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Mods I wish I could Find

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Witt78, Nov 8, 2018.

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  1. Witt78

    Witt78 Trainee Engineer

    Modding for Space Engineers is just complex enough, that I don't have the time to learn it. However, I know enough to see the problems one might face while trying to mod certain things. However, there has always been a few areas of Space Engineers that I wish I could change. (Either via the modding community, or Keen seeing things my way.)


    First of all the Units and Scale in the game is somewhat immersion breaking when dealing with planets that are 120Km wide, or smaller. Perhaps the units are hard coded into the game as well, but even if they could be changed; making planets to scale by the changing of units would cause them to become wonky while close to a small station, ship, etc. Couldn't there be a happy medium to be found?

    Realistic Thrusters

    The Thrusters could be much more realistic with a few tweaks. First of all, Real Ion and Hydrogen Thrusters don't idle the way they do in Space Engineers. There should be no "Glow" at the nozzle when the thrusters are on but not being fired.

    Second, the Hydrogen Thrusters should be voracious fuel consumers, operating at short time intervals with MASSIVE thrust.

    (One does not put 3 meter wide rockets on a cave mining ship) [ Fun Fact! The engines on the Saturn Rockets were so loud, that their sound waves alone melted concrete on the launch pad! ]

    Ion Thrusters should be very low thrust (Good for long journeys or Maneuvering/Station Keeping) and completely silent, with a long hot exhaust that behaves more like a laser beam than a rocket plume. (Note, while the plume is hot, it doesn't really carry the mass to damage nearby blocks)

    Also, real Ion Thrusters use fuel. Most of the time that fuel is Xenon Gas, as it's a heavy atom. However, small stores of that fuel can last for months upon end. So leaving this mechanic out isn't really immersion breaking.

    Add Decompression

    Right now, as far as the game engine is concerned, decompressing and suffocating is the same thing.

    I would love to see the ability to mod the way these mechanics work. Could we even add Carbon Dioxide mechanics, perhaps? Run out of oxygen, die slow of Hypoxia. Fail to scrub your CO2, you die slower, with a headache and blurred vision.

    Decompression would be a totally different mechanic. Stand in an airlock unprotected while it purges itself of air, you lose consciousness in 15 seconds and die in 90. Go out in space and open your visor, and BLAM! (The explosive decompression will kill you instantly.)

    OMG The UI

    Keen should do a Major Update just on the interface. Graphic and Voice.

    If I run low on energy, I get an audio warning. Low on O2, Nothing. Why? Fix the audio warnings, make the system more robust, it's client side anyway.

    The Graphical User Interface looks like it's stuck in the 90's. Add an Immersive but un-obstructive helmet and paint the UI on to the inside of the glass. Sleek, Modern, Sexy, and most importantly, Immersive. Throw the console menu to a Pipboy on your arm... Throw in a couple player animations (Taking the animation mod to another level)

    If I run out of energy, I should be dead in the water. No ion thrusters. No Mag boots. No Environmental Controls. If I was in shade, I'd quickly freeze. If I was in the Sunlight, I'd quickly cook.


    I could go on, but it's a book ya?

    Converse below, instead...
  2. Burstar

    Burstar Apprentice Engineer

    1) I think it would be more immersion breaking to have 20m tall players running around at Mach 2
    2) Suggestions/Ideas go here now: https://support.keenswh.com/
  3. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    What a minute now! Who said anything about SE being realistic?? It's a sandbox game with some basic rules. Learn the rules and play to win.
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  4. domingo

    domingo Trainee Engineer

    Doesn't work that way.
    If you breathe the air out of your lungs before - you have ~20s of consciousness, several minutes of live (somebody can drag you to pressurized area).
    If you don't breathe the air, you have a bit more consciousness time but at the price of ruptured longs and then die even if somebody will drag you the pressurized area (unless somebody patches you to specialized med unit that fills the function of lungs - in those few minutes of life you have left).

    That's what I already said several times.
    Whole user interface should be refactored before game is released.
    And somebody outside of the dev team, with UI design experience should do it.

    Breathing: you can still control the O2 valve manually.
    Temperature: just no. Active air conditioning requires medium to transfer the heat to/from - and that is already lacking in space.

    So keeping the optional temperature must be provided mostly passively, thus loss of energy does not mean that much.
    In space you gain heat:
    • receiving light/radiation - must be handled passively by reflective outer layer of the suit because air conditioning does not work
    • using tools - no issue when you don't have energy
    • your own body temperature - 36.6 C° (normally that temperature is a bit uncomfortable, depends on humidity).
    You lose heat only by radiating - and that is quite slow.

    Thus if you'd quickly cook without energy, you'd do same also with energy banks full.
    And you can't freeze quickly.
    You could freeze slowly - and that is a point where no energy is a factor - but you'd lose O2 long before that is an issue (unless connected to BIG O2 tank).
  5. Witt78

    Witt78 Trainee Engineer

  6. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Just my 2 cents. The idle effect is there for two reasons. One so that you know it is connected to a grid that has power, 2 for eye candy. You have to remember this is a game, not everything is going to be realistic. If the game was 100% realistic imagine how long it would take to actually build just one block. It wouldn't be done in just a few seconds. So be glad the game is not 100% real, enjoy the imagination. :)
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