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Mechanical parts

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Merced, Nov 1, 2013.

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  1. Merced Trainee Engineer

    Sorry in advance if this has been suggested elsewhere but I read a lot of the suggestions here and didn't come accross this yet.

    What I would like to see is a way to build mechanical structures or structures that can be moved and allow for other parts to be attached to them.

    1. Axles or shafts where other parts can mechanically swing around to create moving structures like a rotating disc on a ship WITHOUT just adding another ship that rotates and can cause collisions when the main ship moves.
    2. Or parts that can move along tracks to allow the construction of things like custom hangar bay doors or spikes that can be pushed out of a ship to act as a sort of docking clamps.

    I believe the addition of such moving parts would add a lot to the complexity of the ships that can be constructed. For instance imagine a ship that has additional armor pieces it can move in the way of an enemy or retract certain parts. Or deploy a docking arm or something like that. Or something crazy like a ship that swings a heavily armored section around like it was thor's hammer and kind of beats the sh*t out of other ships. Okay, that one is a little far fetched but I think you get the idea.

    Moving parts will make ships more functional in every way and less static as they are now. And they can solve a lot of existing dilemmas. Little ships floating away? Just have it deploy some docking clamps that will keep it in place. A crashed, dead ship floating away with a lot of valuable ressources? Good thing you made that salvage ship with a huge grabber on it's side that can kind of fold around the moving debris and tow it to wherever you want to repair or disassemble it.

    Of course there are many other potential parts that would aid in the construction of operable spaceships. Dampening blocks for instance that will absorb some kinetic energy without breaking stuff on low speed collisions for instance would be great for manual docking (Yeah, I already did my share of accidental bending parts of the docking structures I am attempting to construct. Was great fun to tear a ship loose forcable from my small-ships-as-docking-clamps construction) . Camera parts would also be nice if you can switch your view to them while piloting a ship - good for precise operations like docking.

    Keep up the good work! Being a small indie developer myself I know how much work you have already put into this and how much it takes for even the smallest updates. But you have something great going here, the potential of this is endless. :)
  2. kuro11 Apprentice Engineer

    Shameless self promotion


    I agree with anything that allows for ship crushing machines.
  3. diegopinate Trainee Engineer

    I totally agree, this game would have so much more complexity with those additions. Imagine building a huge space-mech. It would be ridiculous! Players could also make mechanized drills to go on mining missions without ramming their spaceship close to the asteroid, they could have a ship with a movable drill arm. How could would that be? Community would go berserk on doing crazy ships and devices for the game. Can't wait to know if they could do this at some point! :)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.