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Mining in Survival Mode

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Farindark, May 10, 2014.

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  1. Sergeant Snuggles Junior Engineer

    too true and even running at 256 ive run into (maybe bugs) slow down issues where I have been on long mining trips with a huge amount of little ores left behind on the interior surface of the roid. It is weird though as its very rare but if i get out to go and collect said ores if I look directly at them the lag would kick in but then if i looked away (didnt need to move anywhere) the lag would stop. It always felt like the game itself was challenging me to collect the extra pieces by slowing down time to see if I had the patience.

    Now I just throw my stations gravity into reverse and let the ores cling to the ceiling until I am ready for it to drop :)
  2. eyedentify Trainee Engineer

    I love just experimenting with different mining ship designs.
  3. Strayghost2014 Trainee Engineer

    my mining ship (Onix) has 16 drills mounted on a front plate the a long thin body behind containing a large reactor an 3 large cargo bays it has 100 thrusters an 5 connectors to unload the ores it is a very stable rig an has 1 job to eat through asteroids it does not back out it can if i wanted it to but i just slowly eat my way through a rock with no trouble
  4. IPsoFreely Trainee Engineer

    That sounds like a mining ship I made. Except I was basing the design on a syringe 127 drill head. Very stable and fully automated. All you need to do is set it to 'on'. 157m long Dragons Tongue. It can be extended to however long that is needed.

    It can and has been built in survival but does take quite a while as you would expect.

  5. Farindark Apprentice Engineer


    A thread from the Steam forums regarding a possible memory leak involving ore dropping while mining http://steamcommunity.com/app/244850/discussions/0/558756256132373567/ Yet another reason to not have actual ore drop while mining. I'm not worried about losing ore I'm just bloody sick of having to press "T" a hundred times to clean up the mess while I'm expanding my base tunnels and hangars in survival. There is no reason to actually drop real ore the game already creates fake fragmentation while actually mining so dropping it for "look" isn't necessary. Please to those wanting to discuss mega ship mining create another thread this is meant to be a discussion on ore dropping in survival once your at that scale of mining it's irrelevant. :D

    I am aware there is SEToolbox which I could use to remove the ores but again overtime that would be a major hassle and unnecessary if they change it to not drop actual ore for which I can see no real reason to do.This game suffers from bloat hence the item limit they have put in, remove ore dropping into the world and a big part of that disappears! For the comments about building an efficient mining ship it's not about that it seems no matter what you try you cannot make a ship that will collect 100pc of ore which would still leave the problem for hand drilling anyway. If the DEVS insisted that dropping physical ore cannot be changed for some reason then I would be happy if they just gave us a ore vacuum tool/ship module. having to keep pressing "T" in survival is just a pain in the digit! :bawl:
  6. celem Trainee Engineer

    The dropped ore chunks obstructing block placement does kill me too :(

    I'd love for any loose debris to pop up on top of a placed block as in other software titles, however I guess the concept of 'on top of' is moot in SE and therefore hard to realise. Perhaps destroy anything that gets 'placed on' in this fashion.

    My second peeve with the ore drops as debris system is that theres no method in the game yet to remove objects from existence. Other than SEToolbox, once a debris object is created its permanent as far as i know, until replaced by new drops due to item limit. Some kind of 'destruction chamber' maybe? Do we know what destroys debris objects? Does drilling debris pop it? Do thruster jets?

    Finally what do you guys do with the stone chunks? Lets say you actually gather up all the fragments and fill a container or whatever, nobody needs that much gravel, so whats your tactic for getting rid of stone? This is something i deliberated over and over. At first I had it diverted to a specific container then a connector just spewed it into space. LAG, always at itemcap. My current solution is a little better. I let the cargo container fill, then grind it to breaking point and the entire inventory of stone spawns as a single debris chunk which i then fling away with gravity. Less lag, but still totally not ideal.
  7. Vivicector Apprentice Engineer

    For the time being, you would be better off simply deleting those chunks via save editor. Also, it will help with remains of ships and other floating blocks.
  8. Zephandrypus Apprentice Engineer

    If you want AI and stuff there is a suggestion for it here: http://forums.keenswh.com/post?id=6591699&trail=15
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.