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Medieval Engineers: Developer Diaries - Episode 10

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Aug 2, 2016.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    The 10th episode in our series of behind-the-scenes developer diaries has been released! This week you get to meet Daniel, one of our programmers who will tell you more about the new environment system in Medieval Engineers.

    We made the system to support the features we already had in Medieval Engineers - cutting trees, collecting items from the environment, etc. - which now need to be supported on planets. We went about implementing the environment system by splitting the system into two parts. The first part is responsible for generating what should be on the surface of the planets, and it generates these items using a set of rules.
    Each item is categorized into a particular type. The type consists of a provider, which defines the storage and life cycle for the item. For instance, our "tree" and "gatherable" types are growable. That means that once the items are generated, they are managed by a piece of code that determines the next growth steps, how to save the item once it's cut, etc. All of these items also have a "proxy" that defines how to interact with them once in the world. For example, trees are both gatherable and cuttable.

    This system handles all types of environment items that we have - not only vegetation, but also stones on the surface of the planet, AI spawning, simple bushes, etc. The items are defined, and we also define where they spawn - this is determined by slope (angle of the surface), latitude, longitude, altitude, and so on.
    Once the items are defined, they're generated in the game. As the player moves around the surface, items are produced on-demand in a procedural fashion. The further items are from you, the fewer are produced. Check out this week's update video to see how it works.

    Everything is being designed to be fully moddable in the future. We also want you to be able to add extra definitions of environmental items to existing worlds.
    As usual, enjoy the next episode in our mini-series!
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  2. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    Once spawned, are the entities persistent if a player has affected the area in any way?
    Example1: I build a castle with 2 trees to the left to the portcullis. If I leave the area and return, will those trees still be there?
    Example2: I cut down all of the trees in an area and leave. When I return, will those trees still be gone?
  3. Sapphire

    Sapphire Trainee Engineer

    Looks exciting. Keeping up with the development. Please continue to keep us informed. :)
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  4. OmEgA_StOrM

    OmEgA_StOrM Apprentice Engineer

    I would realy love to see some Content givien to the few rare People who stayed with the game!
    May by someting like a small door block because the mechasnic is already in the game
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  5. MichaelC

    MichaelC Junior Engineer

    question.. are your art teams looking at adding some other tree variations such as deciduous trees like oak, maple, birch etc? The plain pine forests work functionally, however are very boring aesthetically.
  6. Deepflame

    Deepflame Apprentice Engineer

    Yes, it's on the list, but there are higher priority tasks for them at the moment. :)
  7. Cetric

    Cetric Junior Engineer

    Or what about ingame goodies given to ME followers who bring in other followers as new customers? Could be both encouragement and benefit, to KeenSWH as well as to the follower doing a little promotion. Like sculpted capitals for pillars or adorned architectural items, gothic window frames and other things.
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  8. Frostik

    Frostik Apprentice Engineer

    Next week artist video.
  9. Stori3D Past Productions

    Stori3D Past Productions Apprentice Engineer

    I love the tidbit in there that the new system will hold 100x the amount of objects/blocks as before with no noticeable performance hit. That is HUGE.
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  10. Dan2D3D

    Dan2D3D Moderator

    Hi Keen Team!

    Question about water? :)

    At the beginning there was something about ''water in a bucket'' and I wanted know if this is still on the list or not.

    I don't know if you still want to add water and if yes here is some block suggestions :

    - Water fountain block.
    - Ancient roman pools.
    - Old manual water pump. (water well like)

    Maybe later you could give it a try?
    - Rivers or lakes. ??? ;)
  11. Ash87

    Ash87 Senior Engineer

    My only question, is: Do we have Any idea how long before we'll get another ME patch?

    I've had people ask me about ME's progress, and admittedly I'm really looking forward to playing all this, so I have to ask. Will we get to see any of this before the year is over?
  12. CptTwinkie

    CptTwinkie Master Engineer

    This was answered in the YouTube comments:
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  13. Ash87

    Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Sadly I can't Agree And Upvote that response at the same time.

    Thank you Twinkie, That's great news and I'm thrilled to hear it. ;)
  14. Cleardragonf

    Cleardragonf Trainee Engineer

    So question....when approximately are the Planet maps going to be available for using? They seem like they would be lots of fun to play around on even if just for the amusement of having maps like that :D
  15. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    The current indication is that they are still working on making them playable. If you are familiar with Space Engineers, it took quite some time to make them work and it sounds like Medieval Engineers is going to have to add a LOT more detail to the surface to make them fun. While a lot of the experience gained from their implementation into SE can be ported directly to ME, there are notable differences between the games so I would expect it to take at least a few more months to get the first iteration of the planet model out to players and a considerable amount of time aftter that to optimize them and mold them to the needs of the game.
  16. Mr Engineer

    Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    The hype for Planets is once again real. Pretty sure I understood that about the Enviroment system, lik it too.
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