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More custom blocks for ME plus post your ideas for block mods!

Discussion in 'Modding' started by kitsunelegendXx, Apr 13, 2015.

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  1. kitsunelegendXx Trainee Engineer

    Re-posting this from the steam forums as there seems to be more activity over here, plus it looks nicer to boot. :)


    Would love to see some more custom blocks in this game from some of the talented modders out there. I haven't played this game in a while, but I have been keeping up with it, checking out the new patches, reading the forums ect, and was really psyched when I saw KSH added custom block modding.

    But, looking thro the workshop, Im a little surprised there aren't more people making custom blocks and such...I would have thought people would have jumped on the chance to make some more stylized blocks and such by now, tho I can understand people not wanting to because of worry that an update might break it or something... 8/

    And before anyone says, "why not just make them yourself?" I have dabbled in programs like blender and such in the past, but they just take so much time to learn and actually make something worthy of the detail of this game. I just dont have that kind of time right now unfortunately. 8/

    Anyway, lets move on. I want to see what blocks people want in this game from the modding community. :) (not from KSH) Maybe someone will come by and get inspiration to make it!

    I for one, want to see more types of window and door blocks, specifically for the wood style blocks. Things like archer slits, different railings, and different roofs ect. P

    lease only post what you would LIKE to see. Please dont go and make demands for things. Thank you! :)

    If you have pictures to show, that would be awesome! Let the ideas fly! 8D
  2. Vicomt Trainee Engineer

    Let's see...

    Doors with an actual door in them (probably needs some engine support)
    Arrow Loops (in walls, curved walls, blocks, and curved blocks)
    Large radius towers (walls and solid blocks, battlements)
    walkway type wooden floors (half-width, centered half width)
    15 and 30 degree sloped walls
    2x1x1 double size rope attachment point (this would allow us to make proper vertical ropes which are not offset by half a block, which currently induces odd forces in lifts)
    Better Gears
    Interior Decorations (wall hangings, sconces, chandelier-type things)

    off the top of my head. I'm sure I can think of more given time ;)
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  3. Jugbot Apprentice Engineer

    Furniture, book press, hangers, Cabinet, Arrow slits, bigger sized cobble wall (texture), cemented stone (texture), Gothic windows, blue tiled roof, curvy roof, awning, dead game & products, lantern, chimney, metal chimney, furnace, metal furnace, Wine bottle, wine shelf, skull, Flower pots, Bigger fire pit, Music box, fences, glass windows, stained glass, outhouse, etc...
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  4. MichaelC Junior Engineer

    my wife and i plan on making most of that stuff over the summer after she finishes her classes. Shes a modeler, and i can do programming. We have been sketching up ideas over the last couple weeks, many of which you listed there.
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  5. kitsunelegendXx Trainee Engineer

    OoO Oh what wonderful luck lol

    I really cannot wait to see what you too do, I am actually kinda giddy now lol :woot:

    *makes obligatory shut up and take my money post*

    Oh man, Im glad I made this post now, there are some really good ideas floating about. Im getting excited now lol :pbjt:
  6. Jugbot Apprentice Engineer

    The hard part is getting a way to add high level of detail with minimal new blocks.

    Also some broken or half built cobble walls for ruins.
  7. Bullethead Apprentice Engineer

    Stained glass windows of various sizes and shapes
    Barrels with beer taps in them (that work :D)
    Stackable barrel racks to hold massive numbers of beer kegs
    Wedge-shaped wooden timber than can be stretched from 1 to 10 blocks long like the existing square timber
    Diagonal wooden beams of all sizes 1-4 and 6-9 to be mixed in with the existing 5 and 10 sizes and available by scrolling the mouse wheel.
    Bigger wagon wheels
    Catch blocks that can be attached to existing axles instead of always having to connect an axle to an existing catch block
    Tents and pavilions that can be stored in containers
    Prebuilt hoarding blocks that can be attached to the tops of walls and towers
    Machicolated battlements
    Battlements with arrow slits in the merlons
    Battlements with merlons of different shapes (pointy top, rounded top, sloped top, etc.)
    Stone ceilings with a gap at 1 end for installing a portcullis
    Stone ceilings with murder holes in them
  8. Jugbot Apprentice Engineer

    Someone knows their medieval terminology :woot:
  9. kophis Trainee Engineer

    New blocks:
    triple windows
    big versions of every window
    chain ropes
    doors and windows of wood and various sizes
    murder holes of stone and of wood
    Low walls
    0,25 stone blocks and maybe even 0,5 ones
    long slope angle
    palisade walls of all shapes
    big 3m large doors 2 blocks big
    battlements with merlons of different shapes (pointy top, rounded top, sloped top, etc.)
    diagonal versions of all blocks for building properly in diagonal
    small 1\2 archs
    centered version of all blocks (like the centered battlement)
    pulleys to redirect ropes
    half wooden floors
    stone floors
    glass windows for the church
    small spiral staircases that fit the spiral in just one block
    wooden spiral staircases
    small windows just for the light
    more roofs
    decorative mouldings
    fireplaces, forges, altars, privys, beds for paesant (thin mattresses of straw), benches, stools, tapestries, ladders, buckets, hives, fruit trees

    If the physics of the water is good, I'd like to have a working communicating vessels system with lead pipes to supply water from higher tanks

    tool to erase individual objects, not entire blocks of the grid
    tool to make dirt roads and paved roads disconnected from the grid;
    tool to erase just a 25 cm block and leave the rest

    Tying of more ropes to the same drum
    making of elastic wooden timbers
    Textures (plastered walls, brick etc.)
  10. Deewad Trainee Engineer

    Ran into a problem creating a balcony, used the large round floor, I would like to see railings that fit the large round floor and the regular wooden round floor
  11. RubberSword Apprentice Engineer

    Just wanted to show my appreciation of the mods by machtoc and Cyrus Entia - very excited by the thought of what might be coming from others .
    Can any of you modders give some indication as to what you're working on?

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.