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Modding Support: Adding new Barbarians/Creatures By Copying/Modifying Old Ones.

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Coggernaut, Nov 10, 2015.

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  1. Coggernaut

    Coggernaut Trainee Engineer

    Is this currently a possibility? Are we allowed to modify the model of "Barbarians" and change the model to represent a "goblin"? I'm curious because I would like to begin modeling new types of creatures in Medieval Engineers and have them appear within the game.

    What I mean by this is to create a new "Barbarian Subtype" using barbarian data to make the "Goblin Subtype". Then being able to take the "Barbarian Model" and modifying it to represent a "Goblin Model". Would this be possible in the future?
    -I know you can modify the SE Engineer within SE, so is it possible within ME?

    Another thing is, are we able to modify what the NPC's drop (loot bag) when they die?
    -For example, create a "Gold Piece" that would appear within the loot bag when you kill a barbarian.

    These are just some questions I have. If it's not possible, don't sweat it! I can wait for updates. Though I really do hope modders will be able to change/modify these types of things.
  2. Sacman

    Sacman Trainee Engineer

    You can create new variants of the existing barbarians by modifying their behaviors. This does not change the model though. You can also modify what they drop right now. Without creating new models, you can only add or change what they drop based on what is currently in the game. In other words if you really wanted to, you could have them drop a Timber5 or anything else that they can carry within their capacity. However, if you could model and texture a gold coin in the formats required by the game, then yes you could add this to the barbarians using the existing sbc files. In theory, you could model a new goblin character, skin it, and animate it and replace the barbarian character with it. That's a pretty high level skill set that I personally wouldn't attempt. There is already a model for a female, child, and old man in the game with animations but they are untextured so not really viable yet. I have added the female to see what she would look like and she comes in bald headed and gray. Haven't done the other two because there is no point. I imagine you might be able to bring the cyberhound or spider over from SE which would be pretty funny. I might try that just because I'm curious now.

    One of the features I really like about both ME and SE is how so much of the data required by the game exists within the various sbc files so it is relatively minor to change. For example, I have modified the mushrooms, berries, and roots to provide 100% heath, 100% stamina, and 100% food. Until the recent patch, I despised wasting my time running around looking for food. I also modified the barrels to be able to store more. I needed to clean up the scrap would all over my build site and I like the barrels. I also added another stockpile item that allows me to have a stockpile for wood and one for stone. I modified the porter behavior so that I have one that I can use to assign peasants to gather just stone and take it to just the stone stockpile and the same for wood. This allows for much more efficient resource gathering in survival. Last weeks patch to the peasants makes this even better. They are actually pretty good at gathering. I don't trust them to actually mine and chop trees yet. The miners tend to go nowhere near the flag and the wood cutters tend to just keep chopping trees without cutting the trees into logs.

    I also made a peasant that wanders around like a deer. I haven't had a lot of luck with this one. I really want him to wander within a defined area. I also want him to stop and look at any other person or me if I come within a certain radius. I haven't quite gotten all of this figured out but he does wander around randomly quite well minus the run away from humans part which I took out. I believe I have one that has wandered far beyond my settlement to the far side of the map. I don't remember seeing him in a while. I think his name is Webster.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.