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Missing Audio Content in github

Discussion in 'Source Code' started by Jason Coombes, May 15, 2015.

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  1. Jason Coombes Trainee Engineer

    Firstly: by ignoring these missing audio content files, I am able to start the game in Visual Studio.

    I had to do a small amount of manual work to get the content from my Steam copy of the game into the source code structure.

    There are a series of audio files that are not part of the Steam Content. Is there an easy way to get the game to ignore that content until you push out a new Steam release?

    Or is there an experimental branch on Steam that I can subscribe to, so that the missing audio content is retrieved??
  2. mexmer Senior Engineer

    create user.props file in code directory (Same as spaceengineers.sln)

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Project ToolsVersion="4.0" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003">
      <ImportGroup Label="PropertySheets" />
      <PropertyGroup Label="UserMacros" />
        <!-- Modify the line below to contain path to SpaceEngineers\Content in Steam directory -->
      <!-- link Content\Effects2 from source - if false link from steam content dir -->
        <!-- link Content\Data from source - if false link from steamcontent dir -->
      <ItemDefinitionGroup />
      <ItemGroup />
    user.props settings takes precedence over global.props, and is not pushed into repository.
  3. Jason Coombes Trainee Engineer

    I attempted a clean zip extraction from the current github tip, and applied the user.props as written above. This began to cause various errors with other files missing references in VRage.

    I think the setup instructions for people with Steam content (only), to get to a runnable debug state in Visual Studio, should be tested at Keen properly. I keep my Steam content on my non SSD drives, so the paths to steamapps sit on D: for example.

    Incidently, the user.props information appeared *after* I had made the game run using the global.props changes and manual placement of various content files and links in the VS project. Otherwise, great, thanks for releasing the source for us game devs to play with!
  4. Ondrej.Petrzilka Developer

    I would keep this on true:

    Because effects does not depend on content much, but on code. So it's better to use effects from repository.
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  5. Jason Coombes Trainee Engineer

    Thanks Ondrej,

    That small config setting (EffectsFromSources = true) made every missing file error exception disappear. I checked again these are the steps I found that work:

    1. Download the source code from github as a zip file.
    2. Extract the zip file.
    3. Make a file called user.props and paste in the contents written above in this thread. This file should be in the same location as global.props in the "SpaceEngineers-Master" directory.
    4. Check the setting in the file is <EffectsFromSources>true</EffectsFromSources>.
    5. Replace the <ContentPath> setting with the location to the SpaceEngineers Content folder from Steam.
    Example: <ContentPath>D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Content</ContentPath>
    6. In the "SpaceEngineers-Master" directory, open the SpaceEngineers.sln file in Visual Studio.
    7. Expand the Configuration folder in the Solution Explorer. global.props should be there.
    8. Drag and drop the user.props file from a windows explorer window into the Configuration folder in Visual Studio Solution Explorer.
    9. Select Debug in Visual Studio. The code should build successfully, and the game should start.

    I hope this helps anyone else trying to get the game to run from the source code.
  6. mexmer Senior Engineer

    don't, i repeat DON'T use visual studio to manipulate user.props it will modify your solution, will add it to solution files.
    copy/create user.props outside of visual studio.

    in global.props there is already line that loads user.props, when it exists in same folder as solution file (spaceengineers.sln), so there is no need to do anything in visual studio with user props file.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.