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March to Battle, Contest Entries Thread (Poll Up)

Discussion in 'General' started by Skeloton, Mar 1, 2014.

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  1. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Ok entries are now closed, thanks to all those that entered. Discussion is now allowed :)

    Should I see any faction vote stacking of extreme degrees, you will be disqualified regardless of the new point system. You have been warned.

    Thank you and have a nice participation.

    Rules are here http://forums.keenswh.com/post/show_single_post?pid=1281719581&postcount=1

    Reason for the lack of discussion is so I can keep track of the entries without sifting through, thank you to anyone who adheres to this.

    I will start validating entries on the 10th and finish on the 20th when the public popularity poll will be added.

    Remember to use this format

    [Title of your Battleship]
    We obviously need to know how your mighty ship is called.
    [Photo of the Battleship]
    We can't use only the name to guess how your Battleship may look like. Photo required!

    [Additional info]
    Of course, the crowd likes to know if you have any special features, so here you may state what makes your Battleship so special. (e.g. does it has rotatable doors? does it has a elevator?)

    [Additional photo's]
    Here you may place more smaller pictures of your special features.
    [Steam workshop link]
    Obviously, the voters want besides looking, also try out your Battleship! So a steam workshop link is required to be accepted in the competition.


    ElectronicFunk [KNS Gallatin BB 507] [Valid]

    Vermillion FAZGMF-001 - DURANDAL [Valid]

    Bacondeity PT-MxH-040227-BD The "Faith Ascension" [Valid]

    Skeloton SI-30/9 Pangolin Battle Spire [Valid] Validated by Bacondeity and ElectronicFunk

    TheLightLod Armadillo - CX18 [Valid]

    LordCommissar Basilisk Battleship [Valid]

    Mac Daddy The "Obsidian Hammer" [Valid]

    Wahooly HVY-BCII-Behemoth [Valid]

    Busboy Battleship - USS Katherine [valid]

    Barabbi_Moonshadow Stingray Class Battle Cruiser, MEC-30/0.0 [Vaild]

    MagmaBurn_NL The [USE] Chimera [Valid]

    Hindenburg MG-D104N [Valid]

    Stonewolf Battleship Grimson [valid]
    http://forums.keenswh.com/post/show_single_post?pid=1281890106&postcount=19 ]

    ablaze1989 The Odin Class:USS-Ragnarok [valid]

    Wombats Great white [Valid]

    GreenShield4508 AES Ares [valid]

    Igneous01 Pulsar Class [valid]

    Sungur Pendragon [valid]

    NutterChap Thracian Prowess [valid]

    Travius HMS Buckler [valid]

    plaYer2K Snuggles The Maniac GraviBall [valid]
  2. ElectronicFunk Trainee Engineer

    [FONT= &#39][KNS Gallatin BB 507][/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]The muscle behind the 4th Combat Fleet of the Kepler Navy. Weighing in at 95 million kg, she's a force to be reckoned with. She never sails alone, however, in company of this brute of the frontier are the ships that make up the 4th Combat Fleet.

    KNS Gallatin, BB 507 (Battleship, flagship of 4th Fleet)
    Baum Class battleship
    95,398,624 kg
    259,000 GW
    248 Thrusters
    803 Gyroscopes

    KNS Cascade, Battle Cruiser

    KNS Wilksburough, Destroyer
    KNS Daytona, Destroyer
    KNS Mahan, Destroyer
    KNS Walker, Destroyer

    KNS Kandahar, Assault Carrier

    KNS Bristol, Frigate
    KNS Charity, Frigate
    KNS Gray, Frgiate
    KNS Cassin, Frigate

    Fighter craft: 4 F86 Blackhawks, 8 KHS Fighters (4 on the Gallatin), twenty five F-92 "Poot" Mk II fighters (most on the Kandahar with others scattered around the Cruiser and 4 Destroyers).

    Support craft: 1 Personnel shuttle (on the Gallatin) 2 cargo shuttles (one on the Gallatin the other on the Kanadahar)[/FONT][Photo of the Battleship]

    [Additional info]
    [FONT= &#39]The [/FONT]<em style="font-family: &#39;courier new&#39;, courier; line-height: 20.799999237060547px;">Gallatin</em>[FONT= &#39] has two rotating turrets, a functional hangar door, and weapons-a-plenty. Inside the hangar, there's ample room for cargo ships to load and unload cargo and for smaller ships to offload personnel. 4 bays, with fighters, are at the ready for fire support and spotting for fire correction. Quarters for several hundred crew, multiple medical rooms and even a lounge are among the amenities on the Gallatin.

    She also features a gravity cannon in the bow and to accommodate the altered gravity of such a weapon, there is a red warning bulkhead that signals the end of normal gravity and the start of altered gravity. (red line on the deck, forward and a red internal bulkhead)

    She is also equipped with 3 emergency life vessels. One on each side of the hull and one just behind the bridge. Should she tangle with something that decides to eat her instead.

    Even though she has a flying bridge, when she's in battle she is conned from the CIC, located in the confines of the ship, behind many layers of armor and away from the enemy weapons.[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39][Additional photo's][/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39] [​IMG]
    The CIC, in a blood red hue, to go with her malevolent intent.

    A view from the back of the ship, looking towards the bow. Two pads on each side for support and spotting fighters and ample room for unloading or loading various ships.
    ***Hangar screenshot if from mid-build progress. KHS Fighters are placed and the views through the angled slats show interior rooms, crew quarters, and navigational rooms instead of blue hull and space.

    [FONT= &#39][Steam workshop link][/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=233393332

    **TAKE NOTE***

    The turrets don't actually have any weaponry. Building on the Gallatin was getting rather lag-tastic and, in the sake of simplicity I just did turrets that look like what I want, even if they don't actually properly function (they do rotate).

    It was also a royal pain to bring in all the ships to make the 4th Fleet, but creation without presentation isn't really fun now, is it?

    *****EDIT THE SECOND*******

    Bonus internet cookies if you can guess what the Gallatin is named after without resorting to Google.

    ********EDIT THE THIRD*******[/FONT]

    Added fully functional turrets with guns (2 rocket launchers a barrel) that are fed via conveyors and leading to 3 medium containers. (12 launchers in both turrets and 6 medium containers, 3 to a turret)

    *****EDIT THE 5th*****


    **JUST AN FYI; building turrets on a ship with about 4 fps is a complete and total bitch.

  3. Vermillion Senior Engineer



    Forge Aerospace's premiere Battleship: The FAZGMF-001 Durandal on loan to the Reformed Soviet Union's Lunar Defense Force with its escort of RUS-P32K Kiyamvirs.
    Following the popularity of the Durandal with Russian forces, Forge Aerospace was commissioned to build 17 more Durandal-class Battleships for both the American Empire and the Oceanic Union for deployment in sectors G12 through G24 in the Ceres Cluster to combat the rising number of pirate activists using military-grade cruisers.
    Already three of the 17 have been completed ahead of schedule. The Caladbolg (OU), Gaebolg (OU) and Indra's Arrow (AE).

    When not in combat, the Durandals auxillery thrusters and vertical boosters extend (as seen above) allowing to it move at greater speeds than any other ship in it's class.
    - All turrets, medbays and reactors are connected to an extensive conveyor system connected to storage containers exceeding 60.
    - All thrusters are exposed to space. No internal thrusters.
    - The Durandal's "extending thrusters" don't actually extend. They're just built like they're meant to. All "pistons" and joints are heavily armored and guarded more so than any other part of the ship. Don't want those things coming loose.
    - The Durandal has a cargo bay for loading ammunition, supplies and personel when not in combat.
    - There are 2 unarmed Lifeboat Crafts located on the lowest deck, they also double as Recon ships in an emergency.
    - I like pie.

     Here's the Auxillery Thrusters and their "Extending Pistons" with patented Teeth-Groove design. [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/28u21e1.jpg[/IMG] Here, we have the front. And a big-ass cannon. reminds me of a Klingon Bird of Prey. Those Kiyamvirs don't help things... [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/x5o1lf.png[/IMG] 
    Here we have the loading bay, with a cargo ship coming in to land.
    Here's the bridge, in the middle of the ship.
    Here's the forward medbay, for injured bridge crew...
    An here's the main access corridor for the mid level of the ship, to the bridge, brig and personel quarters:
    Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=233875327
  4. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    The "Faith Ascension"

    Prototype Military Hercules Class Vessel



    69 blocks long (172.5m)
    12,336,214 kg
    116 gyroscopes
    45 Total Thrusters


    The Faith Ascension is the first ship (designed by me) using heavy armor. The ship, although half the size of the Kamarov, weighs just as much.

    The ship was designed to be one of the more maneuverable ships in the fleet, despite its role being a battleship. It's overall size is smaller than average battleships, but it was designed to be quick, with plenty of armaments to achieve the same goal.

    The construction of the ship using heavy armor was meant to only protect the most critical parts of the ship, ie; crew compartments, the bridge, engines and power. The heavy armor was also used as the superstructure of the ship, ie; if you removed all the light armor blocks, you'd be left with the skeleton of the ship. This ensured that, again, the critical parts of the ships were protected, but the ship itself was not over encumbered by the weight.

    The 4 large reactors provide ample amount of power to the very capable engines, and are only accessible through the three power conduits in the back of the ship. This ensures the protection of the crew if there was to be a critical failure. The Level 5 deck, the Control Deck, is filled with 116 gyroscopes to provide the Faith Ascension with the very capable ability to literally turn on a dime, maybe a quarter.

    The bridge is thoroughly protected and gives enough visuals to the Captain to command the ship with competence. Level 2 is the area through which crew, or anyone else would enter the ship. There is a security checkpoint to ensure entrance to the ship is well guarded.

    The ship was designed to travel large distances, thus has a crew quarters capable of holding 32 crew comfortably for any duration of their journey. The two infirmaries on level 3, overseen by two military doctors, are more than capable to handle any medical emergency, whether it's a cold or an attack.

    Level 4 of the ship is protected by bulkheads as it is the second most important part of the ship, the Engineering deck and the CIC. In level 4, there are 4 armories, each one containing enough for 4 crew with weapons and armor (16 total). The stations on the outer part of Level 4 are situated for the crew to remotely control the 28 offensive rocket batteries and the 23 defensive gatling gun batteries. Most of the crew is meant for this job. Accuracy and efficiency of the crew is of utmost importance for mission success. The large empty space near the stations is for the purpose of either recreation and to hold personal supplies for the crew. It has not been furnished yet (there are no blocks for tables, chess, and treadmills lol).

    In level 4, lies the engineering deck as well. It houses 6 large containers for ammunition, reactor fuel, and other miscellaneous supplies. Connected to them are two assemblers.

    Huddled in the crevasses of the ship is a brig capable of containing 8 prisoners.

    Things to note; there are no bays for ships or escape pods. The designer found it unnecessary as the crew is most protected from confrontation and the ability of the ship to move so well ensures that when the tides turn on the Faith Ascension, it would be able to live another day.

    Crew Breakdown;

    First Officer

    Security detail x 2

    Marine x 8
    Doctor x 2

    Chief Engineer
    Engineer x 3
    Mechanic x 3

    Communications Officer

    Armament Battery Operator x 9:

    Battery Positions;
    Bow Rocket Battery
    Port and Starboard Rocket Battery
    Port and Starboard Gatling Battery
    Stern Rocket and Gatling Battery
    Undercarriage Rocket and Gatling Battery

    Most notable feature;

    The three most notable aspects of the ship are the offensive capabilities of the ship, the maneuverability, and a prototype armor on the outside of the ship. There are 7 plates protruding the exterior of the ship. They are reactive armor plates. With these protecting the ship, nothing short of a cataclysm would disable the ship, let alone destroy it.

    Misc info;

    Dunno if you guys have ever seen Stargate, but I got a little bit inspired by Stargate Universe, if you notice, the ship is modeled after the Destiny.


    And of course, enjoy my patented cross section pictures of my ship! You can click on them to get a bigger looksee.



    Steam Workshop Link:

  5. Skeloton Master Engineer

    SI-30/9 Pangolin Battle Spire



    It's purpose; to kill and subvert.

    I built this ship after finishing the Legion Infiltrator Battle Spire. After deciding to downsize what I learnt from that, I began planning a Shivan Frigate Spire. However plans went out the window when I began construction and ended up with a Battle Spire. Using the armour pattern I discovered on my Hermes Transport Spire. I eventually called the pattern the "Pangolin Pattern" for two reasons, one because calling it the artichoke pattern was laughable, two because it reminded me of the Pangolin the only mammal with scales.

    This ship has just a few decks, Hangar at its top, beneath that is the reactor room, then the Bridge, then the storeroom, then the assembly room and finally at the bottom the infiltrator pod launch room. Should also note that this ship up and down is also front and back, hence the "Spire".

    The Hangar is rather small and mostly for shuttles and supply ships. The reactor is modest in size with only 4 reactors. The Bridge is much bigger than the other rooms, it has a raise platform in the middle, the flight controls are the consoles by the windows facing the floor. The storeroom is fill with containers. 5large 58 small, more than enough to supply its numerous turrets, reactors and assemblers. The Storeroom also has 8 med bays. The Assembly room is cramped but not so that it gets in the way of assembling more Infiltrator pods. There are 4 bays in which these pods can be built, beneath them holes connect to the Launch room. The Launch room is possibly what Im most proud of despite being so little to it. A pod rack fills the room, however the holes in the assembly room don't match up with the launch rooms. That's because I got fancy and put the rack on a rotor that spins 45 degrees to line the pods up with the holes.

    [Additional Info]

    Height and width; 142.5m tall and 77.5m wide
    Mass; 8,259,675Kg
    Thrusters; 101
    Gyros; 15

    The Infiltrator pods are the most insidious weapon in the Shivan arsenal. These are essentially manned missiles that do the actual subversion. Their purpose is to fly as fast as possible and hit as hard as possible into an enemy hull. In most cases the pilot of these pods are ejected into the enemy ship, where they battle for control. Most pilots are recruited from the best of those terminally ill from cosmic radiation or the insane. Occasionally the pods are armed with missiles or warheads strapped onto the prongs to aid in the breaching process. Though the ones loaded in this Pangolin are the unarmed variety.

    [Additional Images]
      [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/468677197968585150/C0FE43DD2A83E1C202147F1F00B180E1AB517568/[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/468677197968585802/A79B47236CF0F67296ACC910717EB41B699223DC/[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/468677197968582878/0F3F7DD16344FD927F501078E68617FE829A9E04/[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/468677197968586549/B66E64303ABC184B3E1891177E05BB31E2445B49/[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/468677197969104080/8D844469F693182A18AFB702A44DFFEFFF94E93D/[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/468677197969105138/3895F65DF9814D2806D554A9940381718A99AFEB/[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/468677197968588418/1799ADEEEB2378ADFC80316395D54CD7E7778924/[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/468677197970294190/E2E7C7F741A3493ABA3383D2C363DB25F03BFBE2/[/IMG]  
  6. ElectronicFunk Trainee Engineer

    Everything seems quite legal in my tour of her, Skeloton.

    I am also quite surprised how... compact and efficient all the entries but mine have been. Makes my ship feel rather overt and obnoxious by comparison.
  7. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    (we should probably keep the posts in this thread to entries only, eh?)
  8. TheLightLOD Trainee Engineer

    Area 55 technologies proudly presents it's first completed battleship, the Armadillo - CX18.

    NAME: Armadillo - CX18


    WORKSHOP LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=234581184
    More pictures here^

    After long consideration about interplanetary warfare Area 55 has came to the conclusion that conventional naval style battleships would be ineffective due to the current lack of creating effective large ship weapon systems, also these ship styles were considered slow and unwieldy so their useability would be limited. Therefore Area 55 took the airborne battleship, the AC130 specter gunship, to space.

    Whilst using the general AC130 idea of circling it's target the Armadillo shares part of it's design with a distant cousin, the AC1000 Terror as used in the infinite war. Some adjustments were necessary though, including 6-axis propulsion and an increase of smaller turrets.

    The Armadillo is currently fitted with 7 basic "Pumpkin" turrets and a dual railgun turret for future compatibility with large ship weapon systems. Tests have shown that a single volley of a pumpkin's missiles can breach a single layer of haevy armor, making the Armadillo deadly against less well armed vessels and bases. On the other hand though the pumpkin strangely enough seems to be unable of breaching dual layer heavy armor....

    As the name suggests the Armadillo is well armored, the central hull has at least dual layer heavy armor which with previous test results would make it a rather tough target. The engine pods only have a single layer of heavy armor, but as a blast shield to take the worst hits. Remember that the Armadillo circles it's target, so frontal and rear thruster pod armor is not mandatory.

    With 120 large thrusters(48 for forward propulsion) the armadillo's got a good acceleration and the 130 Gyro's provide good turn rates. By design the engine pods would be able to tilt, however due to some issues this system has not yet been fitted to the CX18 series.

    Backup systems:
    In the event of one side of the Armadillo becoming heavily damaged one can always turn the ship around and use the other side, i.e. it's gt a sort of built in respawn ^.^. There are plenty of reactors on the Armadillo, where most of them are located in the engine pods, this means that losing an engine pod means losing that engine pods power supply, the rest of the ship remains unaffected by such damage.

    At the utmost rear of the ship there is a landing zone with access to the munitions container, this allows the Armadillo to be easily resupplied. The Armadillo is equipped with a non-conveyer connected series of containers where parts and materials can be stored to be crafted into components, also there is a spare conveyored large container in case the one in the rear of the ship gets compromised.

    -Weight: just over 23k tons
    -Acceleration: roughly 1 m/s.
    -Length: 57 blocks
    -Powerplant: 5 x Large reactor
    -Ammo storage: 2 x Large container

    Ship usage:
    Bombarding enemy bases, as Battleships are supposed to do. Can also be effective at circling enemy larger and slower ships, remember to keep the stronger side armor faced towards the enemy though.

    STATE: final/finished, at least unless KSH would bring out large ship weapons before Jurying starts :p
  9. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    I am submitting my new battleship to the contest.

    one thing to note is that the hangar is large enough for more than 6 KSH fighters, this is because all my custom fighters are larger than KSH so i wanted to fit at least 2 of them in, since i never use KSH sized fighters with my creations. i marked out only 2 landing pads in the hangar with paint so i hope that is agreeable with the rules. if not, let me know and i can make a separate version with cargo containers or something else to take up space in the hangar and limit capacity

    other than that, all turrets are fully supplied per the rules and as always no internal thrusters, seeing as i am no heretic

    Basilisk Battleship
    Mass: 46 mil kg
    Acceleration: 1.1 m/s^2
    Weapons: 24 Gatling Guns, 32 Missile Launchers
    Ammo Capacity: 40 Large Containers
    Hangar Capacity: 2 fighters with breathing room, but 4 can be crammed in

    The Basilisk is the next generation battleship for Phoenix Shipyards. Although not as large and exhaustive a supply of ammo as the Kestrel, it has one advantage in that it was designed from the very beginning to have heavy armor and firepower, whereas the Kestrel was adapted to it. The Basilisk has a simple ammunition system, with all the containers running the spine of the ship and surrounded by at least 2 layers of heavy armor and 1 layer of light armor on all sides, with several more layers in most cases. The stores are broken into sections to avoid any catastrophic explosions taking out the entire supply at once. All Reactors are also armored on all sides and placed within separate compartments.The Basilisk has at least 1 layer of heavy armor on almost every area, making it the heaviest armored ship in the fleet thus far. At 56 Weapons, it is also the next heaviest armed ship after the Kestrel.

    download with more screenshots
  10. Mac D Junior Engineer

    The "Obsidian Hammer"


    Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=235911549

    Mass: Between 26 and 27 million kg
    Gyros: 54
    Large Thrusters: 48
    Small Thrusters: 48
    Length: About 150 metres
    Width: About 150 metres
    Maneuverability and Acceleration: Bad
    • Two broadside batteries armed with 14 rocket launchers.
    • Four turrets positioned to have overlapping firing arcs when engaging larger targets in broadside or off the bow. Each turret currently armed with 20 gattling guns (I future these should be replaced with larger calibre weapons or lasers).
    • Forward spines for ramming.
    Key Features:
    • Gothic cage armor and spines provide some protection from explosives and collision damage (In the current damage system).
    • Turrets accessible from ship interior.
    • Turrets functional (but do cause lag especially when hitting targets).
    • Redundancy in critical systems with multiple control terminals and decentralized reactor placements.
    Operational Guidelines:
    • Navigation inside ship is aided by beacons. These beacons should be turned off in combat situations once familiar with ship layout.
    • Fighter or corvette support is recommended to protect against more mobile threats to this battleship.
    • All large rotors which attach turrets are turned off. Powering up rotors is not recommended and can result in catastrophic damage to turrets and ship internal systems.
    • Turrets have landing gear and should be locked facing the bow when before gunner leaves the turret.
    • Engage larger targets with broadside batteries
    Other Build Notes: Ship already causes too much lag when moving and turning (Adding extra interior details such as lights abandoned as this could make problem worse).


    Some Weapon Trials:

  11. Wahooiy Trainee Engineer

    So I made a post about a recent ship I made, and someone mentioned this competition, so i decided to enter it in.

    I made several changes to my already existing ship to fit the specifications, each turret is connected to at least 1 or more small storage containers via conveyors. All large reactors now have their own designated storage containers connected via at least 1 or 2 conveyors. I added in an area for 2 assemblers. (these changes aren't seen in the screenshots, sorry, (you may see turrets without conveyors) but the workshop link has been updated with the changes)

    [FONT= &#39]HVY-BCII-Behemoth[/FONT][FONT= &#39]
    File: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=234482588
    [FONT= &#39]Forum Post: [/FONT]http://forums.keenswh.com/post/hvybciibehemoth-6794072

    </strong>[FONT= &#39]Technical Specifications:[/FONT][FONT= &#39]
    [/FONT]Mass: 19,646,308 Kg (Not inc spinning aesthetic engine rotor)
    Reactors: 26,000GW (or there abouts)
    Thrusters: 77
    Gyroscopes: 65

    Fighters aboard: 4 (heavy) at least 1 block space between them.

    [FONT= &#39]Whats special about my ship?
    [/FONT]I personally believe that my ship has a certain aesthetic design that sets it out from the rest - it certainly doesn't look generic, or boxy - it has a nice shape.

    It has an aesthetic (large) spinning body on the back of the ship, which I like to believe mimics a somewhat large rotary part for an engine.

    It has 26 escape pods! (probably unncessary, but they're rather cool to have).

    Here's a nice chopped up view for you. (this doesn't detail the new changes to enter the competition, sorry!)
  12. busboy Trainee Engineer

    Battleship - USS Katherine


    Statistics (before refit; have not recalculated/recounted after recent patches and modifications):

    Length: 310m
    Width: 97.5m
    Height: 85m
    Mass: 49,526,532 kg

    The Katherine Class battleship is designed to dominate direct fire capital ship engagements as well as provide devastating fire support for infantry attacks. The ship is protected by multiple belts of heavy armor with multiple redundancies and armed with four large dual turrets. All offensive systems are designed to resupply through conveyor systems while in enemy contact. However, the ship’s most devastating weapon is a well protected gravity cannon in the bow, capable of accelerating a large projectile at maximum velocity along the ship’s forward axis. System redundancies as well as multi-tiered protection makes the Katherine class one of the most protected space battleships classes yet devised. This ship includes a complete interior and a practice target located a short distance from space dock.

    Primary armament:
    -4x dual multiple launch rocket turrets. Turrets are “travel locked” by landing gear; disable landing gear before attempting to traverse turrets. Restrict turret traverse speed to .4 MPS to prevent damage. Turrets must be controlled by individual players accessing small cockpits within each turret.

    -1x Gravity cannon firing 12,256 kg projectiles. Each small cargo container in the ready rack contains one projectile. Remove from container, place in barrel (lower forward hull marked in red with red lights) and then activate cannon’s reactor to fire. [gravity cannon mechanism is a separate ship within the hull]

    Secondary Armament:
    42x Gatling Turrets
    28x Interior Turrets
    14x Missile Turrets

    *Note: Weapons suite connected to conveyors and cargo containers with exception of interior turrets.

    Engineering systems:
    Power: 17,248 GW
    Gyroscopes: 234
    Thrusters: 258

    Sensor suite: 3x antenna, 3x ore detectors

    Machinery: 7x Assemblers, 2x refineries (removed with refit to comply with contest rules), large cargo capacity.

    Complete interior includes 79x doors, 672x interior lights, and fully equipped shuttle bay with rail mounted doors.

    Many images on the Steam page. Note that many pictures are "pre-refit." They are easily identified by the old heavy armor texture. There are no "stacked" engines after the refit. Some engines in the main hull only are protected by the grated windows, however all engine thrust has direct line access to space.



    Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=220444283
  13. Sungur Apprentice Engineer

    i think you better re-think aboutyour turrets...they blew up

    ant the rear doors came out at first move
  14. busboy Trainee Engineer

    Sungur, thanks. I addressed it in the discussion thread:

  15. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    I'm glad my cross section idea is so popular.
  16. Barabbi_Moonshadow Trainee Engineer

    [FONT= &#39][Stingray Class Battle Cruiser, MEC-30/0.0]

    [/FONT][Exterior Photos of the Battle Cruiser]



    [Additional info]

    [FONT= &#39]Dimensions: 60(L) x 31(W) x 19(H)[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]Tonnage: 14.8M kg (without hangar doors and weapons)[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]Estimated Tonnage: 15.27M kg[/FONT]

    [FONT= &#39]Reactors: 4 Power Rooms, each with 2 Large Reactors (33,200 GW, capable of 100% power with only 1 power room functioning)[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]Thrusters: 164 (4 Large = forward, 44 Small = forward, 26 Small = z/up, 26 Small = z/down, 12 Small = reverse, 24 Small = port, 24 Small = starboard)[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]Gyros: 134[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]Acceleration: "Slow" (2 of 5)[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]Maneuverability: "Mid-high" (3.5 of 5)[/FONT]

    [FONT= &#39][Note: The ship reports having 164 thrusters, but I have no idea where the extra 4 are... if they exist. By the end of the build, I was having severe symmetry issues once again. If they exist, I know they are small ones.][/FONT]

    [FONT= &#39]Armament:[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]Point Defense Gatling Guns [/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]7 Dorsal/Rear, 7 Ventral/Rear, 6 Dorsal/Port, 6 Dorsal/Starboard, 6 Ventral/Port, 6 Ventral/Starboard, 1 Dorsal/Bow, 1 Ventral/Bow[/FONT]

    [FONT= &#39]Rockets: (All fire-able from within the ship by "enlisted" personnel.][/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]Rear: 2 Launchers (4 simultaneous rockets), 1 Dorsal / 1 Ventral[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]Forward: (Dorsal and Ventral sections)[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]4 Launchers (4 simultaneous rockets)[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]2 Launchers (14 simultaneous rockets)[/FONT]

    [FONT= &#39][Note: When I created the initial save to upload to the workshop, all launchers were in place, locked, and working as intended. (Per the screenshot from the front.) However, upon reload of the save, all of them had broken loose. The damage in the launcher bays is the result of it. Since I don't have the welder as an option (nor time at this point to correct), leaving the damage as is. The launchers can be found in front of the assembly base in the save.][/FONT]

    [FONT= &#39]Features:[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]Functioning Hangar Doors, Dorsal and Ventral (Rotor limits set. Use rpm's ~1 and ~-1)[/FONT]

    "Large bomber" maneuverability in a large ship package.

    Cross-section: [FONT= &#39]http://gyazo.com/cf6a7a568e84689b3572fc8a1263004e[/FONT]

    Fighting Style:

    The Stingray Class Battle Cruiser should be found in the center of a highly maneuverable fleet; a fleet that should include 2 small "fleet" carriers (one port, one starboard) with the respective fighter escort to the port and starboard of the carriers. Upon enemy contact, the Stingray advances in the lead of the force, taking the enemy's fire, while the fighter squadrons attempt to flank the enemy on both sides. When it would be more advantageous to not use the Stingray's rockets, the Stingray charges near the enemy, then attempts to move under or over the enemy fleet, using its dorsal or ventral PD guns to do widespread damage.

    In a Stingray, you outmaneuver your enemy... you don't win with overwhelming force.

    Buyer's Note: Despite having an atmosphere in all compartments except the secondary engineering and cargo holds, this ship's use of gravity deflection (for protection in asteroid fields) results in the ship not having a standardized gravity for the crew. Long tours of duty on a Stingray should include crew rotation to gravity equipped ships, such as escort fleet carriers.
    Overall note on build:

    My current install of SE, over time, seemingly creates major symmetry issues the longer and larger a build gets. This ship was my 3 attempted build of this style due to the first 2 getting to 50-75% completion before symmetry refused to work correctly, at all, anymore. Thus, this smaller version was created as a "speed" build to alleviate the issue. The first version of this ship would have weighed in the neighborhood of 50M kg. The second, 30M kg.

    [Steam workshop link]
    [FONT= &#39]http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=236510638[/FONT]

    [FONT= &#39]Skybox Link: (In use in the Steam workshop picture)[/FONT]

    [FONT= &#39]http://skybox.xaelan.com/index.php?page=view&amp;id=25[/FONT]
  17. mastpayne Senior Engineer

    Hehe.... (This has more to do with large ships than specifically this Battleship thread...)

    You outta put say...4000 liters of uranium in each of those 8 reactors and test on mileage....idling, maneuvering, and at full throttle. (with, of course just the minimum required reactor usage, not all 8 if not needed)

    ...THEN figger how long it takes to mine that much uranium for the time of (powered) flight.

    Call it a 'Cost Basis / Economy' study. I only say this because I'm becoming somewhat disconcerted with some of my findings, and I haven't even gotten into big constructions. I'd hate to see some of these monsters only ever be a Creative project.

    (Edit: Example: I have a station with only 47 regular lights - just light bulbs, mind you - , and a gravity generator working, everything else is shut off, and with 100k liters of uranium in a SMALL reactor, it is only good for 68 days. Granted, that is 'in game' days, but still......it is 100 tons of uranium, and that time drops like a rock if my refinery is turned on.)

    Edit again: Correction...that is 1,909 TONS of uranium.....
  18. MagmaBurn_NL Apprentice Engineer

    The [USE] Chimera


    The Chimera is the frontline of the USE fleet its thick armor can handle anything from rocks till nuclear rockets:p.
    The Chimera has no BIG guns but a lot of turrets in fact it has 312 gatling and rocket turrets. All turrets are connected with a vast network of conveyor and cargo containers. The ships redundancy systems are epic you can shoot the ship in to pieces and its still capable of shooting you to bits.

    The Chimera has 2 medbays, crewquarters, an engine room, 2 bridges and has space for 2 KSH fighters.

    87,578,496 KG
    301 thrusters
    64,500 GW
    463 Gyro's

  19. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    Battleship Grimson[FONT= &#39]
    [FONT= &#39] [​IMG][/FONT][FONT= &#39]

    [Additional info]
    5 rotating turrets and a gravity tube (cannon) as a main weapon. Grimson is loaded with 8 gravity torpedoes, but rocks works too. Ammo can be suspended with 'loading' gravity generators before firing.

    Loading of gravity torpedoes:
    - Raise the torpedo magazine.
    - Turn on the torpedo.
    - Turn on all 6 loading gravity generators.
    - Release the locking landing gear by deleting it. (Unlocking will unlock your load.)
    - Wait for the torpedo to move into position and turn off dampeners.
    - Turn power on gravity tube to signal its loaded.

    Firing the tube is done by turning of front loading gravity generator.
    [FONT= &#39]
    [FONT= &#39] [IMG]http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f99/bluefrog75/SpaceEngineers_2014-03-09-18-20-31-410_FinalScreen_zpse57d6c25.png[/IMG] 
    [FONT= &#39]http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=236812220[/FONT]
  20. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    Well, I lose.
  21. busboy Trainee Engineer

    Nonsense. We all win. Just not in bragging rights. :)
  22. Volthorne Apprentice Engineer

    Not yet. The Chimera has a few thruster violations in the nacelles (small thrusters hidden behind blocks - you can clearly see it in the pictures provided).
  23. MagmaBurn_NL Apprentice Engineer

    Al exposed no hidden thrusters or is a half block also a violation?
    And those thrusters inside are deactivated just decoration.
  24. ablaze1989 Trainee Engineer

    [FONT= &#39][The Odin Class:USS-Ragnarok[/FONT]]
    [FONT= &#39] [/FONT]

    [FONT= &#39][Additional info][/FONT]

    • [FONT= &#39]<strong style="font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: normal;">Hull: The Ragnarok was built with a Heavy Armor Frame and a 2 to 3 layer light armor shell. This armor layout is complemented by a heavy armor shell around all core ship components and ship functions, such as the Bridge, The main storage boxes and all main reactors. The Main cannon as well is made 100% out of Heavy armor. Due to this armor layout the [/FONT]</strong>[FONT= &#39]Ragnarok can take many hits and keep on going while keeping her as light as she can be. For her size the [/FONT]<strong style="font-family: &#39;courier new&#39;, courier; line-height: 20px;">Ragnarok[FONT= &#39] is a nimble ship.[/FONT]</strong>
    • Weapons: The [FONT= &#39]Ragnarok comes equipped with 22 Gatling cannons(14 on the bottom of the ship and 8 on the top) to serve as anti fighter armaments. She also has 48 rocket launchers (12 facing foreword and 18 facing ether side for broadside type of attacks) to serve as secondary offensive weapons. The Main armament of this ship the the forward mounted HEAVY GRAVITY CANNON. Able to fire Shells up 4 large ship blocks tall 4 wide and 20 long.[/FONT]
    • <strong style="font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: normal;">Gravity Cannon: The [FONT= &#39]Ragnarok's main armament is the gravity cannons. The ammo capacity for the cannon currently stands at space to hold 3 large shells, 4 small shells and storage boxes to house rocks to be fired from the cannon. The Large shell is a custom made gravity missile that is boosted by the cannon and keeps accelerating after leaving the cannon. upon impact the shell sets off 2 warheads to weaken or destroy any armor in the way it then releases the rock used to fire the shell upon the enemy ship as well as a 50K rock in a storage container that is released when the shell impacts the enemy ship, after witch both rocks are then pushed through the enemy ship via the 2 grav gens built in to the missile and then any grav fields the enemy might have. There is currently no small shells made as i ran out of time. There is a small forklift ship docked inside the cannon loading bay to move large rocks into place to be fired by the cannon.[/FONT]</strong>
    • Hanger: The Ragnarok currently has room for 4 fighter craft and 1 cargo craft. The 4 fighter bays currently hold 2 custom MK II VIPER Space Superiority fighters and 2 Recon craft.Deck 2 houses The reactor bays, reck/mess hall and the space soccer gym. Deck 1 is crew Deck and hanger access point.
    • Attack Plan: The Ragnaroks main battle plan is to use the small recon craft to scout out enemy ships and base locations and to then use the recon craft as a target and line up the gravity cannon with the on board beacon on the craft and then unlease the might of the Ragnaroks main cannon upon the enemy. after the enemy has located the Ragnarok she uses her 18 side mounted rocket launchers to broad side the enemy. The 22 Gatling cannons serve as the main anti Fighter weapons but are supported in this role by the 2 MK II VIPER Space Superiority fighters.

    1. Mass: 46 mill KG
    2. Thrusters: 128
    3. Power Output: 45000 GW
    4. Gyros: 226
    5. Storage: 12 large storage boxes and 10 small storage boxes
    6. Length: Around 300M

    [Additional photo's]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [FONT= &#39][Steam workshop link][/FONT]
  25. Hindenburg Trainee Engineer


    Screenshots are on my steam profile

    length: 275m
    width: 70m
    height: 87.5m
    mass: 45,611,020kg

    Power: 173,000 GW

    Thrusters x 299
    Gyroscopes x 417
    Gravity generators x 3
    Assemblers x 4
    Medbays x 2

    Hanger capacity: 1

    gatling turrets x 20
    rocket turrets x 20

    gatling turrets x 20
    rocket turrets x 18
    rocket launchers x 99

    gatling turrets x 20
    rocket turrets x 18
    rocket launchers x 99

    gatling turrets x 20

    gatling turrets x 2
    interior turrets x 22

    Designed for taking on larger ships and stations. This ship is armed with two large fixed arrays of short range missiles. Arrays of gatling turrets provide defense from fighters and missile turret arrays provide flexibility in combat. The rear hanger bay accommodates transports for personnel and raw materials for the on-board assemblers, and is guarded by two gatling turrets. Within, the ship is guarded by multiple anti-personnel turrets. The ship also sports two medical bays to treat wounded crewmen. Sacrificing acceleration for arms and armor, this ship is best suited towards brief sorties or extended fleet operations and is not compatible with long-range, solo operations.
  26. Wombats Junior Engineer

    Great White


    Mass: ~25,000,000kg

    Armor: Double+ reinforced heavy armor

    Primary Armament: 5x Missile Turret

    Secondary Armament: 12x Gatling Turret

    Acceleration (forward): ~1.5 m/s/s

    Small as far as battleships go, the Great White boasts a complex structure focusing on cabin protection and maneuverability. All critical systems are protected by at least double-reinforced heavy armor, and spaced armor. By focusing its larger missile turrets into a smaller area, the Great White can repeatedly hit a small area on large target ships, drilling through even the heaviest armor on slower ships. Its widespread distribution of gatling turrets allows it to effectively deal with smaller ships and missiles.

    The Great White has enough cargo space for extended voyages; and its conveyor system is extensive and redundant, rendering it very resilient to sabotage or combat damage. Overall reactor usage with full forward thrust is about 102%; making the Great White very efficient for its size and speed.

    The Great White lacks a hangar bay and provides access to astronauts only. Numerous internal security systems protect the ship and its crew; including interior turrets, security walls, locking doors, and a panic room in the lower cabin. Terminals are distributed throughout the cabin and provide an extra layer of redundancy.

    Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=237157133

    To see more detailed pictures: visit my Steam profile (aeaten)
  27. Greenshield4508 Trainee Engineer

    Class: Wyvern
    Name: AES Ares
    Purpose: Ship of the Line



    Aegis Engineering Solutions would like to introduce the AES Ares as the first prototype of our MK I Battleship design project.
    The Ares takes the lessons learned in the creation of the Mark I, II, and III Dreadnoughts and refines the technology into a pinnacle of war.


    The Mk I can fire a variable length projectile up to 2.5m in width as well as various alternative/experimental rounds. Additionally, there is almost no drift
    due to recoil which allows the Ares to place round after round on target at ranges in excess of 2,000m. The KAS system allows the Ares to effectively bombard heavily defended stationary structures before the fleet closes to assault.

    The Ares also sports a small hangar capable of holding two Cricket scout ships and one standard KSH Blue Fighter. The Cricket scout ships are basically piloted beacons that can be used to
    mark targets outside of visual aquisition range.

    Additionally, the primary magazine contains facilities for manufacturing ammunition for the KAS weapon system. The ship still requires outside supply of components, but we feel that the specialized nature of the weapon system would over-burden fleet logistics to provide the finished ammunition.

    11,600,000 Kg
    205.0m Long
    87.5m Wide
    45.0m Tall
    2+ Km Effective Range (Current record distance 5km)

    1x Commander
    1x KAS Operator
    1x KAS Loader
    6x Turret Loader
    6x Turret Gunner/Operator
    1x Engineer

    Total 16 Crew minimum

    Centerline Integrated Kinetic Artillery System (KAS)
    6x turrets each with 2 rocket and gatling weapons each

    Operating Instructions:

    To Fire:
    - Get in seat on gun carriage
    - Unlock the carriage brakes
    - Forward thrust (touch nothing else)
    - Re-engage carriage brake before the end of the rail (VERY IMPORTANT)

    To Reload:
    a) Large ammunition
    - Build ammo up from hull of ship and then into carriage from front to back
    - Delete construction blocks

    b) Small ammunition
    - Build off of carriage back-plate
    - Delete construction blocks

    - Replace any damaged carriage pads before firing (There should be 124)
    - Ensure that all carriage generators (x3) and gyroscopes (x1) are in operating order




  28. Igneous01 Apprentice Engineer

    [FONT= &#39]Pulsar Class[/FONT]


    [FONT= &#39]
    [Additional info]
    Contains 4 Large Cargo Containers that are connected to all reactors/most turrets
    Medical bay is conveyored
    Other Turrets are linked to their own storage units
    Access hatch on the bottom to resupply ship (conveyors push material to containers)
    Rotating cannons and weapons (props)
    Access to majority of thrusters within the ship for repair
    Access to cannon turrets from inside the ship

    Mass: 15,000,000 kg
    Power: 6 Large Reactors
    Storage: 4 Large Containers, 12 Small Containers

    Top - 6x Gatling Turrets, 2x Dual-Firing Cannons, 2x Missile Pods
    Bottom - 6x Gatling Turrets[/FONT]
    [FONT= &#39]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [FONT= &#39][Steam workshop link]
    [FONT= &#39]
  29. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    I actually pioneered the crossectional pictures.

    Very first one; http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=190702558

    And made it into a mainstream thing in this one;


    Or the link on the forum, where most people have probably seen it;


    So if you want to give credit, give it where it's properly due.
  30. busboy Trainee Engineer

    Cross sections aren't exactly a "new" thing. No one deserves "credit" for them.
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