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MMORPG-Directed Development Philosophy

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Gaz23, Jul 1, 2018.

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  1. Gaz23 Trainee Engineer

    Here I want to make a suggestion for the development direction of SE, because I see things that tell me the staff tries to appeal to an MMORPG audience...

    SE needs a mechanic for unlocking new block blueprints. This just needs to be available.
    Right now everything is made through blueprints, once you add new blocks to the game everything will be replicable and duplicateble (from the get-go), but nothing will be unique.
    Or showcase a considerable amount of game-experience...

    For SE to really branch out into the MMORPG direction you would need this kind of unlockable content for player-progression. Not just more of the same blocks.

    These unlocked blueprints would then be saved to your character, so that when you die you do not lose all progression, you still have the rare blueprints that you discovered.
    Now you have a sort of leveling / xp system in your game that is compatible for the concept.

    I'm talking here about blueprints for blocks, not grids. Unique blueprints like weapons from ancient civilizations. Different sources of power/methods of ore processing etc.

    I have seen Marek Rosa hint towards having "MMO level multiplayer" through the new major multiplayer update that is underway at the moment of typing this. But as an experienced MMORPG fanatic I would at least make sure that there is some form of balanced and fair progression system in the MMORPG that I was about to play.

    He made this suggestion here in this reddit AmA (source):

    While I have seen that a good portion of the playerbase sees an MMORPG as nothing but: "at least 100+ players on 1 window" (source: Keen Multiplayer Discord :: i.imgur.com/tbRLMtQ.png); I see it as something that has persistent progression, multiplayer-interaction based gameplay elements and a wide variety of content. And I'm a very avid MMORPG player.

    Just imagine this... Through saving player-progression within an account, it would be as if you were progressing side-by-side with the entire active Space Engineers community...

    All these points I mentioned are perfectly reachable within the current scope of the game when there are made a few tweaks.
    You can make systems that are already there more sparse to new players and expand them to players that get experienced. Be it either through discovering blueprints or any other means.

    Upon this you could have "Hidden Unlockable Content" with the plethora of mods that are available already.
    Like blueprints from ancient alien civilizations. New technologies, new machinery, weaponry, methods of processing minerals, methods of generating power...

    Of course, if in the current state of the game one would try to replicate this on a standalone server you would quickly reach a huge download size whenever someone would try to connect to your server.

    However, when these things are all integrated in the base game, only hidden to newer players and slowly unlocked, there would not be any issue.

    I would very much like to know what the current main obstacles are in the way of this vision and I'm open to discuss this further if anyone is interested.

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  2. Malware Master Engineer

    MMO? No. I think there's some confusion of terms here. They're aiming for sim-speed 1 with 16 players. Does that sound like MMO to you? :p The nature of the game prevents true MMO without sacrificing the way the game works (true planetary landings, everything alive everywhere) and I happen to know they don't want to do that. The comments in that particular link explain it, I think.

    Source in the AMA; but this is not news:

    As for RPG? No. There's likely not even gonna be any significant survival mechanics.
    While I still think that there will be some improvements, things like this
    is not encouraging for me as oxygen was what I would consider the minimum requirement for survival... I'm hoping it will change with the survival update but that hope is wearing thin.
    Although now I read that response again, it might only mean scripting. Which, while it saddens me greatly, I can't really claim not to understand.
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  3. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    This is not Empyrion, and I would prefer it not becoming Empyrion :/
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  4. Levits Senior Engineer

    Dual Universe is the game you are going to want to go for if you want a Space Engineers MMO. Monthly subscription fee and it's still in development.
  5. Gaz23 Trainee Engineer

  6. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Actually, they're probably not that bothered about 20 players in a world a billion kilometers across. They're mostly concerned about getting 20 players at once in a single session. That's what they want the game to do. What you do in the game is up to you, and they are clearly not going to be providing any incentives to get you to move away from the origin (place where you first spawn in). They did have at one time procedurally generated player made ships and stations as enticement to explore space. You can still tag a blueprint as "exploration", so I think it may still be a thing. Every time I watched someone streaming on Twitch encounter an exploration ship, they either ground it down or blew it to smithereens. In any event, I guess most players don't see it as a draw so they usually stick around the closest planet.

    Marek does seem to light up over the possibilities of linking servers. @rexxar wrote a server linking script as an exercise of feasibility. When Marek likes something it tends to happen (remember Marek's "vision" of what glass should look like?). The closets this version of SE will ever get to anything massively multiplayer will probably be some sort of shared server network setup.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.