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Medieval Engineers – Early access to the early access – this Wednesday at 14:00 CET

Discussion in 'General' started by George.Mamakos, Feb 9, 2015.

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  1. p0hil Trainee Engineer

    I'm trying to start it.. error. can't play it.
  2. Belthize Apprentice Engineer

    Bleh, apparently Visa thinks Skrill is some 3rd world Prince and paypal and I have a multi-year hate going on.

    I guess I'll have to send a vial of blood and an apology letter to paypal so they can start making money from me again if I want to play ME.
  3. loomer Trainee Engineer

    Don't know where you're seeing it's 25% less now. It's not.
  4. Balmung Senior Engineer

    Here? https://shop.keenswh.com/

    For me it shows 18.99 for Deluxe and 14.99 for Standard. And as i bought it it shows 19.99 and that is what I have paid for it. And that I also bought SE in the Shop before it came on Steam made it not even better.
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  5. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    For me its not changed.

    Do you have space engineers bought through their shop? Because that was supposed to be the only way to get the 25% discount there...
  6. loomer Trainee Engineer

    You bought SE. That's why it's discounted. The rest of us are paying the full price.
  7. Balmung Senior Engineer

    I got the Discount AFTER I bought ME.

    And like I said, I have SE and ME on my Shop Account.

    But good to know about the Discount, but that didn't help me.
  8. PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    Meh, same thing happened to me, but who cares....5 bucks more for possibly thousands of hours of gameplay. I'm just happy to support them.

    More concerned that Steam Guard isn't sending me my verification email...and it's been hours. Edit: nvm, got that sorted out by just disabling steam guard on my account all together for a minute lol
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  9. REDSHEILD Junior Engineer



  10. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    I'll buy this on Steam. I'm looking forward to it, I've always been a HUGE Age of Empires fan. I just see this as First Person AOE. Looking forward to building those Castles, History has always interested me.
  11. GalaxyMeridian Apprentice Engineer

    I assume that you bought the game from "shop.keensw.com".


    You need to be logged in at the shop.
    Go to the top menu: "Profile", then select "Products".

    There you will see a link to the Steam webpage and product activation.


    If you cannot log into your Steam website, it's probably due to a known Steam Guard issue.
    Lots of people have experienced this problem recently.

    Certain emails block the activation codes from Steam, for example Microsoft accounts such as Hotmail.
    If your email account cannot receive the activation codes, then you might not be able to log into the Steam webpage.

    Instead, start your Steam client, then go to "Settings".
    Now find the Steam Guard settings, open the menu and disable your Steam Guard for a moment.

    Return to the shop webpage and click the Steam link under "Profile" - "Products".
    Now you should be redirected to the Steam webpage and Medieval Engineers should be activated and ready for download and installation.

    At this point you can re-activate Steam Guard if you wish.

    Hope this helps, I had the same problem at first.
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  12. Ascendedmaster Trainee Engineer

    I'd like to share my frustration with Keen about they're new game in development. I've hosted a server since your new game announcement, and the vast majority of players are really upset with the decision to develop a new game while the first one is not nearly finished. I understand that you've hired more people and claim it will help development of space engineers but I am kind of weary about that statement. Space Engineers is one of a kind and has huge potential to grow, yet I already see plenty of voxel based medieval games available to purchase. Nobody I've talked to, NOBODY is interested in your new game. This is from Space Engineers players, so as far as helping out your existing player base I don't see it happening. Most are angry that you choose to spend our money on a game that nobody seems interested in, instead of doubling development on Space Engineers and bring it to the polished level it should be with more game modes, proper optimizations, and environments to explore. I think you guys have made a terrible decision to focus on a new game.
    I understand that you have updates every week on Space Engineers, but sometimes the updates are rather upsetting and many times introduce stability problems and glitches for everyone. I'm literally speaking for over a hundred players when I say that you're letting us down. I'm getting tired of people complaining about lag and glitches and issues whenever they're in my server, and I'm not running some budget server either. I have plenty of bandwidth and PC power and yet my cpu floats at 35% total usage on almost all scenarios while the games lagging and everyone else is lagging. This is a problem I've read in many places and seems to be a bottleneck with the game engine/physics engine. This is a problem that seems like it will never be address and seems that you're just hoping that players will learn to deal with. Myself speaking for all fellow Space Engineers players would like a formal response from Keen Software to dispel my fears associated with the new game you're trying to introduce. This is money that we all hoped would be used to further the game we want, being used for a game that you hope people will actually want to play.
  13. elusivejoo Trainee Engineer


    You have a very skewed view of the way things work my friend.
    A) No one ever told you that they would take the money you put into a Alpha and reinvest it into the same game, they reinvest it into the company. And they never promised a complete game... Its the risk with EA titles.
    B) They are the SAME DAMN ENGINE! Yes you have 2 separate teams working on 2 separate games, but only in name. You need to understand that it is a GOOD thing to have 2 teams with 2 different leaders that have different views on things so they can push each in ways that one team with a single direction and focus just couldn't do.
    C) You are( by an infinite margin) not speaking for "all fellow Space Engineers players", You are however acting like someone who feels entitled to something from keen. Being a server owner I assume you play SE a GOOD amount, how many hours?100..500..1000? If you think that alone is not worth the 15-20 dollars you paid for the game then you might want a reality check on the way the world works. I bet you spend more in 2 hours at the bar/club or where ever you spend your leisure time out. I have 39 hours in ME so far, if keen just closed up shop tomorrow and ran I would still thank them for providing me 39 hours of entertainment for about 50c and hour.
  14. Ulfsark Master Engineer

    Have you even read the forums? Like, at all?
  15. devoderek Trainee Engineer

    Nope i dont think he has lol.

    Got to love peoples Self entitlement lol

    I love both games and you dont have permission to speak on my behalf lol!
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.