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Need a reason to return to the planet...

Discussion in 'General' started by Morloc, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    Have standing on start of my DS for the same problem ..... SE is STILL an Asteroid Engineers game ... all is perfect maked to mine on zero or nearly zero G ... thats all.
    To compensate this , i have thinked over a couple of basic things ...
    What should make an planet "sexy" ...... as i have write in the info file for my DS "..even a space engineer is not born wih space suite ..."
    Planets give :
    Warm (cant be modelled ATM in SE ..)
    Protecting from Radiation (cant be modelled ATM in SE ..)
    a gravity who all the things work you have build/developed in the pre space aera (here it is the biggest problem for SE - in SE it is the full opposite ...)
    Low Energy consum
    Give many rich ore deposits from all know material

    after a little thinking i come to this changes :
    Make oxy generation drastical energy hungry (Oxy Farm) and the Oxy to Ice Ratio extrem low ....
    Make that on asteroids mostly spawn only "non interessant" ores , like nickel and silicon ...
    Make as much as possible, in terms of reality and plausibility, more easy for life on an planet (planes for low "energy hungry" transport over large distances as example..)
    Disable dogs on the earth like planet - it is funy maybe for user who start in space - but not to start survival from the beginning (spiders still "on" .. if you go to titan/Alien planet, you "know" wat is waiting for you ...)
    Place alien bases (very few and easy on earth like planet- more and more dangerous and with better weapons on more distant planets/moons ..) that can raid

    This make the beginning on planet and the focus on it as home base and safe place very important.(like it sould be in reality ...)
    But i think, this is mostly only for users who like an survival fight against the "nature" and not so much for users where mostly will PvP and build things fast and destroy things fast ..

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  2. Erikblktrn Trainee Engineer

    I use one mod that, if made vanilla could help a little as an incentive. It's the windmill mod. A relativly cheap energy source that alway work as long as you have an atmosphere. After that, if the ore node could be a little bigger to make permanent mine more attractive would help too.
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  3. Speshal_Snowman Apprentice Engineer

    Planets were just a first step, I'm sure after the new MP, sounds, and models, new features will be added, giving more and more reason for planets :) At least I hope :p
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.