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New modding feature requests

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ondrej.Petrzilka, Aug 13, 2014.

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  1. 1wsx10 Trainee Engineer

    make keypad redundant...

    the way you would do this is if a ship had an antenna on it, and you owned it, you could look at a block that you can change settings for, and press a button to go into its settings.
  2. MechanizedIT Apprentice Engineer

    I agree, some kind of HUD overlay would be very useful, but it should have to be toggled so that your screen doesn't get cluttered. Just an indicator somewhere in the corner of the screen saying what the block is when you hover over it.
  3. 1wsx10 Trainee Engineer

    Logic Gates.

    I was really looking forward to space engineers emulating computers, and seeing as KSWH is putting the features on hold so that bugs can be fixed, it looks like it will be a while before it actually gets added to the game.
    in the mean time, i think it would be really cool to have your ships controlled by logic gates. here is a really nice implementation of logic gates in a game that i have found so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl7-z2BiNt0

    using timers, i can do a little 'logic', like make a digital, base 10 or binary clock, but logic gates are so much more powerful than timer blocks

    i think this mod can run along side the programming in game and still be popular because it is much simpler to learn AND, OR, NOT, XOR than learning C#, it may even get implemented into the game.
    but for now it will serve as a substitute.

    a graphical interface wouldn't even be needed for starting the mod, graphical representation of logic gates is fully compatible with a string of text.

    if i had the ability to mod i would definitely start working on this, but alas, i am ignorant. i hope someone who has the knowledge is just as excited about this as i am
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  4. 1wsx10 Trainee Engineer

    there doesnt have to be any kind of visual key... think of when you look at the keypad how there is a yellow hitbox, then you press k... well if that hitbox was invisible and around all things with settings, and you just press a different button. no clutter, nice and simple
  5. devanmedrow Trainee Engineer

    this one hopefully should be quite easy to do. duplicate the timer and make one timer that is capable of every time it fires.
    firing hot bar1
    then next cycle fire hot bar2
    then hot bar3
    all the way down to hot bar 10 then start over at hot bar1.

    A script to turn on or off the ships inertial dampeners. If the block named "damper" is on or off. the name could be whatever the modder wants and the block type could be whatever the modder wants. as long as that block can be controlled by timers to be on or off.

    It would be great if this script also used a proximity sensor to see block "damper". you could then have multiple blocks with the named "damper" but it would only affect the block inside of the proximity sensor range.
  6. Sektan Apprentice Engineer

    It would be possible to do in the game:

    more weapons for the astronauts at once

    At the moment I can only make replacement of the original weapons.


    opravdu by se to hodilo ;)
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  7. Ahoukenja Trainee Engineer

    I have a few feature requests concerning weapon blocks (i.e. SmallGatlingGun or SmallMissileLauncher), Please:

    Add the ability to specify power consumption for weapon blocks, this would open a number of gateways for balancing some of the new weapon designs modders are working on.

    Add a setting in the ammo definition for projectile trail length if possible.

    Add the ability to set the number of ammo consumed per shot.

    Also, if the ProjectileHealthDamage spec was actually supposed to do integrity damage, it needs fixing, if not, please add a ProjectileIntegrityDamage spec, (i.e. not mass damage, but actual component integrity damage) to the ammo definition.

    Lastly, please add the ability to set a custom projectile impact sound, or lack of one.

    EDIT: Just remembered, can we please get the ability to give sensors an inventory and conveyor ports, they don't necessarily need to be actually implemented on the vanilla blocks, just at the hard coded block type definition and serializer level, so that modders can use them. I'm trying to make a torpedo creator that draws power and 'consumes' components to build a torpedo via a script. I can make it create the torpedo, with sensors pre-programmed and ready to go (except for the reactor's inventory, for whatever reason i can't seem to set it's contents), but i can't make the sensor running the script 'eat' the components required. This kinda kills the useability of such a mod on a survival map.

    Edit-Edit: if need be i can supply the patches necessary for the last one, i worked up a complete block definition and serializer for it previously, then realized i couldn't actually use it because it doesn't compile without access to serializer classes and types that are currently private.
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  8. Sektan Apprentice Engineer

    For DEV about sound on weapon

    I have an interesting thing, when I use sound for weapon, sound from this example http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=337637515&searchtext= , then sound is broken in game. This sound is PCM 22kHz, 16bit, stereo.

    But when I use my sound - PCM 22kHz, 8bit, mono - then sound is OK.

    The problem is in the fact that the sound must be mono.

    It works so far.
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  9. Ahoukenja Trainee Engineer

    Sektan, the sound must be mono if it's defined as a "D3" type, if it's "D2" then stereo is fine.
    I just got done dealing with this after submitting a bug report, as it turns out, a number of the vanilla "D3" sound files were stereo as well, and somehow have managed to go unnoticed thus far (I'm going by what a developer told me on that part, I haven't confirmed it yet.)
  10. soat7ch Junior Engineer

    I'd like to have the ability to edit Missile's trails like the projectile-trails (or just turn it off).
    Big cannons that fire giant shells don't have smoketrails.
  11. Ahoukenja Trainee Engineer

    soat7ch, if you don't want the trails to show up, just set the 'ProjectileTrailColor' to 'x="0" y="0" z="0"', this should make it black, which would, theoretically at least, make it almost impossible to notice.
  12. soat7ch Junior Engineer

    Yes, i did that to projectiles. But with missiles it won't work. (should be MissileTrailColour too)
  13. midspace Senior Engineer

    Looking at the SDK:

    everything I've looked at is 16bit, 44Khz. And mostly single channel. Only a few I've seen are 2 channels, like GuiMouseClick and GuiMouseOver.
  14. nukeguard Trainee Engineer

    Could you add a line to codeblocks.sbc that would allow you to turn off the laser on turrets?

    <div>&lt;Definition xsi:type="MyObjectBuilder_LargeTurretBaseDefinition">
    or a tick box in the gui to allow it to be on or off, this would greatly help in MP to fool others into thinking there are no active turrets.
  15. coxzee Trainee Engineer

    I think that a new Transponder block or mod would be great to have in SE.

    If we had a transponder block that transmits a unique code and an updated sensor that included the option to detect transponders we could then have hanger doors open for only the ship/vehicle that has the correct transponder fitted.

    The unique code that each transponder transmits could just be the build number for that transponder "transponder 1" and so on.

    There would be many uses for this, race lap counting for individual vehicles or a mining ship that automatically turns on collectors as the mining ship gets close, there are many uses for this and I would love to see this done.

    I wish I could do mod's because I would do this if it is indeed even possible but if any of you modders think it's a good idea and fancy doing it please do.
  16. Amancalledme Apprentice Engineer

    An Aperture handheld portal device (portal gun)

    we need this.

  17. silentdeth Trainee Engineer

    I would really like to be able to fire non-turret weapons via a script so that some sort of dogfighting script would be possible.

    For some reason I cannot set an entities linear acceleration, but I can set it's velocity. I don't see a logical reason to give scripts access to one without the other.
  18. blilli Trainee Engineer

    API ability to move player's camera view point to any desirable MyPositionAndOrientation.
    Thank you.
  19. MechanizedIT Apprentice Engineer

    I would really like to be able to change the friction, penetration parameters for collision bodies, as my mods are heavily dependent on blocks being able to move adjacent to each other without catching on the corner of the next block, such as in monorail systems.
  20. mexpex Apprentice Engineer

    For Modding/adding content
    - Particle effect editor or a way to import particle effects from 3rd party editors or 3d packages like 3dsMax/maya
    - An easier way to change the durability of blocks.
    - Material editor and exporter, a realtime in engine. create material -> add mesh -> add textures -> change material values -> export
    - Turret Features: Recoil animation/event for barrel, Angle limits for turret movement, Rotation speed
    Developer Guides
    - Optimal settings when exporting .dds to use in Space Engineers
    - Block Durability and deformation
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  21. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Will we get new interfaces for various blocks, such as the Spherical Gravity Generator, Sound Block, and other functional blocks?

    I'd like to programmatically set the playback sound on the soundblock for example, or set the maximum antenna range.

    Something like IMySoundBlock (compare to IMyDoor).
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  22. LanToaster Trainee Engineer

    With the Recent Changes to the Asteroid Population, I´d like the Ability to change that.
    So I can decide how much of which Material gets Populated per Asteroid.

    This will give People who want to make a Custom Map for their Server much better control over the amount/diversity in Ressources.
    (e.g Giant Asteroids with low amount of Ores, or small Asteroids wich are Packed with ressources. Or Asteroids with only one kind of Ore, but not fully filled with that. Or Asteroids with different Stone Materials, that would make them look more Interesting.)
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  23. HilariousLord Trainee Engineer

    The RadioComunication is changed to 50000 meters. I'd like to see a way to connect the antenna's so they can extend.

    Like this.
  24. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Unless I misunderstood, they already do. As long as both antennas are within the broadcast and receive range of each other, and have broadcasting enabled, they'll extend the signal.

    So, set up two antennas, 49990m apart (I like to leave a few meters), then set the distance to the maximum, 50000, and make sure broadcast is enabled. Then they'll broadcast what they see to the other.
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  25. Lazermaniac Trainee Engineer

    Please enable customizable overlays for mod turrets! The variable is there in cubeblocks.sbc but having it set to anything but the default just leaves you without any overlay at all.

    Oh, and faction-limited antennas/beacons to keep track of friends on the new super-huge worlds, perhaps as a separate, "advanced" version with higher component costs and/or other balancing factors.
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  26. Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

    What I would like to see, is a way to create custom scenarios, similar to the ones shown in the Scenarios.sbx in the main game directory, that could then be published to the Workshop, that a player could subscribe to, and would show up in a New World creation.

    Currently, such 'Scenarios' are only Worlds an author has created and published. These worlds have major limitations, specifically, the asteroids will always be the same, in the same spots, with the same ore concentrations, and a major flaw, introduced some tome ago (Phand never got back with whether this was intended or not) that prevents a player from spawning where the Author wants them to, unless they run the game in Creative mode, or the author configures a MediBay for them to get close.

    A proper Scenario Mod would alleviate these issues, as well as give access to the new procedural worlds sizes, if the player so chooses to use it.

    As of around 7/25/14, the scenarios.sbc/x stopped being read from the players mod directory.

    If, however, I am mistaken, then someone posting a how-to would be most beneficial.
  27. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    I'd like line numbers in the exception stack traces, at least for mod script code.
    Even if it's just some way to customize the command arguments passed to csc.exe, that will work for me.

    This one I know won't get anywhere, but I thought I'd ask anyway:
    Please remove obfuscation from the ModAPI layer. :D
    It would allow modders to work better, at least until documentation arrives.

    Especially since differences like Sandbox.ModAPI.IMyCubeBlock vs Sandbox.ModAPI.Ingame.IMyCubeBlock aren't explained.
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  28. starkiller9896 Apprentice Engineer

    heres some additions that would be useful to myself and others

    Emissive status light modding- im refering to being able to mod hw the emissvie saus lights react. for example my Conveyor expansion modpack. in my mod there is no indacator light on almost all of my blocks since most of them use the "Conveyor"type id so i can use all the conveyor ports. but this id does not support the emissive status lights. to get it to work i can see it being like the emissive1 (for 1 port, emissive2 (for 2 ports), emissive3 (for 3 ports), emissive4 (for 4 ports) and so on.
    Conveyor expansion modpack:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=309057836

    Grinder/welder support-being able to adjust the grindng and welding speeds. right now the grinder and welder build times are hard coded. the only way to adjust welding and grinding speed in-game.
  29. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    I second this. All blocks that have an On/Off state should be allowed to have emissives. I'd also like this for doors, for example.
  30. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    Someone else suggested these to me, so i'm passing them on as a combined package:

    1: A proper Underwater Skybox, minimal light, max fog. You know how it goes...
    2: A mod that replaces thruster flares with bubble streams to go with the underwater skybox. Possibly replaces the bullet and missile trails as well...
    3: A mod that either adds or replaces the default thruster model with turbine-style thrusters.
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