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Multiplayer Build Feedback Thread: Scissors

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Drui, Nov 24, 2016.

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  1. TheWarMaster97 Trainee Engineer

    Bug report: every time i close the game i have to kill the process manually because even if it seems closed it still runs in the background.

    PS: am i the only one that can't find dedicated servers on all 3 builds? has this something to do with port forwarding even though i was able to host?
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  2. InfiniteDice Trainee Engineer

    Played a bit with this. A few issues.

    1) I started a game where I was server, in a 100km world size I started 200km from center, immediately it's telling me my ship will be removed in 0m. But it never did remove it, so I flew to the center of the map.
    2) We never seen meteorites. The message would display over and over yet not one of us spotted a meteorite.
    3) We had some seemingly random crashes with some of the guys - when playing a planet server, the game totally crashed on me. After that I set up an asteroid system and it was stable for me for a few hours.

    Good luck guys. :)
  3. mccorkle Trainee Engineer

    Another dedicated server crash -- this time it was an OOM:
    * 2016-11-25 21:03:17.962 - Thread: 1 -> Exception occured: System.OutOfMemoryException: Array dimensions exceeded supported range.
    * at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Resize(Int32 newSize, Boolean forceNewHashCodes)

    This is on a dedicated server with 16GB of ram (and about 10GB of it free before I start the dedicated server).

    Full log here:
    * https://www.dropbox.com/s/0gnrgphllfvuqkh/SpaceEngineersDedicated-oom-crash3-scissors.txt?dl=0
  4. Pie Apprentice Engineer

    So far I've tested all three builds for a short period using a very old but large Solar System world. At present I've only tested MP issues I know about on a locally hosted DS so at this stage can't comment on how it works out in the wild. I've not read through everyone else's post so apologies if I'm repeating anything. Here's my initial thoughts on 'Scissors'.

    Performance seems very good. Crashing ships of a reasonable size didn't drop the sim speed at all and flying and walking around was smooth. You can also walk around on moving ships without issue (tho I'd expect that on a localhost connection! Will test it online later).
    Ship behaviour - Gravity is so close to being right. Ships slow down with no downwards thrusters as they should but get 'stuck' when hovering - pressing 'C' does nothing unless you nudge the ship in another direction. Fuel usage is worked out correctly.
    Sync - better than before but I still have a base that seems to appear in a slightly different place whenever I log on. 'Rock' doesn't have this problem but Scissors does to a minor degree and Paper... well lets not go there.

    I did get one crash - log below - when using a projector.

    If you could get the behaviour of Rock and the performance of Scissors it would be ideal. So far this is the most playable build IMHO.

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  5. EasternGamerYT Trainee Engineer

    Nah the second person. Still not great.
  6. Neffarion Apprentice Engineer

    It seems that everytime I try to go towards the planet gravity center the ship refuses to thrust towards that direction, standing still. even with no dampeners in mid air.

    Also i was hosting a game and while someone joined the server the server crashed. (idk if it was the player or something else (i was also starting to build a station on the planet) )
    Here is the log:
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  7. Pie Apprentice Engineer

    Found a thruster issue with Scissors. When you land with landing gears the engines keep pulling whatever power they were using at the point of landing even if you turn them off. I tried a new world and the respawn ship landed but continually pulled 20% power even with the thrusters turned off.

    Edit to add - this happens in SP Scissors as well.
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  8. 333546323 Apprentice Engineer

    scissors seems to be the best one it runs very smooth and seems stable
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  9. iginho3d Trainee Engineer

    I've been playing a lot today on scissors. Few big problems I've been seeing are:

    First - The world size is at 29 mb and its only two days of server uptime. Could you imagine what gonna happen at 1 mounth ? Imagine downloading 100mb of world everytime you join. ( Same thing in other builds )

    Two - The Sim Speed drops a lot everytime someone is joining, if multiple players is joining at the same time it just get worse. Desync strikes at that moment and you start clipping everywhere sometimes.

    I'm not gonna talk about the server crashes because its on all builds and its not related for performance at Multiplayer. Or minimal bugs as they don't concern performance either. These are fixable.

    There is a huge crashing server glitch when new players respawns in Space Suit or dies. I don't know if its that is causing crashs, but it seems that crashs is associated with new players joining.

    Besides these two things Scissors is running pretty well. Almost no desync when no one is joining even when a lot people is mining or crashing stuffs.

    Playing in Official Test Server.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2016
  10. Petr.Minarik SE Producer Staff

    Hi guys, thank you for your reports, we are aware of thrusters on planet, but currently we seek only crashes and performance (as this was always biggest MP problem in SE).

    There is version 94 on the way, which is again more stable thanks to your reports! :)
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  11. SlyScroll Trainee Engineer

    After starting a new game in the scissors build, I found that the inertial dampeners did not work. I don't know if this is only something that has come from version 94 but I thought that a lot of people would start getting frustrated if their ships starting floating off.
  12. mccorkle Trainee Engineer

    This was not because I was admin. It was related to the fact that my player was still in a cryo tube. I had to delete my character from the world file with setoolbox and then it corrected the issue.
  13. dispair Apprentice Engineer

    Was on the xocliw test. We had 30 people on a ship and used voice command in game. Worked fine. Someone jumped the ship, people not sitting got left behind, but the jump worked well. Then someone spawned in a machine with a dozen rotors and dozens of pistons... it ran for 20 seconds then crashed.
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  14. Malware Master Engineer

    That is by design though. Unfortunately, I should say.
  15. Yliax Trainee Engineer

    bug report: The atmospheric thrusters do no allow you to move up or down if the ship you are in isn't also moving forward or backwards.

    Edit: I just read the message about not being interested in bug reports so I'll add my experience with the servers so far. Scissors has worked best for my friend and I. He is running a server on his machine that we both connect to. We had a lot of glitches with paper and rock wouldn't load at all for me. Both of them were working our machines more than they should have. Scissors has by far been the best though we had a lot of disconnects for a while but overall was still the most stable. It seems so far the update 96 fixed a lot of that.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2016
  16. terribleperson Trainee Engineer

    Looks like it went down again. I don't know if it's been reported or fixed yet, but DerrickMehaffy and I noticed realistic sound causing client side crashes on scissors.
    Now it's back, at 17:44 EST.

    As of now it's down again, I think? 01:05 UTC.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2016
  17. Vuelhering Trainee Engineer

    scissors Yay Magboots! Yay "magnetic" status.

    Most testing in hosted mode. Some testing on main DS.

    Fairly smooth, some slowdowns poss due to sim speed or lag. Overall, worked well when working.

    ships had "stiction" and would get stuck, especially newly commandeered ships such as spawning in new ships and taking over derelicts. Had to power cycle engines to fix.

    Ships could be invisible to others. Someone else getting into/out of the cockpit fixed that. When invisible, respawn button grayed out as a option, but it would still respawn with <enter>, which put you into invisible ship's medbay which was absolutely ridiculous because the ship was physically there.

    Ships got bouncy at high speed and unresponsive at 400m/s with speed addon. While only 100m/s is supported in main game, higher speeds should be handled as best as possible. It went really, really south but not for the machine hosting.

    Some rubber-banding at speed.

    Ship speed stats would show (e.g. 100.0m/s), but player speed stats would display 0.0m/s.
    Exiting cockpit at speed could cause instant death.

    Changing ownership from Nobody not reliable, and resulted in client showing ownership one way and ship behaving another. Had to change it back to nobody and back a few times before it took. Caused a crash when grinding down a block that was supposed to be owned by me.

    Piston appeared to work at speed without issue. Not tested extensively. Didn't test connectors.

    Many, many crashes (before patches). Logs submitted.
  18. AceNepets Apprentice Engineer

    Found an issue while on the Keen Official Scissors server. I was trying to remove the curse on the starter ship by joining it to a station block. Sitting in the command seat/chair, my character was ejected the moment the ship merged with the station, but I couldn't move very far, with the character's feet being centered on the command seat. Using the suicide command, I watched the character model snap back to sitting in the seat during the death cam. Respawning immediately, the dead/ghost character still sitting in the seat started moving with the same motions as my new character. Eventually the old/dead character disappeared and my new character recentered/snapped to a new position.

    Very impressed with the Paper and Scissors builds. Paper has twitching issues, and slight rubber banding when drifting with the ship at 100 m/s. Building in paper is better than Scissors; I have a few glitches and hangs while building on Scissors which were not present in Paper. Really like the Magboots in Scissors, and practically no noticeable rubber banding even at 200 m/s on my private client server. My current vote is to take the best elements from Paper and Scissors, weighted more toward scissors.
  19. terribleperson Trainee Engineer

    I'd like to second AceNepets report of the issue with merging a ship with a station while sitting in a command seat. I've experienced it myself, and heard another experience.

    Another issue is a friend built a small ship and it was completely non-responsive. Thrusters weren't firing at all. They jumped out, and came back to it a few minutes later to see thrusters firing. They jumped in and it eventually ended up a few hundred meters off the ground, but completely unresponsive.
  20. Michael123 Trainee Engineer

    How about the sim speed? it is very slow especially while browsing the inventory and moving items around. The other players get lag. Also slows for host too.

    Last edited: Nov 27, 2016
  21. terribleperson Trainee Engineer

    Alright, I posted this on /r/spaceengineers but I figure it could stand to be duplicated here. These are the bugs I've seen so far.

    1. On Scissors: If you're in a pilot seat/command chair/whatever when you merge a ship with a station, you will be kicked out of the seat, but irresistibly pulled towards it. This sometimes eventually kills you. There is no way to escape it that I can find, other than suicide.

    2. You may notice client-side crashing on Rock and Scissors when trying to land ships on the ground, or when meteor storms happen. If you check your logs, you'll notice it's because of something audio-related not being found. Disabling Realistic Sound on the server will fix this. Unfortunately, updating servers turns Realistic Sound back on. Be careful to check that.

    3. Ship piloting on Scissors seems to have some serious issues. Ships will sometimes stop moving entirely, regardless of the pull of gravity or apparent thruster activity. Usually, turning dampeners on and off will fix this. It doesn't always fix it, though. I have seen a freshly-built small ship be completely impossible to steer regardless of the actions of the pilot. Floating off the ground with dampeners, but not responding to any control inputs. This

    4. On Scissors, under some circumstances, running out of hydrogen while floating above the surface of the Alien Planet will result in you falling through the surface, forever. If you exit or somehow die, your inventory is lost forever.

    5. On Scissors, Rotors may sometimes not respond to settings unless you tinker with them for a bit.
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  22. notanimposter Trainee Engineer

    This bug where ships float away without thrusters, gravity doesn't always apply, and piloting ships doesn't work properly until (if you're lucky) you toggle dampeners twice needs to get fixed ASAP. It makes the game 100% unplayable for me and my friends and I'm guessing many other people.
  23. Michael123 Trainee Engineer

    My game wont save :/
  24. druppi Apprentice Engineer

    :D you can not use mods on the MP branches ... at leased no complex / scripted ones because the mods are don't updated / written for the new MP branches
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  25. dispair Apprentice Engineer

    Yes, you have to sit to jump, and he did warn them to get into a seat. I was just making it clear that the jump worked as intended. I thought scissors worked well. Would have preferred to drive the ship around with people in it instead of spawning the rotor thing. With 30 people it was running fine for me, much better than rock which was broken with less than 20 people and crashed at 23.
  26. iginho3d Trainee Engineer

    No one have writed about this, but there is a bug when you are mining under planet's ground, your character clips trough the ground and starts to fall but only visually because if you turn on the jetpack suddenly you got corrected or if you wait you start to teleport above in the original point and start falling again.

    This is happening to me in my mining site, I have a big downwards tunnel leading me to ores. This happens when I digging deeper.

    I have noticed that this only happens deep in the ground not on the surface. Its pretty annoying.
  27. OmegaNet Trainee Engineer

    My lag while running a rotor/piston drill contraption and spewing out stone from a connector turned out to be server sim speed 1.0, client sim speed 0.1. Usually its the server that starts complaining.

    Also no rovers or wheeled bases could drive very well on this. Its like they are sliding with no grip no matter what the settings (They worked fine on paper, but rock wouldn't paste things so I dunno there).
  28. Trement Trainee Engineer

    Private server test, 4 players, 120 ping.

    Test result:
    - no rubberbanding, but a bit choppy most of the time.
    - No crash at all during test! turned out to be the best MP experience for me over the other 2 builds
    - issue: I was able to fly through matter while in space with planetary lander. Position resets to point of origin BUT that would mean I'd be able to peak through a base/ship, and start grinding where it hurts.
    - Someone on server reported strange phantom items and assembler issues. Assembler would not produce or would reset progres bar on item when you remove items from assembler.
    I couldn't replicate this.... worked fine on my side, tried large tubes, small tubes and construction mats. Count was good and no progress bar issues.
  29. Kezat Trainee Engineer

    Need to find a good server for the others but Scissors has been running great. Most of the time server sim is a solid 1.0, only time I saw it drop to about 0.95 was with 4-5 people on and with me mining with 5 big ship drills on a rotor.

    In a small ship rotating in place will cause a vary slight spring back in the rotation but it's not bad and once you are rotating it's smooth. This seems to only happen if the ship is not move in any direction.

    Magboots are super handy and work fairly well on ships, it take a some effort to cause you to detach. However walking on a asteroid will cause a huge amount of camera shake but also stay attached well.

    Not sure if it's mods on the server but I constantly have issues with phantom or invisible items in cargo.
    As a example if you have a couple drills on a ship (large in this case) and don't have the cargo space for the system to remove the items from the drills then later add a cargo container the items automatically move to the new cargo container but are invisible in the new cargo and you still see the phantom items in the drills. Manually moving items around appears to get it to update most of the time.
    This seems to happen if you don't have the inventory open and items are moved around without you seeing them during the move.
  30. Komoden Trainee Engineer

    Been hosting a server for 2 days now, biggest issues i've seen and heard of from the other players so far:
    • Landing Gears often causing ships to ignore gravity
    • Gravity problems in general with atmos ships. Having to turn ship and dampeners on and off multiple times to get it to work (and sometimes even that fails to fix the problem)
    • Wheels behave REALLY strange
      • Car's just standing on the ground will constantly shake
      • Driving more than approximately 50km/h causes the wheels to behave as if they had tourettes. Twisting in circles, and shaking around, causing vehicles to jump akwardly.
      • So far haven't broken any wheels driving around on a lake, but it's so uncontrollable i wont even try to take it on uneven ground.
    • Tried attaching two rotors to a car with solar panels on them. Seems to work fine, but the car started twitching even more this way.. Rotors haven't broken so far though
    • The occasional desync where a ship will not be visible, or not be where it appears. always fixed by a relog (F5)
    • Seems pretty stable
    • Much fewer desync issues, still the occasional ship that isn't where it looks like, or isn't visible at all
    • We have actually been able to pick up batteries with a small ship, and connect them to our station again using merge blocks. This was previously impossible!

    PS: testing in survival, so we haven't tried pasting any crazy contraptions with lots of rotors or pistons yet.
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