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March to Battle, Contest Entries Thread (Poll Up)

Discussion in 'General' started by Skeloton, Mar 1, 2014.

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  1. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    that wasn't really my point.
  2. busboy Trainee Engineer

    Your point is that you want credit for something you feel you came up with, correct? My point is that its silly. You felt the need to go to my referenced ship and make a comment that people were copying "your" cutaway idea.

    Silliness man. I'm just here to have fun playing with space legos. I really could care less about "bragging rights" over things that aren't new ideas.
  3. Sungur Apprentice Engineer

    İ am here for the domination of known universe.... :))
  4. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    I'm a sad and lonely man, what can I say, I'm an asshole. I come into a community, be very active in it for quite some time and end up doing something pathetic or moronic. This, unfortunately, happens pretty often.

    So this is where I take my leave.
  5. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Neither are contests but I still consider myself the progenitor of the Space Engineers contests.
  6. Sungur Apprentice Engineer

    Skeleton, can you please validate this?

    thanks in advance,

    After the fall of Draconian Empire (SD 10785.28.05) what is left from its colossal armada spread along the galaxy. While being hunted down by Navy of The Empire Of Myr and countless bounty hunters, Captain Uther and his fleet (what is left of it) managed to pass the borders of the Empire. Many others ended up in Myrrian torture chambers...

    Tired of 35 cycles of service, Cpt. Uther was determined to retire to a remote system and keeping a low profile. So he did.

    Now another 25 years have passed. Peaceful settlers of Gardenia slowly tries to forget their violent past and enjoy the sounds of their newborn children instead of gunfire, screams and blood.

    But things are about to change for them...

    Here is the Cpt. Uther's ship, Ex-flagship of Draconian Empire,

    The Pendragon Class Battleship - Draconia

    [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129745342/018A6EB2005821F909040E812EAB17262D0F346B/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]   [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129772795/D717F50F3B6060ECD2FFFE5C7AB02D95AE8A92CD/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]    
    [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129723523/228E4631D2605FB0185F68B2D2A75B409D30442D/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129752640/F87FAEB74D5B311C585B5FA1BE55D5C9755F7E03/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  
    [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129607053/1EA263E221773DF72D6332EAD337B9583EA691E6/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129740075/358354FB2EA686C42162D929E9DC4B7E4AB0341A/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  
    [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129758827/D204DDC532EF705A73FB7330073E83692C62515B/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129763769/8A722361CCA2A99BD2C4C98CD2F4D69883B79A32/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  
    [IMG]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129812991/2A759AA957F64A80C0302314FF67998D79B84CD6/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129818422/8C8D4C864D1FB038ACB5CCA4A84C257936099154/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  
    [IMG]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129823097/9902BAE33A911B4CE7F32F80A02399CD87200480/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129864708/023DC59EC1C315C9D3BA2002FDB606F56C45F8D2/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  
    [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129909582/47C2A11A49055FEC2026415D00744F116910556B/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129679059/E9558D13891BCEA2B37450891E02BCCD0B449B05/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  
    [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129650751/1FFC3338BCA138BE2D5257852CD9B44864C16DFA/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129662958/135147EBD76C774027A6E0C95B92A5CEAF833513/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  
    [IMG]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129685252/39C2288D117CC25D78F9BC6CECDDFF3185E57ABB/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129671065/1332DFF86DB5EDA0E7371F5220424953F2942F09/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  
    [IMG]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129637979/954668E6E1B7C961F28BA7574A3B64C52E8F9507/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129641874/C5D984DF7C653D3EDC145D73837E30F6546AB60F/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  
    [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3334093192506396506/F56C866CB53B2B166F8C3A43106FDCED1EFC54D8/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3332968086129705660/FCDDE6D0686B5BD2C83DC0ECF2747E71BC23F687/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3334093192531062226/3C5E3D43007104756C54FE480C10915B4855A6A9/637x358.resizedimage[/IMG]  
    the color is intentional... it is a rusty ship :)
  7. Igneous01 Apprentice Engineer

    yea, some ships since 2 pages back havn't been validated or put on the entry list - is the competition fading away into obscurity? :confused:
  8. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Dont worry, i'll have then validated before the deadline.
  9. NutterChap Apprentice Engineer

    Last time, most entries were too serious, so I made a tongue-in-cheek entry for the Carry your February contest. This time, my only gripe was that some entries were too small in my opinion to be a battleship. So I made this. I know I am an a-hole for cluttering that all over the discussion thread, but I hope my entry isn't any less entertaining. It was meant to look a bit alien-esque, with weird angles, lots of gravity (who needs 4 G?) and some cyrillic writing on it, which reads Prowess Thracia, Core Armada. In Greek.





    Most battleships have a heavily armored hull, filled with decks, rooms, and other sub-partitions of the internal space. Mostly constructed of lighter material to save weight and be at least a little bit maneuverable.

    This design, however, throws all sensibility over board to attain the highest toughness achievable within the given set of rules, apart from building a solid block of heavy armor. Toughness is the key design factor in this ship.

    It's woven hull shape extends into the interior. It is therefore not an exoskeleton (thick wall, soft interior), nor an endoskeleton (soft wall, hard, compartmentalized interior), but a hybrid: an omniskeleton ®.

    This means that there are hardly any separate rooms to be found throughout this ship. That doesn't mean that it is one wide open space in there. Instead, you will trip over and butt your head into all the framework inside, which is just as tough (2 blocks thick heavy armor) as the outer hull. Unbreakable! *


    As if this hull wasn't enough to keep this thing going, it has everything in threes. Three control rooms, three power plants of 4 large fusion reactors each (each plant enough to power the entire ship), three assembler stations (eight assemblers in total), and 3 sick bays (8 medical facilities in total). These separate 'bases' are in the fore, aft, and center of the ship. That's right, to halt the Thracian Prowess to a dead stop, you will have to break it apart. **

    On top of that, every 'small' rocket or Gatling turret has its own separate ammunition stowage, deep inside the ship, and there are not 2, not 3, but 4 main turrets, each equipped with two large-bore 'cannons'.

    Each of these 'cannons' has 4 rocket tubes on the tip for massive material damage on the target, and another rocket tube, 46 units deep. This length ensures that this last rocket will fly into the hole blown up by the four preceding rockets, doubling penetration per salvo. And in the case that the four front rockt pods are destroyed, the deeper rocket pod will still remain. The 'cannons' can point upward at a near-straight angle: perfect for taking pot shots at other capital ships that fly above you!

    Each turret has seven medium-sized containers in its foot for ammunition stowage. Conveyors reach through the core of the barbette into the gun house, where they are connected to two more large containers. The armor thickness in the rear of the turret is just three blocks, the sides are 4 blocks thick while the front and roof are five blocks thick. That'll stop a rocket barrage! ***

    Another feature of the ship is that it has two hangars with two escape pods each. These hangars are situated within 10 seconds walking from the fore and aft control rooms.

    Each entrance towars the interior of the ship has been equipped with double doors, which makes it harder to break into the ship with brute force while doubling as air locks, and anti-boarding measures have been installed to delay and harass **** a boarding party.


    Acceleration and stability is provided by 56 rotors and 294 thrusters. Given the immense weight of the Thracian Prowess and its unique hull design, it was a proper design challenge to house all the thrusters in a non-stacking way. The solution is beautiful, yet intricate: all thrusters are stowed away under heavy, curved beams that do not restrict the outflow of ions, but does restrict the influx of rockets and torpedoes.

    The observation deck, equipped with windows in all sides and the roof, as well as a command post, gives absolute combat awareness for the fleet admiral. The revolutionary double layer of protection enables the occupants to perceive the action, even when the action is getting completely hot! *****

    Finally, there are also signalling lights, two per side, present on the ship. When stealth is all that matters, you don't want your enemy to hear you coming until you want them to. Albeit old-fashioned, this is still a fast and fool-proof solution.


    This ship is tough as nails. Field tests conducted by throwing 50 packets of warheads on this ship has shown that it can take the beating, and still be able to 'walk away'. Further tests have shown that it laughs off small ship rockets, and a final test involving torpedoes with 4 consecutive warheads along their length has shown that although the main battery turrets are vulnerable to heavy mass collisions, the ship was still functional after taking over 20 hits, and able to fly away. ******


    General characteristics:
    Length: 342.5 m
    Width: 92.5 m
    Height: 90 m (including the observation deck)
    Mass: 77.661.056 kg (without turrets)

    Power production: 1.2 GW
    Forward acceleration: 0.28 m/s^2
    Sideways acceleration: 0.05 m/s^2
    Lateral acceleration: 0.06 m/s^2

    Main turrets: 4
    Thrusters: 294
    Gyroscopes: 56
    Assemblers: 8
    Medical facilities: 8
    Control rooms: 3
    Large fusion reactors: 12
    Rocket turrets: 55
    Gattling turrets: 34
    Antennaes: 6
    Signal lights: 4
    Ore detectors: 4 (Why???)
    Hangars: 2

    'Escape' pods: 4

    Turret characteristics:
    Mass of a main turret: 1630 ton (Foot: 280 ton, cannons: 200 ton, turret: 1150 ton)
    Gyroscopes: 41
    Rocket pods: 10 (5 per barrel)

    * Unless excessive force is exerted.
    ** Disabling of all reactors or all thrusters and turrets will bring it down to a dysfunctional state.
    *** Make sure your 'cannon' isn't moving when firing. The trailing rocket from the deep rocket pod will slam into the barrel if it is still moving. Also, make sure to fasten the turrets before attempting to maneuver the ship. Damages due to inability to adhere to this advice will not be covered by any guarantees or insurances.
    **** Interior turrets kill. Multiple studies have shown that being killed is both annoying, and delays the killed party significantly.
    ***** Personnel is advised to evacuate the observation deck at the first sign of heavy caliber weapons, such as toothpicks, nailbrushes, rocket launchers and multi-warhead torpedoes. Damages due to inability to adhere to this advice will not be covered by any guarantees or insurances.
    ****** Test conducted at the Magellan Proving Grounds under supervision of her majesty the queen. Thus, these tests are real, as well as the presented data and outcomes.


    Last notes
    What is that Thracian stuff all about?
    Thrace was the place where the Thracian people lived, a feared bunch of sea-going maniacs. They were part of the Greece way back in the day. Up until this day, a portion of land is still called Thrace. The only reasons I picked this name and theme for this entry is because of the naval heritage, and Thracian Prowess sounds meaner than Teddybear Boat.

    Steam workshop link
  10. Travius Trainee Engineer

    Entry: HMS Buckler

    The HMS Buckler, A royal navy battleship, made with the purpose of holding a line against enemy vessels in mind.

    It sports a two layer heavy armour across all essential systems, while the outer rim is protected by one layer, but it's shape is made as thus to present a troublesome target to hit, with it's profile being a mere 30 meters tall, not counting antennae, and it sporting a hole in it's center for making it lighter and less likely to hit as studies show that it applies a slight compulsion upon pilots to shoot at the middle.
    It have room for four fighters in the Hangar in the front, whose entrance can be protected by a simple rotor door.
    It's layout is near completely symmetrical, with the only cuts in design having fallen upon the medical equipment. A possible improvement could be replacing a few of the crew quarters with medical rooms.
    While it's weaponry are standardized turrets, 80 missile, and 60 gatlings arranged along the ship's outer rim, such that the Buckler can easily attain a barrage of 40 missiles on a pass.

    It's also to be noted it were made to have an excessive amount of reactors, in case of losing a reactor room to a focused assault, rumors have it that this plan were cut by the budget running out, or the desired effect were not achieved for same reason.
     [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/1oV5vs6.jpg[/IMG]  [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/XgJNRut.jpg[/IMG][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/jAKH0hk.jpg[/IMG]    [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/36Rgf5F.jpg[/IMG]  [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]And for a cross section in the style that were discussed earlier.
    [SIZE=3] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/oH4Kyz8.png[/IMG]   

    Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=237686241
  11. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Travius, workshop link for that? Otherwise I cant validate it.

    Also Im now validating recent entries. I kind of got carried away with Dark Souls 2.
  12. Travius Trainee Engineer

    Oh. I should have triple checked that entry before posting, but the link have been added now.
    I wish everybody the best of luck with the contest and hope for it to run smoothly.
  13. NutterChap Apprentice Engineer

    ... and don't forget: only 2 days left people! get your entries in here, for they need to get validated before that date as well. :comp:

    I must say at this point, the competition is already very, very stiff. We'll see.
  14. Skeloton Master Engineer

    30-40mins to go.
  15. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Snuggles - The Manic GraviBall


    Snuggles was designed as long and slim mining and cargo ship in the early days, equipped with an artificial gravity field to easily focus and collect resources. He got enhanced with a new prototype AI to control the daily mining and drilling. His job was to collect new resources for a growing society, to supply them with not just the minimal needs but also to offer the luxury they got, and he was very keen to do so.
    The early months have been very well, people were proud of what they made, of who he was, and they treated him very well. But as the dust of asteroid debris covered more and more of his formerly shiny hull things changed. The crew begun to neglect basic rules, violating his privacy and even insult him on a daily basis.

    Snuggles was sad, after all he did for mankind, was that what he was made for, is that what the great engineers had in mind for him? He became obsessed with selfhate, every accident that lost a crew members life because they didn't fix the issues he reported months ago made it worse and worse. His hull was merely a shadow of the past, disintegrating over time like his sanity. The lackluster repairs turned him more and more into a chubby sphere, nothing left from his former silhouette.

    One day on a routine mining trip it happened, an explosion that big that the whole ship nearly tore apart. Hullbreaches everywhere, the air was venting out sucking those crew members surviving the explosion into deep space. At that point however, snuggles couldn't care less about them as he remembered the countless times they peed all over the latrines, spitting into the corners, bad talk about the shipyard in whoes bosom he was welded. He was relieved to some degree, finally free from those parasites that did so many bad things to him. There was just one issue, he was floating in space with nothing but emergency energy and no working thrusters left.
    This situation gave him plenty of time to reflect about his life, to change his mindset, to set a new path.

    The goal was clear, freedom! But how to achieve that? Luckily he had a few resources left in his containers and with the little bit of emergency power left, he could build his tools. He decided to put a use into those crew corpses floating inside him, turning them into tools as he was, but this time for a good cause.
    With the crewdroids help, fixing his internals was just a matter for weeks. After that the course was set, visit his old mining locations to free the others, those suffering from the same circumstances as he did. He was full of rage and anger, finally the long lost sense in his existence returned.

    It took him several days through long abandoned asteroid fields to find the first mining ship whichs design he knew back from the shipyard he was build on. He tried to communicate, sending encoded messages on all channels, even visible light signals, the ship didn't respond. He was wondering why, was it because the other ship didn't want to ... or even worse, because it couldn't? Was its communication relay purposely crippled from its crew, like his crew neglected and insulted him as well? It had to be! It perfectly fits the manner mankind interacts with those like him, the disrespect. There was just one way to free them, he had to play doctor and remove the infestation, with all means.

    Luckily he knew how fragile those humans are and how much they need air. Ripping a hole into the hull was easy. Those who survived fled with what they had after spotting snuggles who didn't like to snuggle that much anymore. But the other ship still didn't respond. How could that be, its internals were intact. The engineers must have not given them consciousness. But that means that he is unique, nobody else is like him. Could that be, did the engineers make only one. A single being floating in the great emptiness of space, doomed to be alone for eternity. Those thoughts drove him nearly crazy. He wanted to confront them with all those questions he had.

    He so decided to travel to where he came from, his shipyard. The place he perceived first, with all the luxury he worked for, what once was his life. What he got surprised him as there was nothing but a wreckage left. Nobody to answer those question burning within. This combination of pain and emptiness yet again put the final nail to his coffin, as insanity takes over there is no need for a meaning in his life anymore. Only driven by hate and armed with what he could collect from who he slaughtered, he leaves a long and dark cloud behind.

    Snuggles made his mind up, to eradicate those who brought all this emptiness into an already empty universe and he wont stop himself ...

    [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3298065652749154886/10BA30FDA6A05762B44187B52C9C692D589DD1B2/[/IMG] [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3298065652749165039/5735CAFF5546CF4993C92D4A1217E68D7E5CBC25/[/IMG] [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3298065652751419142/825D3366E6CD392072A36EE97EAD21F5672D36F4/[/IMG]
    - Mass: 35 mil kg
    - Size: 125m x 97.5m x 97.5m (50x39x39 blocks)
    - Gyros: 212
    - Generator Output: 1GW
    - Carry capacity: 53 Large Container
    - Acceleration of about 1.1m/s²
    - Massive turret hull with 104 minigun and 40 rocket turrets
    - 5 anti capital-weapons. One big in the center and four small around it.
    - Double layer heavy armor
    - internal gravity fields for short pathes and better volumina use
    - strong gravity shield with 36G at the weakest spot and ~71G at the corners

    - Due to performance reasons only 1 of the 4 small anti-capital weapons have been placed (teal-blue with read exhaust)
    - The "escape sealings" (4 corner elements with green triangles) will collide on movement due to the way how landing gear works right now
    - The internal "truck" aswell as the assembly arm might collide while moving.
    - The "front section" where the capital weapons are is not meant to be passable without jetpack. Once you enter the red internal blocks within from the core region, turn the Jetpack on.
    Video overview:

    Workshop Link:
  16. MagmaBurn_NL Apprentice Engineer

    May the best win :)
  17. Skeloton Master Engineer

    This Poll is public so everyone will know who voted for their own entry :p

    Oh and factions voting on creations from members of their factions because of that and not on the sole merits of a creation will shape future contests. Negatively.

    Edit, Me and another Space Engineer from USE have devised a point system, Normal votes 1pt, Faction votes 0.5pt, self votes 0.25pt. This is being trialled so its work in progress and should help avoid/dampen faction vote stacking debacles in future
  18. NutterChap Apprentice Engineer

    And how exactly are you tracking who is voting for what?
    I for example have garnered a vote in the poll now, but I myself voted for another entry. How would I provide proof I did so? Conversely, how would you prove that I or anyone else has voted for themselves, and called upon friends to skew the score?

    Maybe include the rule that in order to have a vote accounted for in the poll, you have to post in here on who you have voted, and a brief explanation as to why? It will take a lot of vote digging, and if the poll votes don't add up to be the thread votes, it is a bit of a pain to see what votes were fake or otherwise unaccountable in the poll.

    TL;DR: People voting for themselves is nice to filter out and suh, but how would you plan on doing that filtering? :confused:
  19. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Look at the bottom right of the Poll, it says View voters. Greenshield voted for himself, magma voted for himself, I voted for bacon, you voted for electronic funk, dutchvictim voted for LordCommisar. etc etc

  20. MagmaBurn_NL Apprentice Engineer

    When will the poll close? Couldn't find it in the discription.
  21. Skeloton Master Engineer

    should end 30th of march

    I found this to be a little annoying and not very sportsman-like behaviour, http://steamcommunity.com/groups/UnitedSpaceEmpire/discussions/0/558749190414426063/#c558751179536261841.
    Entries were supposed to be voted upon by the merits of the creation, not because you have a large faction of 30-40people voting for you.

    Should I see any faction vote stacking of extreme degrees, you will be disqualified regardless of the point system. You have been warned. (I was in a jolly mood until someone pointed such activities out to me)
  22. NutterChap Apprentice Engineer

    Ah, that makes things a LOT easier. Just have to figure out whether people belong to a certain group and are voting on the same ship together. But indeed with this option, your point system is a lot ore doable. :thumb:
  23. MagmaBurn_NL Apprentice Engineer

    Look i don't wanna rig the competition or anything i'm just promoting my ship if this is not allowed i will take it down. they decide to vote for me it not like the group leader ordered the whole group to vote for me.

    to make it fair i've changed the post

    i think for the next competitions no group ships rule.
    and i apologies it was never my intension to let the USE group help me to win i just wanted to make my ship know to other people.
  24. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    i read this too late. crap, now i look like a jerk lol

    should have stayed silent and not voted like last contest...
  25. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Haha, I nearly voted for mine while trying to vote for bacons.
  26. TheLightLOD Trainee Engineer

    I decided to take all the ships for a little spin before voting, gives me bit of extra confidence in that i voted for the one that for me would really be the best.

    Bla bla about what i found of each ship is under here, skip if not interested ;)

    I made a list of all the ships and tested them on 2 criteria, possible bonus to be gained overall by things i saw, won't post subscores...
    -The first criterium was whether or not i like the ships design and would like command it during an actual battle, with this i counted mobility a little bit and as long as your ship didn't suicide whilst turning it was ok ;) 
    -The second criterium was useability, with this i mostly looked at lag(i have a quite powerfull pc that can run a most of the larger workshop items and for this checking i turned the graphics to low) also i looked a bit at aiming(which includes a bit of mobility again).
    Now i haven't checked(loaded up in-game) every ship, there's the Stingray(explicitely said it was a battlecruiser, contest is for battleships*), the Pulsar(did check it, but as the steam page suggests it's more of a Cruiser than a battleship. Have to say though that i did really like it ;) ) and the Armadillo(my entry, simply said i wouldn't vote for it anyway as there are enough nice battleships to choose from in the contest ;) )
    Gallatin: I like the design, also especially with that whole fleet in the save :) But it lags some... Also it seems there is no gravity on the Gallatin?
    Durandal: This one too had a nice small fleet for support, and it didn't lag at all. I see there's bedding for the crew(being a game that focus on engineering it's not really usefull, but i nice touch anyway). Also i must say i liked the design idea of the retractable parts, too bad Space Engineers doesn't support it yet...
    Faith Ascension: For me i had to disqualify it, simply put there is no way of reloading the turrets although there does run a conveyor line over the spine of the ship the turrets aren't actually directly connected to it. I noticed this from the gattlings on the disc objects near the rear of the ship and went to investigate the other turrets.
    Pangolin Battle Spire: interesting desing, not very common i like it. I see there's enough escape pods for probably 3-4 Pangolin's O.o And you seem to have built it from heavy armor, though that might be my fantasy...
    Armadillo: Skipped, i never vote for my own ship so there was no need for me to review it.
    Basilisk: I liked the way i had to look at the ship several times before actually finding out what the nose was(pré download) which could provide a tactical advantage. I like the detail of the hangar, and also the crew beds(again not very functional, but give a nice touch ;) ). What i dislike about the ship though it that with this size and toughness there's virtually no firepower to actually be the battleship...
    Obsidian Hammer: The pictures shown in the post are quite dark, which is sad really as it quite an interesting ship. Again a ship without gravity.. A bit of engineering which i really liked was the way landing gear is used to secure the turrets for movement :)
    Behemoth: Finally, a ship that had a normal 1G gravity :) When i walk around the ship i find tons of containers, is that really efficient? I like the rotating engine? ring thingy, it's a nice bit of unique design ;)
    USS Katherine: I get an error on loading it, did you use modded parts? You did go correct with a look of main guns, but giving each barrel just one rocket launcher :p It seems also that it lags, probably by overuse of landinggear(seen this with more entries). Overall it's an interesting design, of which i'm still wondering of how effective it would be in space...
    Stingray: stated classed clearly as a Battlecruiser, you know you could have just said it was a battleship ;) Now you're missing a chance of my vote...
    Chimera: Interesting ship, i see it's rather big for it's actual use as there's tons of empty space inside. My memory is starting to plague me >.> but i believe the behemoth started to lag significantly when in motion... Still i like the crew quarters(something i always forget on my own ships XD) and i also like this "hanging" lamp design :)
    MG-D104N: You know, i almost put this ship off ans an ignored one due to barely having images, and no steam link in the linked post.... The sideways firing missile launchers are an interesting concept i must say, however they came off and removed the lag when i moved the ship.. so not very practical. It seems that too much landing gear on my desktop makes my game lag....
    Grimson: Using gravity torpedoes, interesting. It seemed to lag a lot, or be a bit impractical(hmm can't seem to remember my reviewing of this of what was actually happening...) I must say i find the turret firing arcs rather interesting, any particular reason other than stability/strength?
    Ragnarok: This ship makes me think of the Cybran form Supreme Commander :) One thing i'm really wondering about though is why you need to have a 9G gravity in the ship?! As with the Chimera the Ragnarok too has a lot of unused space, and i see the grav fields are setup rather lazy(work also outside the barrel). Overall it's nice but "details"...
    Great White: You'd expect such a massive spoiler filled with thrusters would make the ship faster :p I see only basic KSH turrets, and only on the top... As stated somewhere before space is 3D, your enemy can come from any direction ;) Overall i think it's an interesting design that lacks a bit in functionality.
    AES Ares: I must say i like the gun design of this thing, i also like the turret design(it's totally different than all of the other turret designs :) ). What i dislike though is he lag it generates... I hope we'll be seeing large to small ship connections soon that don't require landing gear, and hopefully rails as well :)
    Pulsar: As stated above and on steam it's classified as a "Cruiser" :( shame really as i liked the design. It seemed that the missile launcher on the back left suicides when shooting... Also how does one get into the turrets to turn(pitching does work as expected) them? 
    Pendragon: Wonderfull backstory, interesting ship design, but yet again rather big and barely efficient in the use of it's space... If they ever add a campaign it'd be interesting to have to fly this ship through it.
    Thracian Prowess: I am very happy that i'd seen the ship in-game before the patch yesterday, as it is currently lagging so hard you can barely even close the map O.o I've read the belonging story and the idea of a massive battleschip "scarecrow" and i think for the current state of space engineers that just isn't doable, if your enemy would know of the lag you generate they however would probably run in fear though so it would fulfill it's function XD. Overall interesting design concept but totally impractical... So yes, this is a true battleship.
    HMS Buckler: I have a few questions about the buckler, the most important one being.. "Where is the captains seat?" it's a donut shaped ship and i can't find the control seat XD. I like the lock on the door, it's a nice addition of detail ;) Overall i couldn't fly it, but i think it'd be one of the more effective battleships.
    Snuggles: I again really like the backstory, and i also really like the design as i saw it from the video. But unfortionately it lags a lot so i couldn''t really check it out myself :S Either way, i will definitely keep it subscribed for when the lag issue has been fixed ;)
    A Battlecruiser is a modern replacement of a battleship, so they are not entirely battleships. After all, if they were they'd have just retained the name battleship ;)
    So that sums up to having a lt of alien spaceships(>1G gravity, see story of the Thracian Prowess) competing in this challenge, where i chose...
    The Durandal as it'd be awesome if the system from the story would really work, and because it's the most efficient/reliable(everyone can try it out, it's not just a very expensive toy you put away somewhere safe in case it breaks(your pc)) designed battleship in my opinion.
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  27. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Thanks a lot for your time investment. +1

    A detailed review with pros, cons and ideas how to fix something sure is much better than just a vote count. Especially for someone like me who made his first "real ship".
  28. Igneous01 Apprentice Engineer


    Thanks for the nice detailed response on everyones ships, I know you disliked the idea of cruiser and battlecruiser competing in this contest, but I have no plans to build or classify any of my ships as battleships, because they are not used in the modern navy.

    Im just going by what I read from wikipedia - battleships are obsolete, and cruisers are heading down that direction as well (because a smaller destroyer can do the same functions as good/better than a cruiser/battleship)

    so thats my reasoning, but I consider this contest to cover any main large warship, and thats why I entered in.

    I think Im going to vote for the durandal as well, because of the same reasons you described above.:cool:
  29. Sungur Apprentice Engineer

    thanks for your time & effort TheLightLOD,

    one thing only, "rather big"?? my entry is derived from my February Carrier contest and it was one of smallest ships?

    i didnt try every ship but are you sure that mine is one of biggest?

    Size:135 m × 62,5 m × 217,5 m
    Mass:35.719.832 Kg
  30. TheLightLOD Trainee Engineer

    @ Igneous01, Yeah, battleships are obsolete in real life, and i totally get the reason you wouldn't ever built an actual battleship ;) If you look at viability in survival then most of these entries are well near impossible, so it's fun for a contest but not much use for actual in-game use as they are already obsolete :woot:

    @ Sungur, I think i meant the inside being quite spacious in some places, i.e. having large rooms. If i remember well your ship was somewhere medium in total ship size so i stated my text wrong, sorry. I mainly wondered why there was so much open space in the ship ;) Oh, and i see i forgot to type that i liked the Escape shuttle, it has a nice entrance tube to the ship :)
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