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My dedicated server won't show up

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by Oskar, Feb 12, 2017.

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  1. Oskar Trainee Engineer

    I have been having a successful dedicated server up for about a week now. However, as of last patch (10/02), neither I nor any friends can find the server in the server list. I dont even see the server on LAN.
    This is the LOG from our last attempt:
    [2017-02-10 22:06:18] Log session started

    [2017-02-10 22:06:18] [0,0] SetSteamID( [A:1:0:0] )
    [2017-02-10 22:06:18] [1,2] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelLow,, UDP)

    [2017-02-10 22:06:20] [1,2] ConnectionCompleted() (, UDP)
    [2017-02-10 22:06:20] [1,2] RecvMsgClientLogOnResponse() : [A:1:2200946692:8107] 'OK'
    [2017-02-12 19:30:56] [0,0] ConnectionDisconnected('I/O Operation Failed') : 'OK' (, UDP)
    [2017-02-12 19:30:56] [0,0] (null)
    [2017-02-12 19:30:56] [0,0] StartAutoReconnect() will start in 19 seconds
    [2017-02-12 19:31:15] [1,6] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelLow,, UDP)

    [2017-02-12 19:31:20] [1,0] ConnectFailed('Connection Failed':0) (, UDP)
    [2017-02-12 19:31:20] [0,0] StartAutoReconnect() will start in 16 seconds
    [2017-02-12 19:31:36] [1,8] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelLow,, UDP)

    [2017-02-12 19:31:41] [1,0] ConnectFailed('Connection Failed':0) (, UDP)
    [2017-02-12 19:31:41] [0,0] StartAutoReconnect() will start in 39 seconds
    [2017-02-12 19:32:21] [1,10] Connect() starting connection (eNetQOSLevelLow,, UDP)

    [2017-02-12 19:32:22] [1,10] ConnectionCompleted() (, UDP)
    [2017-02-12 19:32:22] [1,10] RecvMsgClientLogOnResponse() : [A:1:2200946692:8107] 'OK'

    Thank you kindly
  2. Muttly (Muttly's Pirates) Trainee Engineer

    need too see the server log file thats located in the save folder
  3. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    if this was a few years back i'd say....did you port forward?

    ..............is SE blocked on the firewall?
  4. JimTheSoundman Trainee Engineer

    I'm sure the original poster figured out his solution already, but for anyone else who is having the problem of not being able to see their favorite server, you should try to uncheck "Compatible Versions" on the server list screen and see if it shows up then.
    When you try to click on it to join, it will then give you an error message telling you which version you are running, and which version the server is running. It's probably the server that needs to be updated.

    To do that, the person running the server needs to shut down the server, AND exit the server configuration screen, then go to the Steam Library page and click on the "Update Now" button next to Space Engineers. It will update, then you can restart the server and everything should be good. This same process needs to be done every time there is a patch or hotfix, usually every Thursday and every Friday.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.