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Major Merge Block Problem

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Matthew Chick, Jan 24, 2018.

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  1. Matthew Chick Trainee Engineer

    Hello First report ever sorry if im not doing it right. However someone needs to know about this one.......when two large grids are merged together via merge block and then unmerged neither one of them can enter a planets atmosphere. Ship twists and twirls around uncontrollably and eventually teleports ship back to other merge block and explodes both ships. This for me has made merge blocks totally useless. After unmerge of the ships neither one of them can go next to asteroids either without causing sim speed or sync issues. Another bug for merge blocks, when sitting in a flight seat and merging through remote causes you to be stuck in flight seat. after merging through remote via suit(without being in flight but still through remote) causes player to loose all control of character and forces you to control alt delete out of the game you cant even press escape to bring up pause menu. All of these things i experience are on a dedicated server. Thank you for the time and and all youve done so far, still have to say love the game. However merge blocks are a major part of the game for me and i really would appreate if someone can look into this for a long time space engineers fan....ive played scence day one and i dont want to stop now, but currently none of my ships cant go to planets or be close to asteroids. Thanks
    --- Automerge ---
    I just had the same thing happen again without trying to go to a planet......once i got a decent ways away from from the grid i was merged to, the grid i was in started spinning out of control again. its like once the reach a certain distance from each other it trys to bring them back together again. problem may not be caused by planets instead the distance between them after unmerging.
  2. VikingPSG Trainee Engineer

    I have also noticed this strange and frequently catastrophic behavior. I mostly see this happening when only turning off one block (usually the one belonging to the ship I am piloting). Strangely it doesn't happen when turning off both blocks when un-merging. Still this is a massive problem and on dedicated servers especially because you can't just reload the world when the shit hits the fan. I have over 3000hrs invested into the game and although it is unique in it's genre I despair over the constant breaking of the code. Bugs supposedly get fixed one week and then broken again the next. I honestly think you don't know how to fix and stabilize the code and that it will never be finished. It's a crying shame.
  3. Matthew Chick Trainee Engineer

    that it is a crying shame....im almost 2000 hrs my self.....and yep that is exactly what i was doing just turning off one of them usually the one im piloting as well.....however thank you so much for the info i never thought to turn them both off....and before you just told me this the game was unplayable for me.....again thank you for the info and salute to another long time player.
  4. Zhiila Tester Staff


    does it happen every time after unmerging? I just tried it few times and it didn't happen even once. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

  5. Matthew Chick Trainee Engineer

    well after new update i have not experienced these things....if you wish to try to recreate previous problem the only thing i can think of is all my ships where blueprinted and copied and pasted into the server idk if that would have been the difference.....thanks for taking the time to look however not sure y you wouldn't be able to recreate......a new problem has arose tho after major update now just merging period leaves me stuck in the cockpit seat and having to exit game to get out of seat. after unmerging it delete's any ion thruster block groups and deletes any hydrogen thruster block groups. no other groups that ive noticed just those two. or just flat out explodes both ships. so i guess really i am unable to try and recreate previous bug report due to merge block not even working good enough to get that far. If you would like to see problem for your self the world name of the dedicated server im in is ''The Last Beginning'' and the server name is ''A Galaxy's Struggle to Survive''.....i am zeuxis in the server, and can show you how one of my ships just usually causes both of my ships to explode when unmerging. its hard to explain every detail about my situation for you to recreate however i can show you. hope to see you in there.
    --- Automerge ---
    And Yes A definite problem is after merging period is being stuck in the seat after. cant even commit suicide to re-spawn only option is to leave game.
  6. BrickVoid Trainee Engineer

    Upload your world save and ships in it to the Steam Workshop and link to them so Keen can get a direct look at the problem ships. Maybe that will help them find the problem.

    Cheers ...

  7. MajorTom Apprentice Engineer

    Try this, it fails spectacularly for me;

    Create a station base on the ground (ie; semi-submerged with the planet surface

    Mount a ship to it via merge blocks.

    Launch the ship by turning off the merge blocks and converting from station to ship. (Having forced launch thrust may assist this part)

    Grind up the shattered pieces of your suddenly-exploded ship off the ground and submit bug report.
  8. Ondřej Nahálka QA Lead Staff

    Hey guys,

    I have found the problem.

    We will fix it as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your reports!
  9. ReaperNL Trainee Engineer

    I also have issues with merging and unmerging (small) grids by a merge block (and a connector).


    I have made a small grid planetary miner, which is also equipped to mine in space.
    But to reach space (from the earth like planet), I build a "hydrogen booster pack module" (hydrogen tank, 2 batteries, landing gear, hydrogen and atmospheric thrusters),
    this module can be attached to the miner by a mergeblock and to give the booster pack the advantage of the oxygen generator on the miner, it also comes with a connector for power en fuel tranfer between ship and module.

    So when I attach this module, all is fine, everything is working like a charm! But when I want to disconnect the thruster pack, the entire grid goes into a sort of desync mode.
    I cannot move forward or backwards with the small ship, altough I can move up, down, left and right. Its like it is attached on an elastic wire or something.

    Also other players on our server, will see the ship at another location then on my screen (where I am landed, they see it flying high in the air).
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.