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Medieval Engineers: Developer Diaries - Episode 16

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Sep 13, 2016.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Greetings, Engineers! In this week's developer diary, we're bringing you a Q&A with Medieval Engineers Producer Tim Toxopeus about the new World Map and fast travel system we previewed last week. Also, be sure to take a look at this week's video, where we reveal the winners of the Medieval Engineers banner contest! The winning designs will be implemented in the Medieval Engineers vanilla game.
    For the rest of the banners that won't appear in the core game, you can still mod them in (banner system will be fully moddable) - so don't throw away your textures! We will release full guide how to add your favorite banner :)


    Q: (KingdomBragg) Will there be anything to prevent players using fast travel to escape a fight?
    A: Currently, you cannot fast travel while in enemy territory, or in direct combat. After fighting, there’ll be a short cooldown that needs to pass before you can fast travel somewhere.

    Q: (waterlimon) How about low-res player activity indicator instead of exact location (highlight region on map for example)?
    A: The player activity indicator is only a rough indication, not accurate GPS, and it only portrays your and your allies’ positions. An enemy position is not revealed until they attack.

    Q: (Mathers) Will the player need to build a claim block in each region, or will there be a more intuitive system to expand your claim?
    A: For now, you will have to place a claim block in each region, but we are playing with ideas for different methods

    Q: (entspeak) For modding purposes, do the 6 kingdoms correspond to the 6 tiles used for the planet heightmap?
    A: Yep, they do. During development we actually named them after the corresponding heightmap, for example, the up face was called Updog.

    Q: (Merandix) Will it be possible to build a hidden base by foregoing a claimblock, at the risk that anyone can enter if you don't design it carefully?
    A: We are still experimenting with that idea. It goes against the idea of making people findable on the planet, leading to Space Engineers’ submarine warfare gameplay where it’s all about staying hidden. On the other hand, it’s cool.

    Q: (beelzerob) Will fast travel be limited to areas you have physically traveled to first (aka skyrim), or can you jump blind into an area you've never seen?
    A: One of our fast travel settings, which was not finished during the last update video, allows you to disable fast travel to any area, and only allows you to travel to areas that are considered developed. An area is considered developed when it is claimed, or has enough large grid blocks.

    Q: (Ash87) Can we get a release Date for the planets and the map, and... the other 4 trillion things KSH has been working on? At video 10, the devs were past the 50% mark on their list of work, has the same rate of work continued and we're at like... under 5 weeks now until it's all out?
    A: Don’t want to give exact date yet, but the estimate at video 10 isn’t far off the mark seeing the current state. ;)
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  2. Mosseman Apprentice Engineer

  3. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    I should have asked before:
    Will the maps update dynamically with constructions and/or voxel changes?

    Basically: If I build a castle, will a little drawing of a castle appear in the square? Kind of like the mountains.
  4. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Thanks guys, glad to hear it's all going well! Looking forward to seeing the final product.

    I have another more expansive question, but based on the last stream you guys aren't going to far indepth as to the final game's content, as the purpose of everything right now, is just to get SE and ME unified.

    Would you be willing to speak to the dev teams goals for ME in the far future, a few weeks after Planets drop?
  5. Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    While I love the SE "submarine warfare" aspect with antennas and such, I would LOVE to see the planet map feature implemented in Space Engineers somehow! It'd be so cool to have LCD screens showing them, for example.
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  6. Deepflame Apprentice Engineer

    Constructions: Tentative maybe. It depends a little on whether or not we want people to have secret hide-outs or not.
    Voxels: No, our tech currently does not support dynamic voxelmaps, the map is drawn based on the height-, biome- and material maps. See it as some monk who drew the map for you a long time ago, and your character is annotating it. ;)
  7. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    For maximum diversity of gameplay, hideouts should be possible.

    Maybe not as 'main bases', but as outposts? Somewhere to hide resources and weapons in case enemy attacks, or if youre gathering resources from far away place, or if youre preparing attack on your neighbor?
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  8. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Answers are pretty much exactly what I expected, thanks!

    Something I'd be ok with, maybe for balance, is an option to disallow fast travel to 'hidden' bases. It would give a good balance to ease of travel vs secrecy. Hidden bases need a downside. :)
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  9. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    Bigggest problem with implementing hideouts is: What makes it a hideout? Wouldn't every castle opt out of appearing on the map for defense sake? If fast travel was limited to only friendly castles, you could make it so only regular(non hideout) locations could be traveled to. But for the current proposed gameplay style, I cannot think of a single instance where a player would not want his castle to be hidden.
  10. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    I have no complaints at this point because, well, the game has not yet arrived. I'm eagerly awaiting to see how they implement this game, especially in regards to co-op play instead of PVP.

    That being said, I am guessing that the entire reason of wanting to tell players where other players are is so that they can go and attack them. That seems a bit contrived. Again, I don't know the rest of the plan for the gameplay, but that is my impression so far.

    I'd be more interested if conflict was allowed to arise naturally. Seems historically that was kind of driven by scarcity of resources.... a gold mine, iron mine, timber, running water (for power), strategic position on a mountain, etc.

    Unless gold mines (which I think is in the future forecast) are also going to be shown on the map, some decent amount of travelling is going to be required to find them. Why not the same thing for finding other people?

    I think "hidden" building should definitely be allowed, even if it simply meant it was not protected against other people taking and destroying it...more realism as far as I'm concerned. I think it would make sense to enter the game, build a small house/hut/camp and gather resources, then head out over the land in search of better resources/better building locations. I'm hoping that will be the case without having to place a stone everywhere.

    All that to say, I'm VERY VERY pleased with how the game is shaping up, and even MORE giddy that mechanical blocks will be the next focus. That was kind of what sold me on ME in the first place, and it's been quiet ever since.
  11. mathers Trainee Engineer

    Thank you for this interesting Q&A! Keep it up.
  12. .sleep Trainee Engineer

    I'd like to have a server option to set the distance, for example 15 meters. And if someone (except allies) is closer to you than that 15 meters, you can't use fast travel. So you can't run away or hide and then suddenly disappear to escape a fight.
  13. Cetric Junior Engineer

    The downside could consist of 'visible official places, towns, castles' producing legitimacy of rule and *income*, contrasted by the hidden places producing none of it unless you go for looting from there. Obviously you can't collect taxes from a place nobody is supposed to know of. But it makes me think of barbarians again. Their hidden places should produce income (for them) as they are robbers looting travellers. And who then finds them, 'confiscates' the booty as reward and destroys their hidehout. And why not players also chosing the role of robber barons without really reaching out to take over castles and territory permanently? That brings the land owners close to historical roles: seeking the robbers and bringing them to justice, thus providing security to his subjects. After all, the principle of feudalism was to offer protection in exchange for services, taxes and acceptance of rule.
    In the sum, you have players as territory owners defending against hopeful conquerors plus npc hideouts or intruding players' hidehouts making trouble as robbers who need to be found and driven out of the land, arrested, confiscated, whatever.
  14. Bumber Senior Engineer

    What's Updog?
  15. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Some good questions. About letting people build hidden bases, I would simply say "Let the player decide", their building so their the King of their creation.
  16. Bumber Senior Engineer

    Planets. That's what.
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