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New modding feature requests

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ondrej.Petrzilka, Aug 13, 2014.

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  1. MechanizedIT Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks Keen for the recent modding additions.

    It would be great if we could have some way of changing how blocks transfer power and control, such as <TransfersPower>true/false</TransfersPower>, and <TransfersControl>true/false</TransfersControl>
  2. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    What do those mean?
    If a block doesn't transfer power, then it might as well be powered off. I must be missing something. :confused:
    Transfer control?

    EDIT: Oh, are you referring to creating a docking mechanism that doesn't transfer power and control? Like a landing gear, but a regular block?
    If so, I'd like to extend that idea:
    I'd like to have custom power paths. For example, I'd like emergency lighting that's on a separate power 'grid' from the main systems. That way if my station loses power, I can still see.

    Probably not doable though. Plus that's a game feature, not a modding feature.
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  3. James Kaufman Trainee Engineer

    How far away arebwe from a custom HUD? All the stats would be better displayed in a more intuitive way, and would like to see a bearing and coordinates one day.
  4. soat7ch Junior Engineer

    Can i bring up the suggestion of having multiple functions per block again?
    I know that this has been mentioned several times before, but just imagine the possibilities.
  5. Sektan Apprentice Engineer

    It would be possible to include in MOD folder, also VoxelMaps folder? Yet it takes me my Asteroids only from game directory, not from MOD directory.
  6. Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

    I have a rather ingenious suggestion.

    We have the Projector. In it's info display, is block types and counts. I wonder, if a person has an assembler on the same grid, if the Projector could have a function to send a list of blocks to build, that have not yet been built for a blueprint, to the Assembler that they may be created, and sent to storage.

    This would be fantastic for the Ship Yards people build, and all we'd need is the Ore/Ingots to keep them fed.
  7. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Great idea! I love on-demand construction.
    That might actually be possible with the current ModAPI (depending on if the projected entity has properties that are accessible). I know the entity exists, because my mod had a crash bug when dealing with projected entities, but didn't have everything initialized.
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  8. CyberVic Apprentice Engineer

    moved post to anther more relevant thread.
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  9. TidusKlein Apprentice Engineer

    Can I get a way to modify the connectors inventory size...please?, that way my complete mostly realistic re-balance project could be complete,

    FYI mod edits inventory sizes (smaller more realistic...no more of this 27 small cargos = well over triple a large cargo)
    conveyors are cheaper and lighter then small cargo's, small armor weights according to shape a corner weighs half a full block.
    and other things.
  10. paradineai Apprentice Engineer

    i have a major mod request.

    I would like to get a mod of sorts setup so that it will spawn a full fleet of ships 100k from center.

    The fleet will be in formation then have that fleet sitting still (0ms).

    Once you build or fly a ship out to 50k from center then it starts moving toward your biggest ship/station at 50ms.

    As soon as it gets within range (5k) of one of your ships/stations it speeds up to 100 ms and begins attacking the nearest ship/station as a fleet (so that you can have a full on fleet battle).

    Once it destroys anything within 5k of it's biggest ship it will slow back down to 50ms and try to regather back into formation (can use antennas and beacons) to continue toward your biggest ship/station.

    This will force you to move around the map instead of staying in one place or to build a full fleet of your own.

    it would be a full fleet centered on a command ship with all of the other ships around it so that it looks like a semi-realistic space battle fleet. i'm not looking to have the enemy ships docking to each other just be within 25m - 100m (dependent on the ship size) of each other

    1 Fleet main command ship = no weapons < 5km to object being attacked by the rest of fleet ships that do have weapons.

    2 No ships in the fleet are "auto healing" object is to have the ships get destroyed or damaged enough (>50% damage) to be left behind.

    3 Fleet is not really in a set formation just close together so it looks like a fleet in a "sort of formation" as stated before.

    4 Fleet starts out at a set distance from center and is moving slowly toward the center at a set speed. Only once you hav been detected (by it's command ship's antenna) does it speed up.

    5 Everything is based on the command ship and it's capapbilities (not the small fighters).

    6 If the fleet's command ship is destroyed then the rest of the ships just sit in one spot with weapons active.

    7 All fighters have a set amount of ammo. Once they are out of ammo they ram. Any ship big enough will have assemblers set to build ammo with repeat active.

    8 There would be non-combat ships in the fleet with cargo but no weapons and those would just stay near the command ship.

    9 No ship has to build, repair, mine, dock, or transfer cargo in any way. They just have to travel near each other and fight against anything that is not owned by the same npc (so the fleet will attack all players, other npc's, and unowned ships/stations).

    (As a side note I don't care what method the ships in the fleet use to navigate as it will mostly be a straight line anyway. Yes the ships in the fleet do need to avoid asteroids. If this is done as a single block that can be added to a ship and be able to have check boxes to select what the ship has/is [ship is fighter, bomber, frigate, destroyer, non-combat, command] [ship has gatling turret, missile turret, gatling gun {small ship}, missile launcher {turn ship to aim}] etc then it will make it so that any ship can be added to the fleet and all you have to do then is choose if it's your fleet or an enemy fleet [so can semi control your own fleet if you wanted]. The single block version sounds like the best option and could even be called "Fleet Block". As a single block mod it would allow for multiple scripts to be written so that each script would control a different aspect [ship script 1 = fighter, ship script 2 = bomber, ......] [weapon script 1 = gatling firing, weapon script 2 = rocket launcher firing, .....] [command script = detection and control of other scripts {aka attack, recall, and movement}].)

    I am looking to have a set of blocks made so each is different.

    1st block would be the master control and go on a station only (large ship if it’s a mobile base but the block would be made so it takes up a 6wide, 6long, 3high area to make ship placement difficult. this block would allow a single player to control all other blocks that they or some one in their faction own and have shared (so that if your part of a faction and don’t want to let the other members to use a certain ship then you just don’t share the block on that ship). this block would allow the player to access it’s controls from any cockpit on the station and have it’s own virtual control screen (just like the remote puts you back into your cockpit/suit while controlling a ship by remote) to make controlling any other blocks or even this block easier.

    2nd block is capital ship control and can be placed on any large ships that are big enough to hold a large reactor (the block would be the same size). this block will be able to do everything that the station block can except control the station block the station block. this block would also have the ability to move the ship (station block can’t control movement for the vessel it’s on)

    3rd block is a standard large ship control block but there are 2 types of these first is for beacon/antenna relays/scanners and 2nd is for ships. both are a 1x1x1 size so it can be placed on any large block ship. this block can’t control any of the first 2 blocks other than that this block can do everything that the previous block can.

    4th block is a non-combat block and is the same as the 3rd block but has no weapon control.

    5th block is a small ship block that is able to do everything that the 3rd block can but is for small ships. there will be 2 types for this: 1st is a bomber (rocket launcher control) 2nd is a fighter (Gatling control).

    6th block is the same as 5th but is non-combat with 3 types: 1st is mining, 2nd is repair, 3rd is construction.

    7th block is also a non-combat just like 6th but only flies around (like for use as a flying camera or scout ship)

    all of these blocks would be able to use antennas, beacons, and sensors to help with navigation and control when near other objects. if you would like to talk about this more with me then please let me know as I am willing to be a helper/tester for this. i can not do this alone as i don't have all the knowledge needed for this

    i did see a modder that is working on something like this earlier today and was wondering if it would be possible to bring him in on this subject.

    yes i do realize that i may have repeated some of what i said i just said it in a different way to beable to be sure that others can understand what i'm trying to do for this mod/game mode (would be a 3rd selection to be added to the world creation menu [creative, survival, combat])
  11. MechanizedIT Apprentice Engineer

    Actually, if you cut an armor block (cube) in half, yes it would weigh half, but the hypotenuse (sloped face) wouldn't have any armor plating or framing, and so a triangle armor block should weigh more than half that of a cube armor block.
  12. TidusKlein Apprentice Engineer

    opps I worded that wrong, I meant a slope not a corner, a corner weighs in at about 1/4 a full block
  13. DuneD Junior Engineer

    Is it possible to give us a tool to make our own asteroids ? SeToolBox is fine, but it doesnt support the new *.vx2 format. A tool like the mwmbuilder, that takes either an *.obj or *.fbx and transform it into a *.vx2 would be very useful to the modding community, even more, now that we have voxel hands.
  14. Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

    Actually, the mwmbuilder doesn't make .obj or .fbx formats, it makes .mwm, which is a combination of Maya/3DS Max .fbx format and the Havok .hvk (I think it's HVK).

    Maya/3DS Max can output the .3ds format SET imports.
  15. DuneD Junior Engineer

    How ? :woot:
  16. BlackHeartStudios Trainee Engineer

    This would be really nifty since the block would affect the group of blocks. For instance a single admin block placed on a station would essentially protect the entire station. The question would be allowing you to set the options for what can cause damage. Meteors Missles/Guns etc.

    The block would also be able to be placed on ships to prevent players from damaging them but still be susceptible to damage from other elements.

    I like this idea.
  17. Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

  18. DuneD Junior Engineer

    I think you misunderstood me, what I was asking was a tool to create our own asteroids using the new vx2 compressed format.
  19. Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

    Ah, there IS no tool for that format. Not yet anyway. SE Toolbox author Midspace doesn't have the info, and Keen isn't telling. Only way is to import one into SET, then run the game.

    It'll be converted to the new format, and you can save.

    But as for creating one externally, nothing doing till Keen forks out the info.
  20. DuneD Junior Engineer

    Yes, I know how it works, my problem is I try to import very large asteroids, which takes forever (I mean like 12h, literally). Also if I try to slice it into smaller bits, using the "Slice" modifier in 3ds max, the asteroid goes empty inside, not sure why, it didnt happen a few months ago. The biggest one I can make is around 1900x1900x1900m, kind of deformed sphere, planetoid looks. I think its impossible to import anything bigger than 2048x2048x2048, at least using SeToolBox, and after knowing that they were using a 4x4x4km asteroid in ME, I was wondering if I can get my hands on that tool.
  21. Lulukitty22 Trainee Engineer

    I was thinking: Multiblocks! Instead of the giant hitbox of large ships, You can have semi parts for the large ship. Example: A ... space couch... 3 Parts in the pack: Legs, Sides, and the actual block. The chair is 3/4ths of a large ship block. The remaing parts are for placing Sides... and its slightly above ground for Legs. Now that seems impossible but actualy easy. Just decrease the hitbox of parts and WALLA.

    (What Im asking for is pretty much custom Place Boxes ... the large reactor in some parts doesent fully cover the 3x3 area. So if theres a mod that adds... suport colemms to it, for example, Since it has its custom place box, You can edit the place box to make it just around were the item is, and then add the support colems.) Now it seems crazy for a standard 3d Modling software, so I was thinking: The hitbox is the same as the Placebox! Or you can create your own 3d Modling Software pesifically for Space Engineers... Also then if you make your own 3d Modling System, it allows more players to mod the game much more easily.

    Good Luck, Hope this makes sence, and I hope its dueable.

    P.S. I agree with new G-Menu. I also think make pages, like Page 1 all, and Page 2 all, etc. (for the crazy amounts of mods that I have and other people have.)

    P.P.S Currently SE For me takes forever to load.
  22. MechanizedIT Apprentice Engineer

    Me and a couple of other modders would like the ability to change the vanilla ores that spawn in asteroids to anything we want. When we change the <MinedOre> of iron for example to something else, the game crashes or shows corrupt world. If we change the Display Name of iron ore to something else, it still shows the TypeID with ore detectors instead of the display name. We would also like to be able to choose spawn rates, how many rare ores can spawn in an asteroid etc. Basically, any additional options for asteroid modding would be greatly appreciated.
  23. AlmostLuckyDucky Trainee Engineer

    I second that.

    One way to go about it is to add a simple config option to each ore in the voxel material .sbc

    For example:

    [COLOR= #000000]  ***    <IsActive>false</IsActive>  ***[/COLOR]
    Or something like it.. such as the public tab on the other refineries.. just so we have the option of turning it off if needed
  24. AlmostLuckyDucky Trainee Engineer

    Something else iam looking for is for a reactor to be able to produce an item so for example a mod can use a fuel cells placed into a reactor to produce power while also producing spent fuel cells that can be refilled or whatever but the process it there and not just to consume an ingot.
  25. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Does either AddImageToSelection or AddImagesToSelection in the LCD remove the existing textures, or only add to the list?
    I imagine, since there's no Clear method, that both clear the image list first, but that's not clear.

    That could be an issue, as there's no way to get the current image list (according to the above). That means we can't restore the previous image if we want to have a temporary one displayed for an event.

    There also needs to be a value that tells which is currently shown, either text or texture.

    Here's the example I'm thinking:

    I have various LCD screens set up throughout my station. Each showing a different screen, if you will.
    If there's something I want temporarily shown on all screens (like an alarm, think a Red Alert from Star Trek), I want to be able to change all screens to a particular image. When the alert is over, I want to restore all screens to their previous values (either texture or text).

    It doesn't seem I can restore the previous image (text looks possible), nor can I restore whether it was text or a texture that was previously on display.

    EDIT: The Add methods do NOT clear the list. They do exactly as they say, add to the selection list.
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  26. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    i guess i can drop this here as well?

  27. aerosabe Apprentice Engineer

    Definable CubeTopology or Just a bunch of new ones.
    It seems like any decent armor mods that wants to make different shaped armors needs a way to define it's own CubeTopology. Meaning how it places the models and how many "sides" it uses and the bone positions it uses and how each bone is tied to adjacent bones.
    Or just a alot more CubeTopology's to chose from.
  28. Digi Senior Engineer

    Can we please get an option to disable certain voxel materials from being used in the automated asteroid generation ? I'm adding a concrete voxel material and having asteroids spawn entirely of concrete is a bit weird =)
  29. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    I'm curious, what is the material you are adding? Concrete IRL uses gravel, which is plentiful in-game.
  30. Andeerz Apprentice Engineer

    Please expose more of the physics, at least the properies governing thruster force relative to center of mass. It would be fantastic if people were allowed to implement realistic thruster physics (among other things) if you, the developers, do not wish to do so.
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