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My Suggestions - Part One

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Nibs_1983, Nov 26, 2017.


Should i add to one thread or turn this into a series of threads?

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  1. Nibs_1983 Trainee Engineer

    Right so i'll start off by just saying that this is probably going to get long. I've got lots of ideas and I'm thinking I shall add them to this thread in stages. Is this a good way of doing it or do I start new threads with a kind of common naming.

    Okay, so I think i'll first talk about animals.

    Horses - There would be 2 variants (workhorse and warhorse). They would be bought at a Corsour (Horse Dealer) and would be best kept in paddocks or stables. They would provide horseflesh but the cost of the horse would make this a very expensive way to constantly supply meat.
    Sheep - These would be bought at the market. They would provide wool, meat, milk and sheepskin. Their cost would make these the most viable animal for rearing for food.
    Pigs - There would be 2 variants; a wild and tame version. The wild pigs are found in forests whilst tame ones are bought at the market. They would provide pork and pig hides. Pigs could be used to hunt for wild mushrooms.
    Oxen - These could be used as beasts of burden but could also provide Ox hide and Ox meat. They would be bought at a market but again their cost makes them unlikely to be bred as a steady supply of meat.
    Cows - These could provide Cowhide, Milk (and Cheese) and Beef. They would be bought at a market but their cost makes them less likely to be bred for a steady supply of meat.
    Goats - Again there would be a wild and tame version. Wild ones are found in mountainous regions and tame ones can be bought in the market. They could provide milk (and cheese), goat meat and goat skin.
    Fish - If water were implemented fish would be naturally recurring in all bodies of water and would provide fish meat. Until water is in game they could be found in a man made Fisheries and the Village Pond.
    Deer - Found in forests, they provide deer meat, deer skin and' if male' antlers. Shed antlers could also be found in the forest.
    Ducks - These would need water provided nearby. They would provide eggs (at a much slower rate than chickens), feathers and duck meat. They could be bought in markets or trapped on bodies of water (when in game:p)
    Chickens - 2 variants; wild and tame. Either found in forests or bought at a market they provide eggs, feathers and chicken meat.

    There would be equipment available for hunting, capturing and using the animals. These would be:
    Noose - for live capturing of horses, pigs, oxen, cows and sheep.
    Nets - for live capturing of ducks and chickens and for capturing of fish.
    Fishing rod - For the capture of fish.
    Bow and Arrow - Used for hunting
    Crossbow and bolts - Used for hunting
    Skinning knife
    Horse/Ox Collar
    Hunting Knife

    Whole slaughtered/hunted animals could be carried by the character or their servant or on a cart to a central butchering unit.

    So probably enough there for my first section. Wonder which of you think this is taking the game away from the engineering and which of you will agree that these could be cool additions?
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  2. Randox Trainee Engineer

    I'd like to see animals (mostly as a food and labor resource), but this might be a bit complicated; at least for my personal tastes. Horses for labor and cows for livestock are ideas I can get behind (as long as they don't become major time sinks and there is some form of partial automation (like existing farming). Stuff like ducks or goats in particular strike me as filler though.

    As for the whole market and economy, it is a neat idea, but it's probably not the right kind of game. That kind of thing is what you'd expect to see in an RPG game like Wurm Online/Unlimited or Kingdoms. And maybe that wont be the case forever. There is certainly the risk in such an open ended sandbox that you just get bored once the progression stops for too long, and something like a wider economic system is certainly a way to extend that.

    At the end of the day, there is a lot of building stuff I want to see first in the mechanical department.
  3. Nibs_1983 Trainee Engineer

    I don't know how easy it would be but couldn't you have a more involved initial setup for a world where you used check boxes to select what's in and what's out of the world. Not sure how this would work with recipes that call for specific ingredients though. Would that item also be unavailable or would it just ignore said ingredient? This way each world could be tailored for the gamers wants and needs. Could even continue keens current thoughts and have three main presets of either Civil, Economic and Military.
  4. Randox Trainee Engineer

    That's certainly an idea, and probably doable.

    For me, I think Minecraft is a good representation of my ideal animal care. If you've not played it, you simply find the animal you want and lure it home with appropriate food where you can get them into a pen. After that, you simply feed them food to make them procreate or set something up to do it for you. I don't want a strict copy, but they key idea in there that appeals to me personally is that I only need to interact (care for) the animals when I want something. In Medieval Engineer terms, that would be making food the equivalent of fuel for animal powered machines, and presumably a feed cost for procreation as well (probably as fuel for a breeding machine).

    Thinking about it, as long as I don't need to take care of my animals as a form of maintenance, I'm probably happy.
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  5. Nibs_1983 Trainee Engineer

    I agree with not having to spend too much time caring for the animals. I'm thinking that having more animals means you can make your town pretty much a 'fast food' joint :p where you haven't got to spend ages finding food (and some materials) unlike now where it can take a lot of time to keep yourself fed.
  6. MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

    I got some ideas on how to care for your animals:
    If you are in a biome with natural occurring grass (like the steppe, grassy fields, tundra and karst), most animals (horses, oxen/cows, sheep) would not need to be fed because they can just graze.
    Forest/jungle biomes can be used as meadows as well after some clearing, but are more feasible for pig keeping. Until the 19th century (and up to this day in some parts of Spain), pigs would just be driven into the woods so they could feast on acorns and beechnuts, and because tuskers would often cover the farmers' sows, pigs back then were much hairier than today and lived a semi-feral life.
    Arctic and desert biomes however do not have grass at all or at least in big amounts, so in those biomes, you would either have to limit your stock to the scarce greens or feed them wheat. For these biomes, you would choose animals that are frugal, at the cost of something like speed.
    Camels would be good for the deserts, because they can live for a long time without needing to eat or drink and are quite resistant to heat, but would be slower than horses.
    A neat addition would be grass seeds so you can revegetate plain brown soil.

    I would also love to see some predators, like bears and wolves in the colder regions and all sorts of feral cats and (venomous) reptiles in the hotter regions. To spice up travelling, livestock keeping and settling a bit. With an option to switch them off like barbarians, of course.

    We can clearly forget about fish though. Keen has more than once stated that there will be NO WATER in Medieval Engineers. Never ever. Which is sad, because it would add so much to the game. Water weels. Boats. Ferries. Moats. Fishing. Boiling water against your foes. Crop irrigation. Thirst (to a certain degree).
    But alas, an engineer can only dream.
  7. Clinkz Eastwood Trainee Engineer

    Posting here to avoid making a duplicate thread, even though it is old.
    I personally would love to at least see oxen to pull my carts and operate timber based machinery, since windmills can't power such things (FOR SOME REASON)

    Too many times have I lost carts down a hill because my engineer is too physically weak to stop it from careening down and exploding. (Those nasty SURPRISE DOWNHILL NOW) when travelling on roads. Having an oxen attached to it would be great, especially if it can essentially anchor the cart (preventing these catastrophes) due to it's strength. Once tamed, Oxen would not move unless led by an engineer/NPC. (Right click rope, and the oxen is fast enough to keep up with the player.) Additionally, it would be great to get a full carriage going where I can ride the cart and direct the oxen to move.

    +1 to this thread.
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  8. Doom_Juan Trainee Engineer

    Fantastic ideas here: survival would be improved so much with the introduction of animals.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.