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Most Effective Anti Theft & Offline Raids Method (Vanilla)

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by .Luca, Jun 13, 2019 at 04:19.

  1. .Luca Trainee Engineer

    Another tutorial this time showing how to best deal with offline raiders if they found your ship :D

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  2. Lord Grey Apprentice Engineer

    Did you ever consider the autopilot? I use a remote block to fly to a specific point if I'm offline. With a speed of 100m/s it' already hard to get on the ship and evading the towers, specialy the internal towers. And what do you think of engaging a prepared jump drive with the timer block? There's no better way to imediately get rid of a raider
  3. Malware Master Engineer

    @Lord Grey Jump drives must be engaged by a person. No automated system can (unless modded).
  4. Lord Grey Apprentice Engineer

    That's a shame, but yes, now that you mentioned it, you have to confirm the summary screen. Bummer. Well, then there is still the spherical gravity generator. Have to try out if I can yuse that one to repell enemys trying to land on my ship or throwing mass against it.
  5. bleakhead Trainee Engineer

    I a not that deep into SE asteroids spawning topic. So, is it possible to collide with an asteroid, if I fly straight forward?

    Next Thing, if I want to be near a planet, how it will work then?

    The other question is, why players fly away from planets? How to find fun in deep space, with just asteroids and the darkness of space
  6. mleise Trainee Engineer

    The autopilot (that is part of remote control blocks) works by patrolling a list of waypoints. You can test the route beforehand or activate collision avoidance to increase the chance of not crashing into asteroids.
    I think a lot of new players pick earth because it is easier. You have a oxygen, you don't need H2 to get around. Then there is familiarity with the look and feel and the sense that "going to space" should be ones first major achievement. Reasons for playing in space are: You can easily hop asteroids with your spawn ship, see ores on their surface and you find Uranium and Platinum up there that is missing on planets. So unless you are playing for the first time and want to have some progression it is easier to just start in space. The other big issue is that you can more easily spread out in space. You can go any direction and find hollow asteroids to hide your resources while you are offline. On planets, every manhole is easily visible from far away since the reduced detail from far away doesn't distinguish between areas with a narrow hole or a huge crater. You also cannot use a jump drive like in space to cross large distances quickly either to hide stuff at the end of the known universe or to escape from an attack or help an ally defend their base.
    Building a fixed base on a planet (especially earth) means that there is a high chance of several new players clustering together there (spawning at 4km+ of the first player). They act as a magnet for anyone spawning on earth and eventually the biggest base(s) will be raided while the owner is offline no matter how many turrets there are.
    Compare that to ships on autopilot that fly at 100m/s. You can't dig under it, you can't bring a lot of material to lay siege and no other ship is able to close distance to it unless using a jump drive.
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  7. .Luca Trainee Engineer

    Yeah like @Malware mentioned it's not possible to use sensor (and timer too it seems, I read someone on reddit commented that timer can still do it after I told them that sensor can't, but I guess they were wrong) to initiate a jump drive

    The asteroids are procedurally generated and will stay there once they spawned, it is possible that they will spawn in front of you (my friend confirmed that they crashed into an asteroid during a non-jump trip to Mars) but it's a relatively small chance of happening especially within an hour before the second timer kicks in and stops the thruster (if you're gonna use the method)

    And as mentioned in the video, don't point your ship at a planet, moon or asteroid before you log off and turn on the sensor :p

    Some people are just very paranoid lol, I've seen some people having bases like 20k km away from Earthlike (if not more), I personally like to be in the orbit of planets and moons so I can quickly go down to do stuff, I do park my stash ships far away from planets sometimes tho
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