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New features i would like to see added

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by brodgar, Jan 15, 2015.

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  1. brodgar Trainee Engineer

    the devs have said they want to keep things in a realistic future, which greatly effects the things they can or cannot add to the game.
    there has been a lot of talk on the forums about adding planets, which they cannot do in a realistic sense, as worlds the actual size of planets would be vastly to massive to be practical for any non-gaming computer, and making mini worlds is pure science fiction.
    here are some fun ideas i think would be cool, and would also be realistic and hold true to the devs ideology.
    1) pirates, hostile and friendly factions.
    2) Interstellar clouds.
    3) comets.
    4) a less consistent space.
    5) radar *and radar resistant coating on ships (realistic cloaking)* and a space map.
    6) more player stats.
    1: pirates, hostile and friendly factions.
    pirates, there are so many ways this could be done. Pirates could wonder around space in search of things to raid, most small ships or smaller large ships, possibly attacking your base if they see a beacon or antenna in range, which would add a fun game play aspect of not always wanting to leave your beacon on for fear of a pirates attack, or maybe even making a large network to attract pirates. they could be spawned in like asteroids or like cargo ships, maybe even both. this would make the game a little more dangerous, the ships should stay somewhat small, as if they were to large or to well armed they would be a bit to much to deal with all the time.
    hostile and friendly factions, the way i imagine how this could work, is that throughout space there are different ai factions that control different parts of space, the sizes could vary or just stay a simple 20km or so, each faction would have a base or station, and around like a 20km area where the factions ships patrol, these factions could vary in power, size, space control, you could have missions to do to maybe make them stronger, factions them selves could have enemies and allies, which would create fleet combat, and engineering opportunities, fights between factions, or building to make them stronger. not common enough to be easy to find, but enough close to each other so that interactions happen once in a while through exploration scouts or something similar. this function would require a map and coordinates otherwise factions would never be able to find each other for combat and the like. factions should be limited to a smaller number 3-9 so that you could keep track of who likes or who does not like who, also a pirate faction would be fun.
    2: Interstellar clouds.
    Interstellar clouds, they would need to be very vast to make it somewhat realistic, because of the speed limits we could not make them actual realistic size as they are so massive its crazy in real life. maybe 200km-1000km in size, different types, thick gases or thinly scattered, they could reduce vision, maybe add issues to beacons and antennas while in clouds, adding a gas collector part so that we could get rare and valuable materials from them, maybe factions would like to base in them, for it would be harder to find, within interstellar clouds very few asteroids would spawn as well. this addition would be a fun change to infinite asteroids.
    3: Comets
    like cargo ships but faster, you would be able to detect them by there signature tail and trail of ice they leave behind, maybe traveling at 80km, rare materials kept inside they are a great catch, if you can catch it. not to large, so that its not impossible to slow it down and carry it to your base, maybe half the size of the starting platform, a simple yet fun addition that would create little race scenes between you and a rock.
    4: a less consistent space.
    parts of space could have fewer asteroids, others could have more, some areas, asteroids could be clumped due to there own miniscule gravity over millions of years, more random asteroids but less donuts, maybe in some parts of space a lot of the asteroids could be similar due to planetary collision or something along those lines.
    5: radar, radar-absorbent material, Space map
    we will start with the space map, it should be a block for large ships and stations *and a mini more simple one for small ships* its a 3d map, xyz, keeping track of all discovered space within *radar range* of where you have been since it was made, asteroids white dots, ai buildings and ships red or blue, player ships and buildings green, only showing things in radar range in real time, otherwise they sit where they were last scanned, this would allow you to keep track of your progress, see factions, plan missions, choose a base area, a realistic fun addition that would greatly change how we use the world in the best of ways.
    Radar, a block for large ships and stations, scans space within 50km pinging results back to the map, this would allow you to explore better, find more ships, help with factions, fleet battles, a generally all around needed thing to happen.
    RAM, Radar-Absorbent Material, a third block type, that would be heavy, expensive, but immune to radar, allowing for stealth missions and cloak combat between ships, you can still see the ship of course, just the radar cannot, allowing for fun combat, stealth missions for factions to sabotage enemy factions and the like, it would be very cool and fun, pretty simple as well.
    6: more player stats
    an optional feature as not everyone likes to keep track of food, water, and oxygen, but it would be fun to need to eat, to have to maintain a hydroponics bay, and get water from ice, a new recourse obtained from comets and very rarely from asteroids, and to keep track of oxygen in your suit. maybe even have to sleep from time to time, it would add a lot more challenge and realism to this game.
    i dont know if many people will read this, but i hope anyone who does enjoys it! and ill be checking back in to update and talk with anyone that replies.
    TLDR cool realistic space stuff.
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  2. Mishka Junior Engineer

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  3. brodgar Trainee Engineer

    another thing that would be nice are larger asteroids, instead of alot of medium sized ones like we have now, some areas that just have a few very large asteroids.
  4. Leif_The_Head Apprentice Engineer

    1: We will be going there.
    2: Suggested a few times already.
    3: That is actually new. Open a new thread about that.
    4: Also suggested before, alot of times actually.
    5: "
    6: NO WAY. This is about engineering and not Space Life Simulator.
  5. brodgar Trainee Engineer

    thank you for replying, im curious as to what 5 is, also i have created a thread for comets!
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  6. StuffYouFear Apprentice Engineer

    To use a " in that manner just mean he is quoting the line above, avoiding having to retype it.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.