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Mod Approved! Mod Highlight: Grind To Learn

Discussion in 'General' started by rexxar, Dec 1, 2016.

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  1. rexxar Senior Engineer

    Greetings, Space Engineers!

    I've decided to start a (hopefully) weekly video series highlighting interesting mods I find for SE. As a modder myself, I can see the need in our community for some more Keen love, and I'm here to bring it <3

    Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=766520824

    This mod is by @Phoera, and I think it's a fantastic addition to any survival scenario. There's a TON of potential in this one.

    Sorry if the video/audio quality sucks, I don't exactly have professional equipment. You'll just have to deal with it as I learn how to mash the buttons the right way.
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  2. Xocliw Public Relations Staff

    We should hire this rexxar guy... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    But seriously, thanks for doing this mate, the modders in the community always need more love! :)
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  3. mhn23 Trainee Engineer

    The problem i see is that there is no POI Generator. For Example: I usually start on the Alien Planet and there is nothing at all. Not really nice to start and been stuck with nothing for eternity.

    If there would be a feature for random generated bases scattered around the planets surface, eg a Point of interest, then i would love this mod with a few execptions. An engineer should know some basics but more advanced stuff could be learned thru that way.
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  4. Speshal_Snowman Apprentice Engineer

    That is a very cool mod!
  5. Eikester Apprentice Engineer

    you can define which blocks a player knows to start with, i.e. only the basic things to build a ship (light armor, reactor, cockpit, thruster etc.) and everything else is grind to learn
  6. Phoera Senior Engineer

    i have support for moded world as well as vanilla, so i did not assume any blocks here.
    config defines what player will know from start.
    i can add vanilla profile thou(Activated by chat command of admin) to make it easy, but what it must include?
    (or at least add more config samples)

    about PoI, my mod add only learning, nothing more.
    there already was some ideas of knowledge block and different modes to extend this one.
    i will make them eventually.
  7. rexxar Senior Engineer

    If you guys have suggestions for mods you'd like me to look at in the future, please share!

    I don't really want mods that are all over the front page of the workshop, the idea here is to bring attention to lesser known modders. I mean, I love Digi, but he doesn't really need any more help getting attention ;-)
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  8. tharkus Junior Engineer

    Cool mod, i would love if we in vanilla S.E. start with the knowdlege of basic blocks and small thrusters so we should learn to build more advanced blocks and bigger thrusters by grinding.
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  9. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    This mod is exactly what I've been hoping for as an incentive to explore/fight. If this were combined with procedural wrecks/stations on planets, I'd be playing again.

    Well, that and wheels that were functional. I'd love to be grounded until I could learn thrusters, if driving wasn't so frustrating.
  10. Farindark Apprentice Engineer

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
  11. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Levitator had a great mod going for a while but he rage-quit Space Engineers and now it's probably out of date.

    This mod made players select a medical room as their home base. You could only respawn at the home base. In order to change home bases, you had to physically walk up to a new medical room and select it.

    This was great for stopping people instantly teleporting all over the map rather than traveling. So it added a bit of strategy to the game as far as being too far spread out all over the world. The mod doesn't do a whole lot, but presents an interesting change to game play.

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  12. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    If rhis was the case it should be a world option.
  13. May Rears Apprentice Engineer

    Thats all well and good starting on one of the easy-start planets where just about everything you need exists but what about for example the Solar System map where all you have is the atmospheric lander? you have no hydrogen thrusters, no ion thrusters so forget about space and forget about mining ships as you do not have drills either. Forget about wheeled vehicles as you do not have wheels. In that video he demonstrated having to go salvage at a pirate base but "mysteriously" the drone guards were unarmed whereas in a proper game he would have been shredded before he even got close.

    Now, you can add those items to the always unlocked list but if they are always unlocked what is the point of having the mod in the first place?

    That said, it is a great mod for scenario writers.
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  14. rexxar Senior Engineer

    I honestly have no idea why that pirate drone lost its gun. In every other take of that video, I died before getting to the base, which is why I kind of trailed off in the end
  15. Phoera Senior Engineer

    as many creative-wide sandboxes you must decide your rules(or in MP server owner decide it).
    for example you have basic staff, but not advanced, etc.
    also this mod is mod-friendly =D
  16. fourthquantum Senior Engineer

    They should introduce a variant of this into the vanilla game but instead of grinding they should have a scanner 'thing'.
  17. Phoera Senior Engineer

    i plan to do that =P
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.