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New modding feature requests

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ondrej.Petrzilka, Aug 13, 2014.

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  1. spacedMatt Apprentice Engineer

    Adventure map Mod

    • No tools on spawn
    • No grinder damage
    • Custom subtitles/dialog
    • No spawn ship only medical room option
    • Specific spawn location with no ship
    • Phantom owner (nobody enemy)
    • Custom sound content played on events
  2. Claxus Trainee Engineer

    What is the possibility of getting small(er) grinders and welders for small ships? I want to make a repair ship that uses small arms to weld and grind, but those blocks are nearly as big as the ship itself. Can tiny 2-block versions of those possibly be modded, with weaker output?
  3. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    I am pretty sure that you can make smaller welder/grinder right now with their definitions and dummies. However yes, they lack some exposed values for efficiency, like some other blocks.

    So the request would be to add more exposed values for certain blocks within the CubeBlocks.sbc
    • Grinder:
    • Add an &lt;Efficiency> value that alters the grinding efficiency. This shall effectively enable us to slow down or speed up the grinding process.
    • Add an &lt;Efficiency> value that alters the welding efficiency. This shall effectively enable us to slow down or speed up the welding process.
    • Add a &lt;RechargeRate> value that changes the "speed" or "amount of recharge" done per tick when in use.
    • Add a &lt;HealRate> value that changes the "speed" or "amount of heal" done per tick when in use.
    [*]OreDetector, Beacons, :
    • Add a &lt;RequiredPowerInput> value that alters the power input. This shall enable us to build specialized ore detectors.
    [*]Landing Gears:
    • Add a &lt;MaxForce> value to alter the maximum force the landing gears can apply, -1 or no value for "infinite".
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  4. croxis Trainee Engineer

    Render to texture api with gui tools. Have those holographic panels display text or other fun things! If we are lucky, have it also hook into the cameras so modders can make all sorts of displays and overlays.
  5. DeadWeight4U Junior Engineer

    Add a tag in the Medical room...

    Just to allow spawning beacons and Recharge stations that only recharge certain values
  6. Digi Senior Engineer

    Option for CubeDefinition to not repeat the sides for each grid size and scale edges to the &lt;Size> of the block so we can use them on bigger blocks than 1x1x1.
    This code (all pasted elements are relevant) would require me to remake the plates and would also increase the amount of models in the scene:
          &lt;Size x="5" y="5" z="5" />
              &lt;Side Model="Models\Cubes\Large\Armor\SquarePlate.mwm" PatternWidth="4" PatternHeight="2" />
              &lt;Side Model="Models\Cubes\Large\Armor\SquarePlate.mwm" PatternWidth="4" PatternHeight="2" />
              &lt;Side Model="Models\Cubes\Large\Armor\SquarePlate.mwm" PatternWidth="4" PatternHeight="2" />
              &lt;Side Model="Models\Cubes\Large\Armor\SquarePlate.mwm" PatternWidth="4" PatternHeight="2" />
              &lt;Side Model="Models\Cubes\Large\Armor\SquarePlate.mwm" PatternWidth="4" PatternHeight="2" />
              &lt;Side Model="Models\Cubes\Large\Armor\SquarePlate.mwm" PatternWidth="4" PatternHeight="2" />
  7. aerosabe Apprentice Engineer

    Ability to have conveyor connections on a rotor type block. I wanted a rotor/conveyor tube to convey parts through a rotating block.

    I tried to add 2 detector_conveyor_# and I tried dummy_detector_conveyorline_###
    to a rotor without success. So if it's already possible, I just don't know how. Maybe this is a game feature request, idk.
  8. TheKotU Apprentice Engineer

    Gahh, just realized i didn't actually submit this idea....

    Basically the ability to interact with buttons, terminals, and other elements while in a cockpit or locked movement state.Chair, cockpit or just an object you can "enter"

    The ability to set interactive controls within a cockpit or environment you would be placed into

    Instead of being immediately removed from the chair or from the cockpit when pressing t, Allow us to set a canopy empty they must interact with to get out. aka they would look at the top glass above there heads and press t or an eject switch empty or maybe even allow us to specify a button within the cockpit they must press.

    With this we would be able to place button in the cockpit that can control ship or remote functions.
    Different types of toggle buttons

    3 State switches, based on a state the switch is in a option can be on off or in a secondary mode.
    2 State switches, These could be simple on/off buttons, or a toggle switch that will turn a function on and the other off.

    Allow us to have light states that if we wish to make a detailed cockpit to show the state of a button with an led empty that's tied to the state of a button or switch.

    Allow us to have names that would float above the empty used to interact and show what the item does

    The ability at some point to specify an empty as a monitor, to display camera info on it.
    To add overlay data to it.
    Buttons that can enable camera switching in FP mode, i am in cockpit then interact with camera monitor to make it my view, t to return to last state.

    Custom Displays empties that allow us to show data in realtime in the cockpit rather then the ui. for people who dont want the so it doesn't look awkward.
    Like speed, ammo status, fuel status AIR STATUS (please add) etc.

    basically, a Multi-Function Display.MFD

    Custom Animated Enter/Exit animations. for a more smooth and immersive experience

    I just woke up...grammar can wait
  9. Vdragon Apprentice Engineer

    Could we have a range range setting (not, it is not a typo) for sensor blocks?
    like "&lt;MaxTopRange>500.0&lt;/MaxTopRange>" ...
  10. 1000noodles Trainee Engineer

    I dont much about how space engineers modding, but i understand how its done (sort of), this is less of a request for making mods, but more for using them.

    The simple request is to make it possible that either you can place one block in another as long as it fits(like if i place a light in a vent, or a corridor), or make it so the the blocks "block" (you know like how the corner of a conveyor cant have anything share the space around it cause of the invisible block) is its model, not just a cube, (of course make it snap to a cube grid(maybe optional?) or something)


    I like making ships and stations, with and without mods. However i find that some mods are hard to work with cause of how dark it is inside them, or how bright them color it to make up for the darkness that the interiors are forced to have. I'm big on make cool, and fun spaceships, and stations, but i usually scrap all of them, due to having a idea, and being unable to do it, cause i can place a light and chair in the same spot (usually not the case, but you get the drift)

    Need more convincing, tho it may be bad, or just a waste of my time Read the Code/Quote next, if not ignore it (would Place it in spoiler but this site seems not to have them :/

    Thanks for reading
  11. Denizen Trainee Engineer

    Please add this modding functionality! 50m is not adequate range for the sensor.
  12. Eikester Apprentice Engineer

    Much needed feature:

    Add a setting to disbale/enable shadow casting of transparent materials and/or how to cast the shadows (simple, by alpha channel or off)

    &lt;CastShadows>true&lt;/CastShadows> // true or false
    &lt;ShadowType>PRECISE&lt;ShadowType> // SIMPLE/PRECISE, SIMPLE is how it is implemented currently, PRECISE would use the Alpha Channel of the Texture

    this would allow for proper Trees, Grass, Decals etc.
  13. Buzzed Bear Apprentice Engineer

    I would also like to add a little piece to this: would it please be possible to make the backgrounds MORE transparent pls. When adjusting sliders for something such as lights - we would be able to better judge the effect if we could actually see the scene behind the control panel menu background. We can already see the effects around the edge of the bg, so its just a matter of making it more transparent.
  14. Buzzed Bear Apprentice Engineer

    I would like to see an option to be able to load a world that has mods in OFFLINE mode. I do not always play online as I have an incredibly unrealiable ISP, and deadly slow speeds, and I pay dearly for bandwidth. If the game cannot verify mods are up to date, it simply refuses to load the world unless I edit the settings and remove all the mods. The mods are already downloaded. They are on my hd. Can we please include the option to disable the mod upgrade and allow it to run with the mods already on the hd?

  15. Corodius Trainee Engineer

    Buzzed Bear, as a workaround for this, you can extract the .sbm using any archive program (they are just renamed zip format). You can work out which mod is which by either copying the Workshop URL and taking the number from there, or looking at the thumbnails if included. Then rename the Folder to something you will recognize easily.

    You do ofcourse lose the benefit of auto updating, but for offline play this is invaluable.

    On-Topic However, I would like to be able to load Custom Camera Overlays from the Mods Folder. Atm, the game will only load them if placed in the original game folder, and not from the Mod Folder. With the ability to change this in the .sbc I figure this is just an oversight/bug, but would be good to get this sorted.
  16. Senatic Trainee Engineer

    I'd like to request a sensor sound removal mod. Simply because listening to my autofollow drones click 50 times a second as they realign/boost speed/rotate etc etc is kinda annoying and really there's no situation where I would need to hear the sensor go on or off. If I needed it in some scenario I'd link a light to it.
  17. Eikester Apprentice Engineer

    i would like to have colorable lightblocks (not the light, the block itself), currently they are not colorable for whatever reason (hardcoded i guess)

    Edit: i mean Interior Lights and Spotlights
  18. Vdragon Apprentice Engineer

    You mean the interior lights?
  19. Erik_3E Trainee Engineer

    I have tried to find a mod that extends the sensor range but so far nothing. So my request would be a mod that does just this, the range would be like a beacon where you can set the range all the way from 1 meter to Infinite meters.

    Reason is I would like to have larger AI battles where Ai can find enemies and travel towards them but once they get close they would try to avoid the enemy instead of ramming it. This would make the enemies be able to fly around finding targets and then when it is eliminated move on to the next one.

    Also this would be extremely useful for AI cargo ships. Instead of having ships that fly in a straight line just defending you could have AI cargo ships that attack you and get a way more interesting game.
  20. dieheart3 Trainee Engineer

    More grav gen control... Right now you can do foward/back, left/right, and up/down together in pairs on the square one and just range on the circular one.
    I want left, right, foward, back, up, and down to all be there own control. So you can for instance make a beam going in one direction with the square one for tractors, or make a half dome for shields, or a odd oval type shape for gravity on some of the more misshapen asteroids... Lots of things this might be good for and it should not be that hard. (well ok the circular one might be.)
  21. Archmage67 Trainee Engineer

    I am curious as to why no one has suggested marker lights/landing lights to use on the outside of stations. My thought was that a small half dome like this...



  22. Shaostoul Senior Engineer

    Cause we're strong independent space engineers who don't need no marker lights to support us! (I haven't gotten around to it yet :/)
  23. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    I guess what some people seem to miss here is that this thread is dedicated to modding feature requests. Requests modders can make in order to make more mods. This is no thread to request mods or even suggest gameplay changes.

    So as for the "gravity generator control" suggestion, there are several of them regarding that matter. Like for example this one i made 6 months ago and which is still up to date.

    As for the mod requests i would suggest searching the modding sub-forum for equivalent entries and if not present putting the idea into the modding request dropbox thread (which should be stickied imo).

    So to put it simple and somewhat graphical:

    Consumer / Mod User -> Mod Dropbox -> Modder -> this thread -> New Modding features from the Developer (Keen)
  24. Archmage67 Trainee Engineer


    Sorry I misunderstood what this forum was for. I will put my suggestion in the proper forum. I also agree that the mod request thread should be stickyed as it is it really makes it seem like this is the consumer mod request forum. BTW I did do a search prior to making my suggestion, and didnt find anything comparable to what I was suggesting.

    All that aside I agree with others that all items should be colorable. I know that for those items that are new mods it means more work for the modders.

    Oh and not sure if anyone has suggested it before but as the system grows what would really be cool is the ability to scale blocks in real time. The idea I was thinking about would be when using something like the scaffolding mod and being able to take the normal scaffolding block and stretch it to 2 blocks wide or 2 blocks high or both while building making it into 4 blocks that represent 1/2 or 1/4 the block graphic. I see a lot of possibilities for changing the look of ship/station builds from that.

    Thanks again,

  25. Ben Apprentice Engineer

    I would like (as I'm sure many others would) the ability to mod the sounds from the following..
    1)Door open/close sound
    2)Thrusteridle/thrust sound
    3)Reactor idle sound
    4)'Interact' sounds - As an example, a modded button pannel, in the form of a DHD from Stargate, when pressing buttons on it, make the DHD/Stargate selection sounds
  26. Vdragon Apprentice Engineer

    I don't really know where to post it (maybe there's a need for a specific thread for these):
    I would like to have a way of knowing who sent a message in the api (currently you just get the text and the possibility to disable the sending to other people (i think it do that, i'm not sure))
    and a way of creating simple gui elements (non interactive at first), like giving a coordinate on the screen, the gui element proprieties (for example: a text in a box, just give the text and the box size).
  27. thelogy Trainee Engineer

    Not sure if it's currently possible with the API release, but changes to the power management hierarchy or automated settings for batteries, reactors, capacitors, solar panels, etc.

    Because of these issues I've ran in to:
    Batteries left on and set to recharge still draw power.
    Batteries set to semi auto recharge when empty, not when capacity is missing and excess solar energy available.

    Optimized power hierarchy (to me):
    Utilizes Solar Panel Power
    Utilizes Batteries
    Utilizes Capacitors
    Utilize Reactors attached to conveyor system
    Utilize Reactors not attached to conveyor system
    Utilizes Batteries

    Batteries and Capacitors need an option to recharge only off of excess power from Solar Panels so when they empty they don't create a new load from the recharge @ 0 option. They will also return to full sooner and generally decrease the amount of Uranium used to power a system.
    An Emergency only option would also be fantastic for utilization only after other batteries, capacitors, and reactors run dry.
    Lock Objects to use only Solar, Battery, reactor power.
    Lock Solar Panels, Batteries, Reactors to objects.

    Configurable Connector force attraction please. Sometimes those things are too strong.
  28. Greken Trainee Engineer

    We need a mod for simpler textures to improve performance on LARGE builds (more then 300k blocks)

    there was 1 performance improving mod a long time ago but it needs updating...

    dying to finish of my big builds but cant do it when your game is running at 5 fps
  29. neko2309 Trainee Engineer

    I would love to see a mod for a personnel &amp; Cargo elevator.

    I would like to see the personnel elevator at least go 4 floors and the cargo at least 2 floors.
    I know it would be large but it would be cool to see an elevator that wont brake apart and you need to rebuild it from scratch.
  30. TheBoot Apprentice Engineer

    Not having looked at the new API, (and also NOT being a programmer!) I have no idea if the following is a modable thing, but I would really like to see some sort of docking assistance. Just an easier way to properly line up your ship on a landing pad or aligning it with a connector port for cargo transfers. Anything to make the game more immersive and no longer have to continuously switch to the external view to make sure everything is level and lined up. The new Camera block helps but is nowhere near enough.
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