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Moving ore from Drills

Discussion in 'Survival' started by xwhitemousex, Mar 20, 2014.

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  1. xwhitemousex Apprentice Engineer

    We need a method of transferring ore from the drills over to cargo containers and/or refineries.

    Today you can only move 400L at a time, and the drills hold 15k each. Even with my smallest mining ship I have 2 drills mounted, which is 30kL to be moved each time.

    This means you have to:

    Open drill
    Move a small chunk of ore to your inventory
    Run over to cargo/refinery
    Open cargo/refinery
    Drop in ore
    Run back to drill

    ... 75-100 times every time you want to empty 2 full drills.

    This is really tedious and downright demotivating. Sometimes I end up cutting a mining session short because I know I'll get really bored running back and forth between drill and the cargo/refinery.

    What we need is some sort of collector to extract the ore from the drills without having to manually haul it out of the drills.

    Some options:

    1. A hose system which you can pull to the drill and connect it to a nozzle. Just like a fuel hose for airplanes (or Formula 1 racing cars if you prefer). You connect the hose and it 'sucks' the ore out of the drill and into a cargo container or refinery (depending which is connected to the other end of the hose)

    2. A type of docking station where you can maneuver your ship into position and connect the bottom, or side, of a drill to the docking station and it will empty the contents of the drill into the docking station (cargo container)

    3. A funnel system / collector, which is shaped like a funnel in an area with gravity and you can maneuver the drill over the funnel and open the bay of the drill and simply unload all the ore into the funnel where it is picked up and 'sucked' into a container or refinery. Optionally the top of a refinery would be the actual funnel.

    These are just some suggestions.

    I think everyone can agree though that the current, manual, transfer of the ore from drill to cargo/refineries is boring, tedious and in the long run just annonying and frustrating.
  2. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    Hint: Don't run. Move the drill to a close distance to your refinery or storage container. Make sure that either floating or standing, you can turn and reach both doors. Then you don't have to move, just turn.

    It's STILL freakin' annoying as heck but it's much faster than moving.

    Also: I have learned that I'd rather make another drill ship than unload a drill into a storage container. If my refineries are full, my drills are my storage containers. It's just not worth the hassle of moving ore more than once. Once I have full drills and full refineries, if I need another kind of ore, I make another drill ship.

    And for the long refinery times... I've been known to load up on uranium and go to bed with the game running so all my refineries empty out. If you're in a cockpit, even if the ship/station is dead (no power), you do not run out of energy. Just keep 1kg of uranium on you or in a storage container to get started again.
  3. toxi Apprentice Engineer

    something like a hub would make a lot of sense. something that reacts to beeing near like the landing gear does.
  4. JamesL86 Senior Engineer

    You could also just do what I do and set the save to 10x. :D
  5. Kiithnaras Trainee Engineer

  6. ctiberious Apprentice Engineer

    I'm hoping that when the devs get conveyors working, these will resolve the issue of manually unloading our drills, 400L at a pop. I vote for something really simple.
    1 - Get the conveyor or access hatch on your mining ship close to a conveyor or access hatch on the ship station where you want the ore to go.
    2 - Open the inventory panel and be able to move inventory directly from this panel.
    No extra modules, animation or processing needed.
  7. Relkan Apprentice Engineer

    I love this idea!
  8. nalandial Trainee Engineer

    This is probably better for small drill ships only but I found it worked well.

    I ended up doing this by connecting drill outputs via connector tubes along the ship to a conveyor block, then connecting that via tubes to a storage container so that the inputs to it are facing up and down (this is technically optional and could be replaced with a conveyor block, but this gives me more storage for ore). Then I put a connector at the bottom and disabled it. My station has a collector connected to a conveyor connected to the refinery via conveyor tubes. When I want to deposit ore, I simply place my ship so that the connector is above the collector, then I turn it on. All the ore is then dumped out into the collector. Then just turn it off when it's done.
  9. Valdemar |FIN| Junior Engineer

    Note that this topic is two months old. Connector/collectors didn't exist back then. After they were implemented this issue was totally solved.
  10. nalandial Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, just figured I'd put in my 2 cents in case someone happened upon it :)
  11. ozarkamax Junior Engineer

    necrotic posts detected. sterilize!
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.