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New HardMode survival challenge: Crashed Red ship, Broken helmet!

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Calaban, Feb 18, 2017.

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  1. Calaban Junior Engineer

    This is a survival and engineering challenge I set for myself [and offer as a challenge to others]. I feel this will change practically every way I build, plan, and play this game. It will impose puzzles to solve and difficulties to engineer around, and will be more deadly.

    Put simply, I will play Crashed Red Ship survival with Helmet stuck open. Never Close-able

    I bet already a lot of viewers are thinking "this is impossible" (and yeah, if in-cockpit block placement is still broken it will make things much, much harder), and are stuck wondering how to even begin doing anything this way.

    And that is the fun of it (for me). It may take me half a day to make a garage out of the left engine pod, or even build my first ship, but you can bet things will be very different right from the start.

    The Red ship has an airtight space already. Getting that ice first off will be interesting. I can see myself grinding away a thruster from the pressurized inside, evacuating the space, and quickly slapping a seal block in place as I take damage- hopefully with time enough to survive the event. :)

    A small ship "survival pod" will have to be my first build... but yeah, how to build it INSIDE, with no doors then to get it OUTSIDE to go do things?? :) Puzzles abound, dont they?

    So off I got to try this. Either I will have a super frustrating time and rage quit, or will have an interesting story to tell.

    Lets let this topic be a place to discuss the hows, work-arounds, and achievements I and others who try this out have accomplished.
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  2. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    hmm... how to place blocks without being there to place blocks... project them. Then weld them using a remote welder drone. Its unfortunate that you have to make BP's to project things.

    So I recommend you play this hardmode in a semi-creative mode. by enabling the ability make BP's in your survival map.
  3. Calaban Junior Engineer

    My storied Struggle so far:
    [game settings: 3x in, 3x assem. 3x ref, 5x weld 5x grind. Permadeath on, disable spawnships, airtight on]
    [mods: Easy Inventory, Camera Pan/tilt, Midspace /Scan]

    First off: claimed ownership of everything and made me some t4 tools from the starting resources. Recycled the o2 tanks for their silver since i wasnt going to be using those anyway.

    Well, found out the engine nacelles are not airtight, to my great pain and blown out eardrums. I found the flaw: the piping for the reactor was just piping and not an airtight conveyor junction where the piping went outside. with great pain and near death, I managed to race in, grind it away, place a conveyor junction and weld it up, then race back to the medbay as the interior repressurized. Ouch. 9% health. but done. now the rt engine pod is airtight with the rest of the airspace.

    I needed to make that engine pod the "garage" a place I could seal up airtight to work in, yet with an airtight door to outside big enough to squeeze a craft through. The normal door tot he outside on that pod would be my exit, but since a small drone cannot fly through such a door, i added an airtight hangar door just inboard of it.

    Next was thruster components. This was gonna hurt as well... Right above the control station were 4, and I only needed to scrap 1. I realized I didnt have enough room in my backpack for an entire thruster, this was gonna get messy. I took a deep breath, and grinded one of them away. Poof open hole to the void. As expected, leftover parts were floating in the space i desperately needed to plug, so I had to belly flop them away, then scramble to put the components into teh o2 gen hatch and grab 25 steel plates to seal that hole ASAP. Ugh. nearly died AGAIN.

    Now I was getting rolling. I had thruster components, the nickel and iron in my refinery to start would provide several batteries for drones, etc. Using the Silicon also in the refinery got me my antenna components, as I knew I would be doing a LOT of remote controlling in this situation.

    I made a minimalist drone (one of my specialties) that had a cross section of 4x5: small enough to fly through one large ship block. It was setup so its "nose" could be swapped out in the garage to whichever tool i needed. The first tool it needed as a grinder, to get out of the ship.

    With the airtight hanger door open, revealing the normal door behind it, the little drone ground its way out to space. DERP! I forgot to seal the inner passageway door, and the entire ship depressurized, with me feeling rather foolish feeling safe at the inner control station.

    But I sealed it up asap, and my little drone got to work, grinding the components it needed for future endeavors. I knew motors, small tubes, etc were at a premium, so it got to work on the landing gears, catwalks, and conveyor tubes all over the ship.. It docked to the cargo connector, and set its batteries to charge as it unloaded.

    Then I looked to what was next. ICE! huh. i never started with any, and all these depress/repressurizing were emptying the oxygen tank rather alarmingly. So I raced teh drone back into the garage, made a non piped charging connector for it to top off its batteries as I worked on it, and replaced its grinder with a drill.

    Sending it outside, it found a ice and uranium patch on the rock we hit. Score. filled up and offloaded. Whew. air and fuel taken care of for the moment now what?

    Made me and "extended space suit"- basically a small ship cockpit with o2generator, thrusters and antennas. Slapped a connector on it to charge the battery, and went outside to check the in cockpit build mode. seemed ok. I was in business.

    And that brings me up to date. and WOW what a different, stressful, puzzling, dangerous way to play! Feels like a whole new game!
  4. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    hmm... here is a "thing" you can do. Make sections of blocks with merge blocks on them so you can build a ship IN your ship. :)
  5. Calaban Junior Engineer

    With my Extended spacesuit ship acting as "overseer", I can place new blocks to my ship With Ctrl-G Builder mode, then have my modular drone with a welder go in and assemble it once placed.

    .. but now a new wrinkle to the puzzle: The Arc furnace got welded no problem, but when i placed a connector to it, the welder drone couldnt finish it (missing components)...

    :D now I have the puzzle of finding out which components it is short of, since the welder when seen through a camera in remote control doesnt put up the components list, and I cannot see the list from my overseer pod without a welder of my own, and certainly cannot step outside to wave a hand welder at it, so... sigh...

    So, its do-able, challenging, and not impossible. I have yet to die and respawn, and playing this way is complicated, awesome, and accomplishments feel like real achievements. Something as simple as turning the twisted nose of the Red Ship into an airtight hangar, all without a helmet, to make it sealable and now inhabitable, is now something to actually be proud of. It also has taught me new tricks, such as this:

    - Control box on top of Kontrol Panel: able to select drones, and mothership, either to take control immediately, or to access its grids terminal directly. a real time saver

    - Even while sitting in one small ship, remote controlling another drone, I can hit K-control box and access the large ship to open hangar doors and such (three antenna links deep), as well as tell its assembler to start making parts for stuff while Im working.. wow! antenna networking stuff I havent needed to utilize much before, that has apparently always been there- just unaware by me.

    - Since exiting my control pod is lethal with no helmet, air vents triggering Green lts to tell me im good to exit is another thing I havent cared much about before, but are essential now.

    - Ctrl-G builder mode is amazing. With a handful of "placing components" in my bag, I can place stuff from the safety of my cockpit. To change tools on my drone in the middle of a vacuum, Ive set up a grinder and welder on the mothership on the assembler deck. To change tools on my drone, i simply drive the nose of the drone into the grinder, spin it to face me in my pod, place a different tool on the drone, spin the drone to the welder, and presto! tool change with no helmet in vacuum.

    So, yeah. I LOVE pushing the limits of the gameplay by choosing a "Hard Mode" to teach me new aspects and techniques of this rather deep game (dont get me started on my apocalypse weather survival lessons)
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2017
  6. odizzido Junior Engineer

    I want to do this stuff as well. I started with no jetpack or visor with the objective of making it to another planet and being able to start up. My next one is a planet with no ice or silver and no oxygen. However batteries currently give unlimited power and last time I checked you could make oxygen appear in your tanks from nothing. Makes my hardcore survival situation easy and therefore pointless.

    Sometime in the future those of us who like this sort of stuff should make scenarios that seem impossible and we can try to pass them.
  7. Hazee Daze Trainee Engineer

    A+ adventure Calaban! I've go to try this one out.
  8. Calaban Junior Engineer

    I wish there was a "broken helmet" mod that kept me "honest". On relogging in I once forgot to reopen it.. D: I cheated :/

    Playing this way makes me smile thinking about the common opinion in these forums that "O2 pressurization is a wasted feature and not really worth worrying about"

    wow. Pressurized spaces are EVERY. THING. For me now. My consideration of airlock doors, and air vent piping here and there are major concerns now. Grinding a block away in a pressurized area have become stressful... that HISS the sign of doom.

    To describe the misadventure that almost killled me
    -The main hangar space.. yaknowwwww that refinery in the roof? hmph.. not the most airtight. That was the obvious part. Catwalked it up no prob. But things got TRICKY.
    I was adding the productivity modules, to the refinery and the assembler above. While I knew modules weren't airtight, it was an enclosed box above, right? ...Right??
    After finishing the work and closing the doors to get out, I exited my control pod cockpit to the hangar deck... and GASP! no.. air!!! get in GET IN!
    Now stuck at 8% health [did I mention auto-heal OFF] I had to find the leak, or I had NO WAY to get to my medbay. D: The side pod hangar door was now proved to be too small to enter with my hab craft that has grown a bit.. I was stuck. Quite the misadventure you would never endure in normal play, huh? :)

    Im at the point now where i can /scan for derelicts and begin the next puzzle, how to salvage it without a helmet, or a large airtight hold to engulf a salvageable ship. game on! :)
    --- Automerge ---
    oops. very first derelict i encountered.. and i ran smack into it. Took out most of the left engine pod (the only reverse thruster). Luckily it was the pod without the reactor (i salvaged it for reactor parts), but I am still left with the problem of coming to a stop. and fortunately i kept the inner door in place, or I would be depressurized, and dead.
  9. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    Very cool challenge. I bet that would make an awesome premise for a scenario set on the marslike planet.
  10. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    .........I was about to suggest finding a workshop mod that has no helmet but a jetpack...i don't know atomsphereic planet engineer suit or some s**t.
    but............................every character skin mod is pretty much busted at this point due to recent updates.

    if you mine chances are you'll flung backwards violently

    eh....this is still one suit i can find.

    doesn't have a helmet nor jetpack......might be even harder without getpack since magboots are useful but even they tend to unlock quite a bit...

    A grappling or mag-hook would be sweet to help against that but ....................""beta""
  11. Calaban Junior Engineer

    New mechanic that came up due to these limitations, one that Im sure to use in the future during less... difficult times :)

    An airlock door connector to another ship- pressurize-able (so mother ship can connect and then pressurize interior of derelict ship)

    At first I was trying to make airtight hangar doors for this, but the corners of the seal were a problem. So scrapped that idea

    So, merge block and pointy blocks for the win. How to make a removeable merge block dock point that is also sealable? Triangle armor blocks. When the two opposing faces merge, the pointy edge of the triangles dont really grid merge, but DO seal airtight (if undamaged of course). so these triangle points meeting up is the "trick". After I de-merge the two ships, those points that were never really gridlocked anyway come away free and intact.

    So basically it is a sliding door with 3 1x2 slope edges sticking out around it, with the merge block being the floor. It works great. When I come upon a derelict, I send the worker drone out to grind a spot away on a flat section, and insert a merge block in its place [or, if it has a front door, place the merge block under their door], then fly my mothership airlock gently up to it- the merge blocks engage, and when locked, the slopes make a tunnel. I can open the door- the tunnel is airtight, i can grind the derelict wall away to get to inside.. and my ships pressurizes the derelict through the tunnel. (assuming its airtight in there)

    So that solved "how do I personally get into a large derelict ship with no helmet?" problem, and taught me a new trick as well! Now I can make large grid "worker ships" that I can physically walk into in an airtight environment, then detach and fly around in. Again- this feels like a whole new game now.
  12. mahesar Trainee Engineer

    I decided to give this a try and it is indeed a lot of fun.
  13. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Things got better once i found a commercial Salvager... a large ship with a bit of interior that I can physically "dock" to with a pressurized connection
  14. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    This needs to be a youtube series...
  15. OrwellianHaggis Trainee Engineer

    Hugely entertaining idea, must give it a go.

    Did you continue with this or stop playing?
  16. UrbanLegend Apprentice Engineer

    A bit too hardcore for me. I do like the playing with no helmet or jetpack in survival, but only after I've already made my cushy, oversized ships and habitats in creative.
  17. Calaban Junior Engineer

    i still visit it from time to time

    Now that free parts crates are available, crate harvesting with drones became a thing, but sometimes locking gear onto a crate caused massive acceleration bugs... so that was a problem.

    Then merge blocks started acting funny, and those were kind of essential for my airtight docking airlock- they would often ruin the "seals" around the doors, so that was another problem that made trying to survive in this Klang Universe really not worth the time and effort.

    Its sad to say, but backsliding of functionality with the physics changes makes such consequence serious survival a bit too hard.
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