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New Mod: Advanced Beekeeping

Discussion in 'General' started by Stori3D Past Productions, Apr 27, 2018.

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  1. Stori3D Past Productions

    Stori3D Past Productions Apprentice Engineer

    Hi all. I'm proud to introduce something we've been working on for weeks: Advanced Beekeeping.

    I wanted to do a beekeeping mod for a year. But with no damage mechanics in the game, it wouldn't really feel "alive." The game's 6.3 update changed all that. Bee stings hurt! This work is a major collaboration with shad and Maxwell, whose Brewing Mod will soon be able to produce mead as well.

    This mod lets you find wild queen bees, craft & place working beehives (which sting you when you get close), and insert the queen bee to start crafting beeswax & honey. In keeping with Medieval realism, to get at the honey & beeswax, you must destroy the hive with a weapon and collect the loot.

    Also, after getting stung a few times with your first hive, you will learn the trick to making a "Bee Smoker" torch that will protect you from then on!

    The mod comes with its own custom quest, which leads you through the steps. Basically:

    1. Find a queen bee when collecting wild mushrooms (a 1 in 20 chance)
    2. Craft a hive with sticks & wheat stalks.
    3. Place the hive IN OR NEAR A MEADOW. (Careful, the hive will instantly start stinging you, be quick.)
    4. With the queen bee in your inventory, click the hive to deposit the queen and start the crafting.
    5. After 30 minutes, the hive will turn "ripe" and gooey-looking.
    6. Attack it with a weapon to destroy it.
    7. Collect the ripe hive, honey, and beeswax!

    We hope you enjoy the immersion of these true-to-life, working, dangerous beehives. And the Bee Smoker, which will keep you safe. Look forward to other mods that will take advantage of both the wax and the honey. Honey is a tasty food & will be great for mead. Wax could be great for preserving weapons & tools, making cleaner, brighter candle flames, and many other things to come.
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  2. Forcedminer

    Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    i can already see someone making a Honningbrew Meadery with stuff like this. :p
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.