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Mining ship design

Discussion in 'Survival' started by TheBlackPumpkin, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    Here's my mining ship: The Scrub.
    Cheap, fast, maneuverable and it's stylish.
  2. BiggLou55 Apprentice Engineer

    Letting it float could lead to it floating off into space (unless you use a station beacon, but then you cannot move or orient the gravity generator). This is what I build.

    Mass 21,000 kg
    • 2 blocks (leave one end open for towing)
    • 2 solar panels (but 1 should work)
    • 1 beacon
    • 1 landing gear
    • 1 cockpit
    • 1 gravity gen
    • 1 antenna (opt once they are working)
    • 1 ore detector (opt and only works while in the cockpit, but it's handy for a quick check since it's got a 150m range)

  3. VilniusNastavnik Apprentice Engineer

    My miner is by no means glamorous, big bulky flat thing that can fill a Small Ship Large container in under a minute..
    25 Drills, all conveyored up together with a large container.
    9 gyros
    8 Small thrusters on every direction
  4. Slain Trainee Engineer

    Heavy miner Mk. II

    12 Drills all linked with conveyers to 5 connectors. Meant for drilling into an asteroid and working in tight spaces thrusters encased in heavy armor to facilitate this, all powered by 1 large reactor. Estimated build time 8 hours. With at total mass of 73,198.

  5. SpearMintTrooper Trainee Engineer

    Hi all I ended up putting a mining Pannal on a roatating station arm to help automate the process slightly. Adapted a mining transport to use when repositoning Pannal as I leave the drills turned on.





    As you can see it makes a loverly big hole in an astreoid. Only probmlem is you cant exactly "aim" for the elements you want.

  6. ctiberious Apprentice Engineer

    Here's my lastest (and likely last) generation of mining ship. I say last because this beast is so large, if I make it any larger it will likely be too hard to fly. Besides, this one took 20-30 hours in survival to build. If I do go larger, I'd probably go with some sort of automatic mining platform.

    [IMG]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/795193239651453358/4C201962AC41486036849D98130D3AF25C0D8378/[/IMG] [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/795193239651455821/5582A515ABE277651665C3D6068C0F1F592DF4DB/[/IMG] [IMG]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/795193239651456862/6A034CF2B4ECEC4DEFD96B290DD30DFC1F12AAA4/[/IMG] [IMG]http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/795193239651454856/595D93030A5E6292B4CA9C2DE624128D2FE4A0A7/[/IMG] 
    It weighs in at 317,806kg and is fitted with 66 thrusters (including two large), 13 gyros and 56 drills. It's fitted with 25 collectors situated behind/between the drills, plus an extra (temporary) one in the back for when I need to use this beast as a hauler. It's also got 9 (temporary) connectors underneath for "quickly" offloading ore, plus one on the back intended for docking. The temporary connectors and collectors will likely be removed once ship-ship connections become possible.

    This "final" generation of mining vessel is reasonably maneuverable but I've included dual cockpits to assist in reversing out of a hole when I don't feel like drilling a complete tunnel. This beast cuts through asteroids with ease though it's not all that great for targeted mining (i.e., going after a specific ore). You also have to be careful when applying forward thrust as the two large engines can shove you hard enough to damage the drills if you're not careful.
  7. Neifelhiem Trainee Engineer

    Jesus. That has got to be the coolest use of all of the current gear items I have seen.
    You, sir, have just opened up one hell of a creativity demon in me :woot:
    Thanks for the inspiration. I hope to have a video myself some time soon.

  8. Larse Trainee Engineer

    The first ship I ever made was a replica of one of the ingame ships, just so that I would learn how things worked. The second ship I made was this one, a mining ship similar to the first, though with 4 drills instead of 2.

    Then I made a big brother...

    and then an even bigger brother.

    The biggest one has close to 100 drills placed in a semispherical layout for easier swipe-mining.
  9. SeeJayEmm Apprentice Engineer

    My small scale miner has been my workhorse pretty much since I started playing Survival. I never liked the starter ship much.


    I've relatively recently created a large scale tunnel miner and am currently on v2. Here is the workhorse next to his big brother.

  10. Fedor Trainee Engineer

    nothing smarter than cube of drills?
  11. carazvan Trainee Engineer

    In survival the most efficient designs are the ones that stick around so mass drills is the main thing you'll see.

    I do also enjoy gravity mining where you place a funnel with a grav gen and collector beneath a ore deposit and just go mining mainly straight up. As long as you have the funnel close enough all the ore will fall into the chute and you'll collect everything without needing to use up inventory space. (This way is also a great starting point for a hidden base inside of a non-cavern asteroid)
  12. Fedor Trainee Engineer

    My computer isn't strong enough to run more than 15-20 drills simultaneously, i can show you how to mine alot of ore with smaller amounts of drills.
  13. Fizziii Trainee Engineer

    I had designed one with multiple rotors in use. I had 4 arms with 5 drills in a cross shape each on a rotor, there was another group of 5 drills on a rotor in the center, the group of arms was on a rotor itself. Once it powered up, the physics god tore it to shreds before it could ever touch rock... so in my case I've typically used large grids of drills.

    I am currently creating a ship that will use a rotor again though. Small ship scale, 9 drills on a 3x3 grid mounted to a rotor. Connectors on 2 of the outside center drills (should be inboard enough to avoid smashing rocks while drilling. Then I'll have some connectors next to the cockpit to run ores back to cargo containers. Still a work in progress though.

    [edit] Another thing I do in a big block is a grinder array. I have a station grinder array that's 11x25. I can pretty much grind down any ship with that. Although since the last update, I'm no longer able to capture every type of ship... :)
  14. elch Apprentice Engineer

    I have rather flat ( 3 blocks height, drills in front have 5 blocks height ) large miner with 32 large drills,
    single conveyor and one conveyor tube leading to large cargo container.
    Each miner can hold 23k liters of or + the additional125k liters of the large which gives 861k liters of holding capacity.
    The skeleton and vital parts of the ship are protected by heavy armor but upper part and belly of a ship are open.

    Drills are arranged to rectangle shape with two additional drills to each side to cut way for "slowing" engines on the end of the ship.
    Ship has 2 small thrusters ( for large ship ) in every direction and one small reactor ( it's rather cheap to operate ). It has only one gyroscope.

    Engines which are there to stop the ship are put one cube away from the hull at the end of the ship to avoid thruster flame damage to the ship or drills in front.

    To compensate for vibration, ship has two front drills, which are one cube in front of the other drills.
    This way these first two drills will get into rock and make a two small holes effectively removing all shaking of the ship when the rest of the drills follow.

    I usually find a nice spot with ore on beginning of asteroid, mine a small hole to be certain, the drill vibrations are compensated for.
    Then two back thrusters are set to override at about 25KN and all drills are on and the ships goes slowly forward on it's own.

    I'll pick it up 15-20 minutes later , filled with ore, unload at my base using connector and it can go again.
    I almost never repair it, but I check it every time from top to bottom for damage to be certain.
    I don't usually go straight for the center of asteroid, but let it tunnel on the sides so when i pick it up I just have to cut through just few more layers of preferably stone to get it out.
    I hate to waste resources.

    It works well I use it all the time.

    I'll add pictures when i get at home to my PC.
  15. Spacedweller Trainee Engineer

    Mini Drill mk1 (mk2 blueprints already exists. Ship is still use and not yet deemed to decommissioning)
    Ship got style and inspiration from my Mini Multitool ship.

    - 4x Drills (total 15 000 l)
    - 5x Medium Cargo holds (total 40 000l)
    - Total cargo capacity 55 000 l
    - Mass 11 901 kg
    Accessories: Beacon, Antenna, Ore Detector, Small cargo to refuel reactors.

    Preview picture is frame sample, some small changes for actual ship was done. Like added missing ore detector.


  16. Zourin Apprentice Engineer


    this is usually my first survival miner, although I'm learning to avoid the landing gear now since those almost always cause collision problems.

    It was too light, so I wound up adding more heavy armor, and later reconfigured it for 3 drills, but the jist remains the same. There's a medium cargo in the back for added storage, and it can easily keep my modest array of refineries chugging for a while.

    I'm leery about adding more refineries with the inventory bugs that have been going around, so this has kept pace very well enough.
  17. jaidens111 Trainee Engineer

    Here is my current large mining ship, just put into a fresh new world ripe for mining TO DEATH.

    handels good
    200 degrees mining range (lateral)
    20 degrees mining range (vertical)
    decent acceleration
    good frontal armor
    slots for expansions, such as mining platforms and docking ports.

    requires miner head maintenance (rotors)
    turns WAAAAY to fast
    susceptible to the kraken (hitbox glitches)
    uranium all flows into one reactor (wtf game?).

    This is, and will be my main mining ship for a while, until i get my mining platform carrier running this is a very good ship o3o.
  18. Belthize Apprentice Engineer

    Posted this in another thread. It's my current small 9 drill miner. Has two batteries for several hour run time, 55+k capacity (9 * 3k drills + large container + connector). It's light but stable. It's roughly cube shaped so can easily use natural tunnels or make it's own and turn around in them to flight out. Just enough heavy armor to balance weight and protect components.

    The stairs on the aft side serve as a counter balance to the connector on the other side and a reminder to enter on that side in case I exit while docked. The connector is just visible from the cockpit so all flying can be done in 1st person (I have a personal no 3rd person rule). The center of mass is at the back bottom edge of the cockpit so right below there are 3 gyros. It does use Darth Biomecs armored thrusters on the sides. 4 on the aft side, 6 on the starboard side to push away from the connector otherwise it's stock SE.


  19. Lullipop Trainee Engineer

    Hello everyone,

    This is my Survival-Mode-Mining-Ship, the Bumblebee. And above on the small platform the Honeybee, a small mining ship for the filigree works.

    The Bumblebee has several gravity generators to make sure all ore the drills couldn't get goes into the funnel. The drillhead is selfrepairing with hidden welders right behind the drillhead. For drilling you use the front cokpit near the drillhead. For longer journeys there is a commando bridge. The Bumblebee also has an assembler, a refinery and lots of cargo space.







    Hope you like these screenshots :)


  20. jaidens111 Trainee Engineer

    Dang lillipop, your ship....so fancy.
  21. EZ Pickins Trainee Engineer

    Here's our dig site with our two drill ships/platforms hard at it...

  22. Mosseman Apprentice Engineer

    This is my Retriever class strip miner. It's capable of running indefinitely, as long as there's more asteroid infront of it. The best bit? You set it up then just go AFK, it will do the rest. When it's done, just pack it up and bring it home. Also, it never takes damage from normal operation. It's also relatively cheap for a large scale mining ship, weighing in with under 124 tons.

    Here's a quick screenshot:

    Here's some more screenies:

    I'll get some more details and a workshop for it uploaded tonight.
  23. FoskcoA4 Trainee Engineer

  24. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    Maybe someone could help me with building an auto miner drone. I've been trying to the sensors to work the way I want but haven't had any luck so far. Also the view sensor range does not seem to be working for me, is there some added button I need to press to see it after I click the check box in the menu?

    As of now I'm telling the sensor to turn on/off a drill group when near and asteroid and to increase the rear thruster output. Not sure the last one is the setting I should be using to make the ship move forward. Was toying with upping the rear thruster output and using the sensor to just turn them on and off.

    Anyone have any help to offer on this build?
  25. Gabe1291 Trainee Engineer

    Well here is my small auto-miner drone. It's set using a sensor with timers to turn the drills and thruster overrides on and off. Built it around a large small ship container and it has a topside connector for dumping it's haul. I have a large one but the pics of it are on another computer atm. The big one is a repurposed capture, originally meant to be a single use thing, but eventually it's been slowly rebuilt into a asteroid killer.



    Use 2 timer blocks so you can set up multiple actions. If you drop the time to 1 sec or so it's almost instant. You have one set for power up and the other set for power down. Currently I have the sensor on mine set for an area the size of the drilling head and it extends about 1-2m in front of the drills. Asteroid enters the field, timer one kicks to power up the drills and thrust overrides, when you punch out the other side, timer 2 triggers shutting it all down.
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  26. Knsgf Junior Engineer

    Put an antenna on your ship, select the sensor in the control panel and turn "Show on HUD" on.
  27. Shabazza Junior Engineer

    This is my second design since I have SE.
    It looks like some ugly bus from behind, but it works just fine.

    All thrusters - except for the upper front one - are within the profile of the ship to protect them.
    It has 12 small thrusters which is sufficient for a miner.
    It could use more when it comes to transporting the ores back to the station quickly, but I can live with that atm.
    It has a solar panel to recharge the battery. It does not have a reactor because I like batteries.
    The battery-module can be exchanged quickly over the connector-module on the right side of the ship.
    Either automatic when docked (WIP), or via a small multi-purpose worker tug.
    And it has a rear view camera to line the cargo connector on the back side up with the docking stations connector.
  28. Sergeant Snuggles Junior Engineer

    Green dwarf pushes a mining drill bit into the roids on 10 pistons all moving at 0.1mps



    I do love that ship....I just wish the copy paste into my new world hadnt ripped apart all the pistons....now its an empty shell :(
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