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[MP Mod] Dedicated Server Essentials - Requires SEServerExtender

Discussion in 'Modding Guides and Tools' started by tyrsis, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. dbudde Trainee Engineer


    Ok, I just realized why nothing came up tyrsis. You said to type /essentials, but I think you meant /essential. When I do that it presents:

    [Essentials]: Dedicated Essentials Client Side Script v0.1.0.4. Available Server Commands:

    It stops there and does not list any commands. I just went to someone else's server that has Essentials installed and it lists a lot of commands.

    My hosting company just gave me a test server to try to find the problem and I did a vanilla map, only listed the Client side Mod in my list of Mods and the latest Essentials was installed. Same result thus far. I've asked my hosting company to reinstall Essentials 1 more time.

    Any suggestions on a next step for diagnosing?

  2. Masseffect Trainee Engineer

    Im getting a .NET framework error after update today. Since noone else eems to have the problem i would assume its not spaceengineers problem to new patch
    Im quessing it's one of the mods that got downloaded during my server restart. but i have no clue. One of the mod's was
    "Dedicated Essentials Client Side Mod"
    and one other mod(pretty much rules out becasue it was minir changes)
    there was one other(which i dont remember the id on)
    Im getting a microsoft .NET framework error: server keeps running but it still just crashes after some playing.
    Zie het einde van dit bericht voor meer informatie over het aanroepen
    van JIT-foutopsporing (Just In Time) in plaats van dit dialoogvenster.

    ************** Tekst van uitzondering **************
    System.NullReferenceException: De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld.
    bij SEModAPIInternal.API.Common.PlayerMap.InternalIdentityItem..ctor(Object source)
    bij SEModAPIInternal.API.Common.PlayerMap.InternalGetReferenceLists(Dictionary`2& allSteamList, Dictionary`2& allPlayerList)
    bij SEModAPIInternal.API.Common.PlayerMap.InternalGetSteamDictionary()
    bij SEModAPIInternal.API.Common.PlayerMap.GetPlayerNameFromSteamId(UInt64 steamId)
    bij SEServerExtender.SEServerExtender.ChatViewRefresh(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    bij System.Windows.Forms.Timer.TimerNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
    bij System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

    Anyone got a clue?
  3. PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    Yeah...essentials is almost completely broken right now apparently.
    The commands are not working, block enforcement also does not work at all.

    This is on the latest patch and server extender update.

    We are getting consistent crashes upon finishing load time, still verifying a few things with this though.
    EDIT*: K, turns out that Keen broke scripts big time this update. The "client side" mod for essentials, among many other scripts, were what was crashing the clients upon entry to the DS. Something to do with the BeforeSimulation() method. Though sim speeds seem to be fairly improved overall from the light synchronization changes...
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2015
  4. Moustachauve Trainee Engineer

    dodexahedron broke all chat related plugins and probably more because he wanted to change the naming convention, he didn't liked the one I originally defined. He did fix some anomaly, but it broke the plugins, so it should not have been touched.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2015
  5. McyD Apprentice Engineer

    Just download the updated version of Essentials dodexahedron posted, it fixes the issues.
  6. tyrsis Junior Engineer

    A new version of essentials will be released tonight that fixes the issues. I would have updated it earlier today, but I was so busy trying to figure out if the "disappearing" grids issue was essentials related or not, that I didn't get a chance to. There are some incomplete things I also had to comment out for now until I finish them.
  7. tyrsis Junior Engineer

    New version released: https://github.com/Tyrsis/EssentialsPlugin/releases/tag/v1.0.2.2164

    Some fixes to docking and other smallish fixes, along with the introduction of block management (work in progress, do not use yet). I was sort of forced to release an update before the feature was complete. I have also experimented with a lot of things, which aren't really included yet, along with tinkering with the idea of game modes (mini games within the game). Anyway this release is more about getting things to work for people, as the small changes in extender caused some things to just not work with the old essentials.

    • Fixed docking from using old API to ModAPI. This will make it a bit more reliable when it comes to docking and undocking. Added /admin undock all to force an undocking of ships that are docked. I may add more commands to allow fine control over undocking. Docking is still something slated to be completed as it's missing a few features (requires indexing on multiple ship docks, and to not have to use LIFO to get a ship out of a dock)
    • Added the ability to override the respawn menu. This should only be used on slow servers (that have a UPS below 20), as it may cause more troubles than it fixes. Not sure why keen doesn't fix this bug themselves.
    • Added /lastseen command which shows when a user last logged in
    • Added block management. This is not complete, so please avoid it for now (I was forced to release before fully finishing due to the update). I will add a more formal discussion of what this is. (Basically disables all blocks that aren't a certain block type if no one is around)
    • Started work on GameModes. These are where I will experiment with mini games. Right now I'm working on an asteroid conquest mode. This mode isn't complete but the initial code is there.
    • Updates to turret and entity management.
    • A little bit of file reorganization.
    • Lots of small fixes.
  8. ghostofvalen Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for the update tyrsis. Looking forward to some of your new ideas you started working on. One item I was considering for a PVP server is some sort of method to turn on/up beacons when someone is online and turn them off/down when they are offline. Kind of a way to provide fights and help people find ONLINE players for pvp.

    Run with it or don't, this is your awesome plugin. just throwing it out there!
  9. ConflictSYN Trainee Engineer

    So I set up a timed cleanup at 03:00, 06:00, etc every 3 hours yesterday and it worked just fine. Now I am getting this error today and it keeps filling up my console every second.

    2015-01-31 16:47:08.523 - ProcessCleanup.Handle(): System.ArgumentOutOfRangeExce
    ption: Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable DateTime.
       at System.DateTime.DateToTicks(Int32 year, Int32 month, Int32 day)
       at System.DateTime..ctor(Int32 year, Int32 month, Int32 day, Int32 hour, Int3
    2 minute, Int32 second)
       at EssentialsPlugin.ProcessHandler.ProcessCleanup.ProcessTimedItem(SettingsCl
    eanupTimedItem item)
       at EssentialsPlugin.ProcessHandler.ProcessCleanup.Handle()
  10. ghostofvalen Trainee Engineer

    The location is different slightly depending on your setup. Based on what you said, I'm guessing you need to put it in something like: C:\Users\*ComputerUserName*\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineersDedicated\Mods\Essentials

    (Replace *ComputerUserName* with the login you use for your computer)

    In that folder you would place all of the archive contents.
  11. Devlah Trainee Engineer

    I've noticed that in the event that the SEServerExtender.exe gets closed or crashes for any reason, it cannot be restarted without restarting the entire server (it tries to start a new server instance on start), I also noticed that the SEServerGUI.exe had the option to connect to an existing server instance, however, it seems to be an outdated version ( and crashes when interacting with cube-grids. Is there another way to attach to an existing server instance without restarting? This SEServerGUI.exe is packaged with the version.
  12. TheCatInASweater Trainee Engineer

    I just need some clarification on where this should be installed into. I tried making a sub-directory off the mods folder of my world instance and downloading the workshop item but the plugin does not show up. Just need some help please
  13. ghostofvalen Trainee Engineer

    I tried to help you above and you deleted your posts. I told you where to put the file, it should not be put as part of your world instance. Please look at my previous post.
  14. PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    Not sure if you were aware Tyrsis, but the block enforcement doesn't seem to be working...

    Also, dynamic concealment as it relates to including medbays is acting freaking weird. It used to work fine 2 Keen updates ago. Now, medbays refuse to show up at the respawn screen on multiple ships if the medbay filter is set to true. For some people it's only a few and other's it's all of them. It's a fairly random pattern and it seems to just simply be the conceal/reveal activity but now it's hiding medbays from the spawn screen of it's owners.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 7, 2015
  15. Devlah Trainee Engineer

    On an entirely unrelated note (using a freshly created world here), it appears that attempting to move grids either using the GUI or the "/admin move" family of commands does not appear to be working as intended. When altering the X Y Z coordinates in the GUI, the object in game does not appear to be moving at all, despite the location numbers being updated in the interface.

    When using any of the /admin move related commands, the object moves, but not to the destination.
    For example, while using "/admin move area to position 1000 1000 1000 2000 2000 2000 500", it is my understanding that using this command would re-locate any grids within 500 meters of 1000 1000 1000 to 2000 2000 2000 relative to their original positions. However, what ACTUALLY happens, is that upon using this command, the grids in question are relocated to a seemingly random point in the world, often very far away from the intended destination. I did make certain that the destination space was entirely empty.

    This is while using SEServer Extender and SE Server Essentials
  16. auge Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not quite sure on this but I think with concealment enabled, your plugin keeps concealing the NPC cargo ships and thus forcing the server to spawn new ones.
    In addition to that, after disclosing the ships again they are standing still - so their speed is 0.
    After about 2 hours the center of my map was full of cargo ships - about 50 of them...
  17. PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    Yesterdays update seems to have broken /admin scan grids

    Trying my best not to panic :cool:

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2015
  18. dbudde Trainee Engineer

    I am able to scan, but I cannot actually delete.
  19. apfelgriebsch Trainee Engineer


    it may be "protectet entities" and "block enforcement System" not worked?

  20. dspencer8282@yahoo.com Trainee Engineer

    Ok im fairly new to this sort of thing and im having issues figuring out how to activate the Dynamic Conceal Options via Chat commands. Can someone show me an example of what i should acutally be typing here? I tried DynamicConcealEnabled, /DynamicConcealEnabled then i tried the /admin DynamicConcealEnabled which didnt pop up like i was talking in chat it did nothing at all. It does however show up in logs that i put in command so i assumed i had it right. But i had a feeling it was not concealing things at all so ive been reading forums for answers. Someone mentioned the code /admin settings DynamicConceal so i tried it and it just tells me no identities are concealed. What do i type to get these dynamic conceal options to work here?
  21. darkflameknight Trainee Engineer

    Where is the settings xml? The server host cannot find it.
  22. dbudde Trainee Engineer

    It is '/admin settings DynamicConcealEnabled set True'
  23. dspencer8282@yahoo.com Trainee Engineer

    well i figured this one out on my own researching and trying things actually but the whole ConcealLargeGrid switch up in the code needs addressed id say asap also i haven't discovered how to activate the turret management apparently it has a whole different code all together. Anyhow dont want to complain what has been done with this plug in is amazing work and maybe you all are speaking some sort of language lesser experienced server host like my self don't understand when reading the plug in options and chat command list. No where do i see to type /admin settings yada yada set true so a bit more detail is needed for many of the options to make em more user friendly. But ya turret management I simply cant get this one figured out?
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2015
  24. PrioroftheOri Trainee Engineer

    I'm new to coding and stuff like this and I'm wondering if anyone can help me set up my DynamicBlockManagement for my server.

    All I want is to limit the number of drills, turrets, and industry blocks per person or per grid if I can't do per person.

    So like if I wanted to do 5 drills/welders/grinders per person, 2 of each industry block per person, and maybe 8 turrets of any kind per person (Or 4 of each if that isn't possible).

    If that is possible then per grid would be fine.

    Also of note, I don't know if it has been fixed but last time I tried last week the Safe Docking wasn't working.
  25. PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    The DynamicBlockManagement is different from what you're talking about, which is Block Enforcement. Block Management isn't finished yet...it can be enabled from /admin settings but it's not recommended yet. Block Enforcement is broken atm, at least on our server.
  26. PrioroftheOri Trainee Engineer

    Oops, Enforcement is what I meant and damn. I can't start my server again without, people keep maxing out the CPU lol.
  27. akamikeb Trainee Engineer

    I did a test today by setting the max count for refineries to 10 and then linking two ships with 10 refineries each via a connector. After a brief pause, the server deleted all of the refineries from one of the ships and served the 'you have exceeded' warning. This poses a pretty substantial problem when trying to enforce a maximum block count per ship as there are any number of things that could be summed by the server that'd exceed the limits set by me in the CP. Is there, or will there be, a way to set the scan to ignore connectors OR multiply the limit by number of locked connectors?

    The rest of the plugin is superb, btw. If not for it, I wouldn't be running my MP server as long as I have!
  28. PrioroftheOri Trainee Engineer

    If it's working can anyone show me an example of what it would look like in the xml for Block Enforcement for the setting I posted earlier?
  29. WilsonicG Trainee Engineer

    Incredible work...

    I have been working on getting this tweaked for my server and so far its gone as easy as 123 except one weird thing.

    My problem has been that I am not able to get the archived backups using Essentials to save to any folder that I specify or any folder at all for that matter. Im not sure im doing anything to effect this but the saves are just not in the appropriate designated folders or in any of the expected locations (Users//AppData/Roaming/SpaceEngineersDedicated/Saves). I do see that I am getting regular saves there that are working fine but no archived saves. WHERE ARE THE SAVES? In essentials the sub directories are enabled and the backups are enabled etc... is there some specific issue that could be causing this? I have looked in ProgramData too! I have the BackupCleanup Disabled and have specified a folder for the saves. I have manually looked in a number of places that may contain SE saves and no luck. Im sure when I find out what im doing wrong I'll kick myself but for now im pulling my hair out on this issue. Im sure Im missing something.

    Please help
  30. stonebreaka Trainee Engineer

    I don't have access to the GUI is there a way to type in-game commands to setup the block enforcements I've tried for a long time but I can't get the exact command correct. The first page is extremely vague on the commands.
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