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New Guy in the forum, But veteran engineer

Discussion in 'General' started by Crimsonknight Riczen, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Crimsonknight Riczen Trainee Engineer

    A pleasant day to all space engineers, it's been awhile since I enter a game forums again, 10 years ago. I've been playing space engineers since Q4 of 2016.

    In my search of this game. I play some other space themed games like, empyrion, no man's sky, and osiris new dawn. And space engineers takes the crown for me, for it has remarkable functional blocks, as a Seafarer, I really love to make ships, with calculator beside me.

    Like all engineers, I encountered all the stubborn bugs, been confined with the "ship brick" syndrome. And notoriously building big hallowed ships larger than previously builds.
    But after I fully understanding the "ship building" in my preparations for my OIC Exams, plus watching some countless short vids from: Wasted in Space, Sage, LSG, Splitsie and many more, thanks for small internet cards onboard our vessel.

    For 4 years I was able to created and finished my very own design: 1 exploration ship, 1 corvette class ship, and 1 battle cruiser and 1 exceptional battleship/carrier class and all of them are cable of going anywhere and several support space and ground vehicles, all designs are far off unique from the mainstream workshop designs. I have strive for uniqueness with respects for functionality, ergonomics and design in mind for the last 2 years.

    And this game help me rebuild the bridge to my brother whom I never get along for a long time. I've enjoyed a lot the game with my brother jacking up pirates other cargo ships and raiding up enemy bases. Learning together the nuts and bolts aspect together, The game mean a lot to me.

    Funny thing, I haven't updated my game in steam for one year, I still have my 1.189 here working, and it's cool see SE realising big changes, adding more blocks to the game. In fact all the three large ships are ready to incorporate all dlc blocks with interior passage block to mark them

    I want to buy all the dlcs, no problem with the price, for a seafarer. But there some clarification I want to address:

    After buying all* the DLCs, start a star system, load my favourite mods, and save it. And pack up my suit case, then...

    - set steam offline mode
    - play it with no access to internet for a 10months contract duration.

    1) Everything I paid* for will be still available of use to to that specific save file while offline?
    - armour block skins
    - decorative blocks
    - space suit skins

    2) While offline, can I create a new save file with everything I purchase ready for use?

    3) About the space suit and tool skins, are obtainable in offline play?

    Honest and detailed facts are greatly appriciated to 3 questions,

    I also want to gift this to my younger brother. Before I go back onboard again.

    Hopefully when I come back home, theirs an ocean to sail on, faunas to hunt and loot or to be scared off, And big naval space guns to blow both players and pirates like confetties!!! Sky high!!!

    I love the space engineers and enjoy the goodness of the game along its parts that can be further improved and added.

    Have happy day of welding and grinding to all space engineers!!!
  2. BitsNoKibbles Trainee Engineer

    I just switched to offline mode and started SE.
    • My saved games (created online) were not listed in the "Load" menu
    • Mods I had subscribed to were not listed in the available mods list
    • Mods that I had created or copied *were* listed in the available mods list
    I created a new save with local mods.
    • Decorative I, II, and Frostbite blocks were available
    • Character settings were set to defaults
    • No special items were listed
    I waited for an unknown signal, zoomed over and pushed the button, got nothing.

    1. Yes (probably)
    2. Yes
    3. No
    Nota Bene: "Offline mods" are not something supported directly by SE, but you can go online, download mods, and extract them separate directories to make them available offline.

    Have a good trip, and stay safe.
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  3. Roxette Senior Engineer

    Switched what exactly to offline mode ? I'll wager your machine was still connected to the internet, and the game used the connection even though you thought it was set to 'offline'. Without a net connection, the DLC is not available unless a lot of hackery is employed to make it so. See the large number of recent posts to this forum and the Steam forum about this major annoyance to people who frequently play without a net connection and have purchased the DLC.
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  4. BitsNoKibbles Trainee Engineer

    Switched Steam to offline mode.

    I didn't run a packet capture to see if SE was doing anything OOB, so I can't speak to that.

    I ran a quick test and reported my findings.

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  5. Roxette Senior Engineer

    It's a common misconception, but that does not prevent any Steam game from using a live net connection, and Space Engineers like many or even most Steam-distributed games can and will still use the net connection for anything they need, including connecting to the Steam workshop or verification services.
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  6. Crimsonknight Riczen Trainee Engineer

    On the 1# so I can access these items?

    * all Decorative blocks from all dlc?
    * all Block skins from all dlcs?
    * so okie suit skins are out menu when. offline... X_x

    So when buy all dlcs, But go offline, I won't be able to bag the skin suits, but I purchased the dlcs as whole right?

    Is their a work around? Steps?
  7. Roxette Senior Engineer

    OK So on further testing today Keen have clearly fixed their earlier annoying fuckup, the DLC blocks are available now with no internet connection. Only the character and block skins are unavailable, including any previously found from the 'unknown signal' pods as well as purchased items. I don't have the interest or patience to spend a lot of time trying to find a workaround, and in any event because of the way this is implemented with Steam it would probably not be advisable to post such a workaround on a normal game forum site. You may find such information on a dodgy hacking site somewhere on the internet, if you're brave or stupid enough to go to such places ;)
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  8. Crimsonknight Riczen Trainee Engineer

    Thanks to your efforts, but I have another last question,

    if I decided to use skin armors while online, like gold skin armor, have them painted a small miner, and paste it from my blue prints, will it stay gold when I paste it into an offline game?

    And should that golden skinned miner, have been damage, with the help of projector and small ship welder to repair it, will it retain it's golden skin armor while offline game after being repaired?
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2020
  9. Roxette Senior Engineer

    I decided to test this and discovered the block skins are available offline now o.o as usual things in this game are very inconsistent and fucky, so your milage will vary unpredictably. I don't have the patience right now to do any further investigation of this, sorry.
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  10. Crimsonknight Riczen Trainee Engineer

    Thanks alot for efforts man, I felt very disappointed about this,

    It's like ordering, a nice fried salmon dipped in pesto on a fine dinning restaurant, enjoy every bite, only to found out at the exit, a security guard will ask you to vomit all salmon you ate on a garbage can...

    What a disgust...

    After playing this game almost a half decade, and been thinking a year to buying all dlcs... So madly to get a hands on it, and This is what's waiting for me...
  11. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer