rooms. Why risk losing all of that oxygen? A simple way to make pressurisation something that people use is to play with the visor up 100% of the time. I wish there were other things that it would be useful for but there isn't unfortunately.

    Of course you could make o2 incredibly valuable, so valuable that people would put in significant effort to use less. This would require removing oxygen farms from the game and also removing it from planets. Then you could make ice incredibly rare, so rare that you're always at risk of running out of oxygen using the scrubber, and all but guaranteed to run out without one. Anything less than this would make the risk of losing it in a pressurised room not worth it. And then there is always respawning, which gives you a full tank of oxygen anyways /shrug.

    Yeah, visor up 100% of the time is really the only way to make people use pressurisation without making significant changes I think.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.