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Lots of Bugs... For which you need Details?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Mudhenn, May 10, 2017.

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  1. Mudhenn Trainee Engineer

    Ok, just stopped playing, because its not possible anymore. Here is the list AFAIR, please let me know, for which you need mor information:

    First the new ones which let me stop:
    1. I can't place Blocks on each other as sticks. This makes scaffolding impossible.
    2. Every time I log on all bindings on my shortcut list are lost
    3. Most of the time the ability to turn (rotate) new blocks gets lost after I placed one or two and they won't turn anymore, I have to relog to get it working again (see 2)
    4. When I have a Block on my shortcut-list and press the according number, the block is placed immideatly (I have to point in the air to prevent that)
    5. When I log off in the wild a bag with a copy of my inventory falls in an endless circle down on the place I left. It's lootable. After it's looted it dissapears.
    6. The Grids are not consistant. I have multiple buildings which I can't build any further because the grid does not match from a certain point on.

    The older ones:
    7. On some hills there are spots where you just randomly die. You get thrown in the air and die. This is not exactly reproducable, but it happens A LOT around the same place. I mean like one or two times an hour. The chances to find your bag are 50/50.
    8. Crafting sometimes just stops working. You can enter the workbench (or furnace etc.) with F but it won't craft any items until you log off and on.
    9. Again the grid error, but it seems that it got worse. Sometimes I place blocks and the sticks appear but I can walk through and can't target them with the hammer. I also can not place new blocks there. It also happened that destroyed items showed up again after I placed new ones on the space. I have some basic stone blocks which are pusehd off the earth from an earlier palisade which came back after I build the stones instead.
    10. Mobile items like cars just flip over sometimes, especially whe you leave and come back the next day. Sometimes they just fly through the air and crash down for no apparent reason.
    11. When you make scaffolding (you know, like in the olden days, when it was still possible (see 1) and for some reason (which are not obvious the most times) the "stick-blocks" get damaged, they turn into full stone items and therefore become too heavy and collapse and take the structure you're building with them. Great crashes, but not enjoayable for everyone.

    One wish for the next update: Please make one more level of server-users.
    I have some users promoted on my server so that the "regulars" can kick griefers, but I don't want them to use the Medieval-Master-Features. There is no need that they can destroy all collectibles or fancy stuff like that, Kick&Ban is well enough.

    I'm using the latest version on my own dedicated server, my world is from 24.04.17
    If you need some files from me, let me know.

    PS: Link to world-file https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9CtYPKC2wxKTHQzNk5GRlRoVmc
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
  2. Telquel Trainee Engineer

    Bug number 8. appears usually after when using fast traveling.

    There should be some way to see how grids are located if there is multiple grids next to each others. Or way to choose which grid you like to build. This problem seems to be avoided if build everything aligned to the first block you hit on ground (then there should be only one grid), tested that. But if you start building a new building and change rotation of that, problems starts happen if you like left some space between blocks. New blocks seems aligned to last added grid if there is space between blocks if not connected to first grind blocks. Tho not sure is that bug or feature. So multiple grids most likely causes consistent problems because there is no way to choose which grid you build if you like to add spaces between blocks.

    Should test those other points later today.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.