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New custom Astronaut model anybody?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Prince Shadow Night, Apr 14, 2014.

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  1. Prince Shadow Night Trainee Engineer

    So I've been looking pretty much everywhere, and so far I've seen no new player models, I was hoping somebody could create one as a request for me, ideally based on (or a copy of) Master Chief's halo 4 armour
    (ofc a halo themed space jetpack of some kind would be ideal, just to make it a bit more "space engineers" style, after all, without a jetpack, travelling around would be impossible)
    If somebody want's to go all out, they could always try and recreate the EVA armour (Don't care what hslo it's from if it's the EVA set, e 4 and reach all have nice EVA sets)
    Thanks people, happy moddeling! (I'd try it myself, but I've never moddel'd before!)
  2. Kryjeck Apprentice Engineer

    Hey Prince. I have wondered the same thing, and I know a topic was started with someone who had the same idea as you, I think the underlying issue though was it has so many more moving parts compared to a block (Which just sits there being a block), that it would be much more time, effort, and making sure all the parts move smoothly, that it is much easier to work on the block for right now till Keen gets closer to getting a more polished look and starts to slow down on the updates and changing code.

    Hopefully when things quiet down then a few modders will start pumping out some awesome player models.
  3. Jakejud Apprentice Engineer

    To make a fully animated and detailed model of a character, could take weeks(of 8 hour work days). I don't even think we can add our own animations in yet. This would be cool to have, but right now its not possible, and even when it is, i wouldn't hold my breath, it is A LOT of work for a single person to do such a thing..... and for free haaaaaaa
  4. ArcherV Apprentice Engineer

    i want a pink pony as astronaut
  5. foxdie Apprentice Engineer

    <del>After several years of game modding though i've promised myself not to get involved anymore. But it shouldn't be too difficult to find a masterchief model that's already been made, or rip it out of another game and and replace the existing model. Figuring out how the animation works will likely be the hardest part, its likely using some form of bone rig. I'd start by trying to import/convert the existing model (which may be difficult depending how bespoke this engine is) and see hows it done (be useful for sizing too), then just a case of replicating the bone structure and applying the verts to the bones.

    I've already seen a modder though with the default character in max. So someones figured out first stage. Whether or not it imported with the bone structure and UV map is another question as its often lost through the conversion process.</del>

    EDIT: Actually on closer inspection of this forum they've made it really easy, and theres already a well skilled modder community:

    I might have a little dabble later in year.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.