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New idiot question.

Discussion in 'General' started by ronniedt, Dec 22, 2016.

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  1. ronniedt Trainee Engineer

    Hello all, I have done the five missions to get the feel of the game, but I have absolutely no idea how to actually start to play the game 'properly' so to speak.

    I have started a couple of the, I assume player made scenarios, but I have no idea what the aims of them are.

    Forgive my ignorance, but any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Well, here's the thing - Space Engineers is a sandbox game so "the game proper" is whatever you want it to be. In Survival you mainly try to stay alive, in Creative you build things for the hell of it. People will gladly give you some pointers to help you out but it would help us to know what you would like to do in SE.
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  3. Timuroslav Apprentice Engineer

    The tutorial only really tells you how to use the welder.
    The Grinder undoes what the welder does so if you have a block you want to recycle use the grinder
    The Drill is for digging right click makes a hole with no rocks it just destroys voxels Left click breaks up rocks so you can pick them up.
    I is for inventory K opens the control panel
    Start with Light Armor blocks to set up a block you usually need steel plates to first place it and then weld it up. The blocks you want to place are in your [G] menu drag and drop them onto your hot bar.
    To power blocks make sure there is a power source connected through finished blocks.

    hope that gets you started.

    Build Starship :)
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  4. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Go into "Scenarios" and select "Easy Start Earth"

    You will start with a prefab'ed base, some pirates nearby, some simple vehicles, etc. You can select almost any other scenario except "empty world" and spawn in a yellow ship or a planetary lander if planets are present in that scenario.
  5. Reho Trainee Engineer

    - Find different types of ore with drill or ore detector on ship, the darker spots on ground are mineral rich
    - collect the ore and refine them in the refinery
    - move the ingots into an assembler to build components
    - use your welder and grinder to build ships for your liking
    - ships need power, thrusters, gyro and cockpit (all else is optional)

    - there are 3 types of thrusters:
    - atmoshperic for in athmosphere flight, use energy (some planets, not all like moon)
    - ion for space flight, use energy, does not operate in natural gravity, expensive to make (platinum is rare)
    - hydrogen for anything, work everywhere with optimal power, use hydrogen A LOT, these are needed to get off planets into space
    - thrusters do not apply torque, so you can desing ships unsymmetrical, you should build at least one in every 6 directions, more downwards if you are on planet

    - cargo adds into your ship weight, so consider it in the design
    - F=Ma is your best friend from now on, use the Space Engineers wiki to find out thruster outputs, the ships weight is displayed in the HUD when in cockpit
    - use ice in oxygen generator to make oxygen into oxygen tank and hydrogen into hydrogen tank
    - use oxygen and hydrogen bottles to refill your suit, refill bottles in oxygen generator
    - protect your medical bay for respawns, it can also refill your suit if it has oxygen and hydrogen provided via conveyor network, needs to be powered to allow respawning
    - use conveyor networks in station (and ships) to transfer stuff, oxygen and hydrogen between blocks, small conveyors cannot transfer all types of materials (like steel plate)
    - use solar panels and batteries if you dont have uranium, batteries cannot be grinded down since power cells turn into scrap when grinded so choose wisely where you place them
    - find uranium for reactors
    - Join a multiplayer server and play with someone to learn

    -OR IN SHORT: Grind - Weld - Clang!

    - Enjoy Lord Clang ;)
    - Have a Merry Clangmass!
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  6. Crusader Apprentice Engineer

    This literally proves that the tutorial missions don't actually teach you anything hehe.
    They should rework it, make it longer and even perhaps make a mission where you have to build a fighter before a fight or something similar.
  7. Cadde Trainee Engineer

    "What should i do"
    Whatever you want to!

    It's a sandbox game. You decide what you want to do. How you do that really depends and is way too much to cover in a single thread.
    So, figure out what it is you are aiming for. In any case, i would recommend trying some things out in creative mode just to get a feel for how things fit together and operate.
    Even if you are the fastest learner on this planet, it's going to take you at least a couple of days to get acquainted with all the fundamentals of everything short of the programmable block.
  8. StuffYouFear Apprentice Engineer

    Also if you have a fairly good internet connection muiltyplayer is a blast but very unforgiving. When you log off a server anything on your person will be lost, and you must have a medbay if you want to respawn back to your stuff. Might I also suggest finding a high difficultly server then trolling the servers owner by crashing starting ships in to the ground over and over and over... Ronin will love it I swear!
  9. ronniedt Trainee Engineer

    Thank you to all those who have offered me advice.

    Dear me, if the 5 missions I completed were supposed to help me get into the game, then perhaps the infamously bad Eve Online starter missions are not so bad after all :)

    Creative Mode; is to get used to the basic mechanics of the game, so will do this first.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2016
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.