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New modding feature requests

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ondrej.Petrzilka, Aug 13, 2014.

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  1. Hummy91 Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I have a request?/Question? because I haven't looked into the modding aspect of the game (yet). So I was curious without any research on my part, can you mod the collision meshes of objects in the game?

    I ask because when attempting to fit a large ship connector onto a large ship piston it only works when there are no blocks on any side of the piston, otherwise there is damage. Can I fix this through modding or is collision/cube editing not a feature of modding yet?

    Sorry for the lack of 'using the search function' myself, it's just something that's annoying me during a gameplay session and something I really want on my ship (Y)
  2. tycoonspaceman Trainee Engineer

    Conveyor T-Piece ? seems like a missing part to me :D
  3. GigaCorp Trainee Engineer

    The 6 way conveyor already covers this.
  4. KhorneSyrup Trainee Engineer

    Option to set Welder/Grinder speed in Cubeblocks.sbc for custom welders/grinders. Also option to have them ignore server settings.
  5. TheKotU Apprentice Engineer

    Block Graphics
    The ability to have multiple textures, or sets of textures available for all blocks, or for singular blocks
    So while in the placement menu we can scroll through the texture for a block to give each one a new feel. more then just a color.

    Custom block scaling on axis,
    Available for certain blocks the ability to enlarge or shrink the block on the x-y-z axis for certain blocks(which will also affect the cost of the block)

    Using Scroll Wheel and a modifier key for the orientation of blocks in block placement mode.
  6. DikembeMutombo Trainee Engineer

    Id like to see new player handheld weapons and items such as a missiler/rocket launcher sniper even maybe binoculars

    altho is that even supported yet?
  7. TheDeinonychus Trainee Engineer

    Little request I have

    A connector/ejector block that can eject larger items. The current connector only seems able to eject stone and ores in small amounts. Im hoping to get something that can eject much larger stones. Something in the range of up to 100k kg or so at a time.

    Reason for ask is, well, Im building a cannon. Working on a gravity-powered railgun that fires stone. The gun works, but I was hoping to make it self-loading using connectors to drop stone into the chamber. Unfortunately the pebbles that the stock connectors drop out are pretty much useless.

    Anyone think they can manage this? Or even just modify the stock connectors to eject more?
  8. TheKotU Apprentice Engineer

    In regards to Graphics

    Better normal map rendering, so the mirrored faces aren't inverted

    and better shader support
  9. Evenlease Trainee Engineer

    A request, or many...

    More doors, need more variants, glass doors, metal doors with windows, so many different types you can do... someone PLEASE!

    More lights, different types of lights... come on guys get creative!!

    Adding more of the above two things would be awesome, different doors for different types of rooms... and different style lights for different ships!
  10. Shaostoul Senior Engineer

    @Evenlease, I think the point of this thread is a little lost on you.

    It's specifically modding feature requests. Your request could follow under these requests:

    Door opening distance and door opening speed values in the cubeblocks.sbc

    (Glass in doors is already possible)

    Light flickering frequency, light flashing speed (but keep it not super fast to avoid epilepsy issues), allow collision mesh on light blocks, allow multiple light sources for a single block.
  11. Evenlease Trainee Engineer


    Ah gotcha, I can't seem to find a Mod Request thread.. So I figured this was the place to ask, my bad.
  12. Shaostoul Senior Engineer

    I could've sworn there was another thread aside from this one:


    You could also just post on a modders thread who you'd like to see if they'd do it. Most people just seem to start a new thread for requests.
  13. Nio9345 Trainee Engineer

    While I was working on a dual rotating door I run in a problem .... The rotors doesn't lock in place which is a bit unusual since in real life the rotors lock in place either from the force of the electrified coil keeping the magnets on a constant spin in the direction you choose or (big and powerfull ones) they are VERY slow, accurate and lock in place via internal locking mechanisms which brings me to the first request. Can you please make the rotors lock in place ? and no, using landing gears for locking are not a practical way to do it.

    For the second I was hoping for a block with a free rotating small wheel inside for the use of moving entire platforms with the help of pistons for example. I can't use the current one because they either too big and won't fit or too small and the same problem occures ...

    Only these two I'm looking forward to, thanks in advance.
  14. LanToaster Trainee Engineer

    It would be Awesome to be able to Publish Mods without the need of beeing Ingame.

    Also there need to be more Information on the Publish Process in case of a failure.

    As: "2014-08-23 20:37:17.556 - Thread: 1 -> Error sharing the file: Fail"
    Is next to none Information.
  15. Shadow_Flux Apprentice Engineer

    Reload Model button also reloads collision mesh please :)

    I would ask for a reload cubeblocks.sbc button, but may as well just reload the world with a couple extra clicks and save your programmers time for important things.
  16. Disposadwarf Apprentice Engineer

    Ability to add Warhead functionality to blocks such as reactors, so that when damaged past a certain point when on, they explode. If off, no explosion. (turn off before grinding :p)
    The on/off part would be a nice bonus, but mostly ability to explode past a particular point (different point than the red line)
  17. Vector Wolf Apprentice Engineer

    Old UI. Bring back original block rotation method.
  18. DuneD Junior Engineer

    The ability to use or disable LOD with transparentmaterials, this is driving me insane.
  19. Sepherchorde Trainee Engineer

    Please make it so there is a tag that can be applied to blocks easily that would make them affected by gravity. Not only would it allow some people to run mods that would make their game more difficult, but also for people to create specific blocks that are affected other than just the artificial mass block.
  20. Stoner Apprentice Engineer


    Current stock Tubes are straight and right-angle. If I have a long run and I want to bring a tube in from the side, I add a Conveyor block. However that breaks the design flow. Just looks bloody odd.

    So, a T-shaped tube would be great. Needs to be able to rotate, of course. Mostly needed for large ships/platforms. A small ship version would be a nice addition.
  21. Eikester Apprentice Engineer

    so, can anyone explain why this:
    is considered very hard or impossible?

    i dont see any problems here or something that would be impossible to do.
    For simple Passenger Seats just use the dummy as the referenz point where a player sits down, not the animations position.
    For multiseat Cockpits just let us define a Master Seat and a Passenger Seat, whoever sits on the Master Seat has control, done.
    So where is the problem?
  22. LanToaster Trainee Engineer

    It is because we get to "Mod" things. It is an API to Modify Existing stuff.
    So, to be able to mod multiseat cockpits, the game would need to be able to handle a Cockpit/Seat wich may be used by two people.

    I assume thats just something the engine cant do (yet).


    Move that to the Mod Request thread. This thread is for Features to the Mod-API so we can create more Awesome stuff.

    You can already make a T-Piece for Conveyors (Maybe not per Block Definition, but you can make a Hub wich looks like a T-Piece, done it in my Mod)
  23. Starmonger Trainee Engineer

    Titan drill.

    Modders of the community, I'm here to beg for a mining drill larger than combining 25 drills in a square row.
    I'm asking for this because I recently saw a friend drop down a Titan engine from modder darth biomech. And it was fantastic.
    It's taking a long time to finish, but it screams power.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if it's possible for someone to make an equally large drill of that nature.
    We have an engine with the thrust power, now I'm wondering if someone can make a drill to compliment it.

    If someone already asked this or if this idea was already deemed impossible, please ignore this.
    Thank you for your time.
  24. Shaostoul Senior Engineer

    I have it in the works, I'm going to be doing a full line of working equipment, ie drill, welder, grinder and the necessary conveyor tubes for them, but it'll be a while. It'll be Tron themed of sorts, so you'll have to be okay with that. You could try bothering ShadowFlux for some real gritty looking ones.
  25. LanToaster Trainee Engineer

    I just want to make it Official here, (from a suggestion thread below)

    I would request Modable Dependancies. So, you can Define a list of Other mods wich are Neccessary for your Mod, so you can Reuse stuff across Mods.

    Also, to remove the Errormessage when you use Vanilla Models/Textures, that are not in the Mod Folder.
  26. Eikester Apprentice Engineer

    while playing around with an armor idea i've encountered weird behavior.

    i've created some armor pieces in 1,25m x 2,5m x 1,25, in other words 2 blocks height
    set the <size> to <Size x="1" y="2" z="1" />

    which results in this:


    the defined cube gets placed 2 times (the size values are the amount of Cubes created).

    long story short: allow us to create armor in other sizes besides 1x1x1 (without this weird stuff going on)
  27. Lazermaniac Trainee Engineer

    I've been thinking of a more generalized and modder - accessible system for weapons - both handheld and ship-mounted. With the currently implemented weapons alone we're looking at three cases:

    -Ship turrets
    -Ship stationary weapons
    -Handheld weapons
    Currently these are either machine guns or missile launchers (except handheld weaponry which lacks a missile launcher.) I propose to unify each of the three into a generic and highly customizable class, using variables to specify what the weapon actually does. The first and foremost variable would be Weapon Class, with string values to determine the archetype of weapon. Current weapons would be covered by Hitscan and Projectile, and that covers just about any weapon type you could come up with.

    Each of the archetypes would share some general settings:
    Cycle speed - how long it takes for a weapon to be ready again. Has a minimum number for projectile weapons to limit the load on physics calculations. Setting this to -1 would make the weapon single shot, requiring complete replacement after firing, good for implementing high-risk high-reward weaponry. Setting this to 0 on a hitscan weapon would make for a continuous beam.

    Resource consumption - How much units of a resource the weapon consumes. This would have a boolean argument to determine whether it's resources consumed per second or per single shot. Another argument would determine whether the weapon uses up pieces of its own construction as it fires, introducing another balancing possibility, powerful weapons that require periodic maintenance.

    Energy storage - The capacity and recharge rate of an internal battery/capacitor the weapon has. If enabled, the weapon will draw from this supply and not from the shipwide power grid, and making the user consider the system's recharge rate.

    Energy usage - How much energy the weapon draws from the shipwide power grid or internal battery/capacitor (if enabled), per shot or per second.

    Number of shots - How many individual traces/projectiles the weapon fires per cycle, with a sane hard limit to reduce server load.

    Spread angle - how far from directly forward the traces/projectiles can randomly deviate, on X and on Y axes. An argument could be added to specify where the peak and edges of the probability curve rest, in case someone wants to make a weapon that fires anywhere but where it's pointed, for structural or aesthetic reasons. This would also determine the shape of multi-trace/projectile shot cones.

    Impact effect - Per projectile - The radius, deforming force and structural damage of a successful shot, along with its visual effect. Can be set to negative values for long range repair systems. Other effects could eventually be added such as the ability to drain/supply a set amount of energy from the affected block's connected power grid.

    Maximum range - how far a trace/projectile can travel. Can be set to -1 for maximum map distance. This would have an argument that determines whether the trace/projectile just stops/disappears at that range, or if it triggers its impact effect before doing so, as well as an argument that determines the percentage of the initial effect's values at maximum range, for damage fall-off.

    Projectile weaponry would need a couple of parameters that determine how the projectile acts after firing:

    Visual appearance - the model of the projectile and the settings relevant to its trail.

    Acceleration - How long and how hard the projectile accelerates after being fired. Can be set to negative values for specialized weaponry such as minelayers.

    Maximum speed - How fast can the projectile travel, up to max serverside speed limit.

    Health - If set to non-zero, the projectile can be targeted and destroyed by weapon traces and explosions. Otherwise it is considered intangible - good for plasma based weaponry.

    Turret-mounted weaponry would need some parameters to determine how the turret moves:

    Maximum angles for pitch and yaw relative to the turret's "up" position.

    Tracking speeds for pitch and yaw in degrees per second. A 5.56 sentry would be a lot more nimble than a battleship main cannon.

    Target acquisition time - the time between the target entering the turret's range and the turret beginning to track and engage it. Could be used as a balancing factor for larger turrets.

    Lead - By how many seconds the turret leads the target. Could be exposed to player control, not just modder hardcoding.

    Handheld weaponry would need a few settings such as reload speed, magazine size, and aim accuracy.

    Sorry this ended up a bit of a wall of text, but I've been playing some Starmade and marveling at how many different weapon types were possible.
  28. Vdragon Apprentice Engineer

    +1, although it's probably better to concentrate (for keen) on having the possibility to mod the game code, so this can be done by the community.
  29. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Alright so a wishlist for modding extensions..

    Mod Dependencies

    That is a clear must to support proper mods aswell as ease the situation at the workshop with those mods changing minor values while re-uploading everything. I did write about 2 weeks ago already so let me quote myself here.

    That would mean in detail that every mod has a list of dependencies in its modinfo.sbmi like this:
    For that purpose however, the modinfo.sbmi files should be generated once loaded the first time in SE while the WorkshopId gets added on publishing.

    Upon loading a world each dependency gets checked. That means that the mod must be present in the latest version, same goes for any other dependency of a dependency. So it is a simple tree that gets spanned. The root is the current world, the first level nodes are the selected mods in their order, to each of these the dependencies get added in their order as given in the modinfo.sbmi and so on. However for each insertion of a new node it has to be checked if the node is present in the whole tree to prevent cycles. A depth limitation wouldnt be a good decision as that would greatly limit the mods capability again.

    Then for each mod that overwrites any values like a thruster (example for Dearths titan engine recolors in the workshop) the mod that does nothing but recolor the excaust through the two lines in its CubeBlocks.sbc, it would contain nothing but that file. Though its dependency leads to the titan engine which also gets loaded. Now because a mod should extend/overwrite its dependencies, the tree gets loaded from the leafs toward the root (actually stopping at the first level nodes as there the current priority defined by order should kick in).
    So the titan engine recolor mod loads the original values from the titan engine and then alters them while making em accessible to the game as either altered block or as new block with changed name. All that with nothing but delivering the plain CubeBlocks.sbc and maybe a thumb.jpg.

    Thats what i had in mind for dependencies and how they could work. Sure i did not consider all situations as i did write it off my head. But it should be a rough map.

    Battery notifications (Low Fuel)

    Right now the game seems to push out a notification for "Low Fuel" when the batteries are below a fixed amount of minutes in runtime.
    This is however a very annoying feature when the released mod is designed to have low capacities like the SuperCapacitor mod Eikester and me released recently.
    Therefor it would be important to either change the mechanic behind that mechanism to notify below a certain percentage of total capacity or if you insist to go on absolute values for the threshold put a dropdown option into the menu so that people can change it.


    This file seems to be pretty useless right now. I did overwrite almost all sounds (except the music) with the same D2 and D3 wavetype from just one soundfile. So in the end over 95% of all sound effects actually played the same file, or should... because they did not.
    Changing any soundeffect did not change anything for me. That said, it seems like almost all sounds are still hardcoded and can not be altered through the Audio.sba.

    Due to that, it is also questionable if the mod support actually allows altering that file yet as i can not verify its effect.
    Extending the current sounds however is important for certain other mods (see below).

    Sound Blocks

    It would be very useful to have blocks doing nothing but play a sound upon activation.
    This is a example definition of how they look like:

    The important part is the <SoundEffects> list.
    Those are the sound effect names defined in the Audio.sba in Cues-Cue-Name.

    The block itself should have an ON/OFF switch aswell as a dropdown selection where you can select the sound effect which should be played upon activation.
    Then once the block is triggered to ON, the selected sound effect is played. If the sound effect is marked as <Loopable>true</Loopable> within the Audio.sba then it gets looped, otherwise the effect will be played only once.

    Ability to refer to blocks by their SubtypeID and not just their TypeID

    Right now blocks can only refer to other blocks by their TypeID and are limited to the same grids size. Thus a small block can never refer to a large block and a large block can never refer to a small block.
    Reason for this request is that currently i would like to spawn a small rotor to a large stator in my Minirotor mod though <RotorPart> only takes the TypeId as parameter. If we could refer to SubtypeIDs or have a flag to define the targets grid size, that would help immensely.


    min/max Gravity Generator settings

    The ability to define the minimum and maximum for gravity size and force applied.
    This can be used for specialized gravity generators like for example very long, thin but strong gravity fields that can only pull inwards etc.

    That should be it, for now :)

    I have used images for the code now because this forum software sometimes seems to love messing XML tags up for some reason after an edit... Thus after redoing the whole thing once, i usedimages now in order to prevent additional work
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 4, 2015
  30. spacedMatt Apprentice Engineer

    Linux/Unix Terminal with Python shell and the ability to create/save modules.
    This would be really cool and a fun educational way to program your ship.
    Programming on the fly with python example:
    >>>import SatelliteAlpha01 as SA01
    >>>import AsteroidBase01 as AB01
    >>>import FindDistance as dist
    >>>satDist = dist.getMeters(SA01.antennaLocation,AB01.antennaLocation)
    >>>print satDist
    ... SA01.thusterExpandRadius.override(12000)
    ... satDist =
    ... if(satDist > 1000):
    ... SA01.thusterExpandRadius.override(0)
    ... break;
    >>>print dist.getMeters(SA01.antennaLocation,AB01.antennaLocation)

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