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New modding feature requests

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ondrej.Petrzilka, Aug 13, 2014.

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  1. neronix17 Trainee Engineer

    Unsure if it's been mentioned (lots of pages to go through) but having sounds of the assembler block type editable would be great, it appears to be the only one that can't be changed at the moment. Textures which are animated would be nice but I can understand that could come with performance issues and how exactly to go about implementing may prove difficult, it's closer to a new feature entirely than a new moddable feature though...
  2. CVM Trainee Engineer

    Hello. I apologize if this question has been

    Sorry, google translate:

    Please tell me, as can increase the actions range of the antenna?

    Please do not offer me: create a chain of bases - antennas. And *GPS*
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2015
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  3. mexpex Apprentice Engineer

    Turret feature(once again :D)
    Idle position - When a turret enters the idle state after it has been active a "Reset rotation when idle"-option should be possible to activate. by activating this option the turret returns to 0 rotation as it had when placed(non-active mode?), should maybe even be an options to define specific angles (as done with rotors).

  4. DerpTime Trainee Engineer

    The new Character Animation Stuff is Great.... but...

    Why can't we set tool holding per character?
    This is the only thing holding back non Humanoid characters.
    or for that mater things like back mounted tool arms.
    or robots with tool or weapon mounting points.

    This is the only thing holding back a limitless sky.
    Anything on setting tools or there IK points would send us in to a future of limitless possibility.

    <AnimationMappings> was a major step for multiple character types.
    But we are still missing a key one.

    Please anything you could do would help.
    Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
    The new stuff is loads of fun.
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  5. dirtyredz Apprentice Engineer

    Id like to see an interface for Sandbox.Game.GameSystems.MyGridOxygenSystem, specifically methods/fields/properties:
    private List<MyOxygenRoom> m_rooms;
    private bool isPressurizing;
    private int RoomIndex();
    private bool IsPressurized();
    internal float[] GetOxygenAmount();


    Thanks much appreciated.
  6. Braethias Apprentice Engineer

    Either a ball rotor, or a welder turret.
  7. dirtyredz Apprentice Engineer

    This thread is for mod api. Not for new mod requests.
  8. SilentSymphony Apprentice Engineer

    SunGlare.dds really needs to be mod-able to be able to make complete sky boxes.
  9. ghosttr Trainee Engineer

    Please add the ability to restrict blocks on a per-player basis. Using the same functionality provided by the <public> tag. (blocks tagged as non public still show up in the world, but are not buildable by the player)

    Blocks that you want to restrict would have <restricted> tag in cubeblocks.sbc. (And behave just like the <public> tag).
    Have a list of unrestricted blocks in the players data that overrides the value of the restricted tag.
  10. FowlPlayChiken Trainee Engineer

    Mod request, and I am sure this has been requested before - a small to large merge block adaptor. Docking safely in MP is currently impossible without merge blocks, limiting builds to large ship blocks if you want to safely dock on a ship that moves.
  11. Metal Trainee Engineer


    Prety please, prety please. Fix and mod network code, so we can host multiple players at same time.

    Prety please.
  12. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Here's what I'd like to see:
    Upgrade modules not tied to MyGameLogicComponent.

    Due to conflicts because only one mod can ever change a particular MyGameLogicComponent, I won't use that method of scripting going forward (and have already changed existing mods to use MyMissionComponent instead).
    However using MyMissionComponent isn't possible in this case because when the world loads, the upgrade module 'events' are empty, and nothing gets fired off for handling those.
    The ending result is non-functional upgrades on blocks that were already placed when the world was loaded (they are all red). The only solution now is to remove and replace the upgrade modules.

    What I'd like to see is some way to reinitialize upgrade modules after hooking into the events. For example, if an upgrade was processed, but an event is attached later, that new event should immediately be called with the correct upgrade values.

    EDIT: I fixed it and sent a pull request: https://github.com/KeenSoftwareHouse/SpaceEngineers/issues/38

    This is already being worked on by Keen. Not something modders can fix.
    Last edited: May 16, 2015
  13. Spiral Trainee Engineer

    Not sure if this has been requested yet but I was hopping someone could make a mod so instead of needing to weld a block in survival you build the full block and can place it down. The machine would require the same items components it just give you a block you can place down that was fully built.
    Last edited: May 18, 2015
  14. Manchou Apprentice Engineer


    I've already post a advice on modding forum but with no answer, so today i post here!
    For modders who do decorating blocks, they face a problem: The repeating textures. In deed i would like have the same thing like armor blocs xm parameter : PatternScale. It'll be awesome if we can do this, it permit to not have a number of same blocks just to have a different texture.

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  15. SilentSymphony Apprentice Engineer

    ^ My 2nd sky box has been delayed 3 months because of this, I have met several other artists that have been unable to continue as well.

    Skyboxes are a big deal imo when it comes to immersion, and that's what you want people to do right? immerse themselves in the game!

    So yeah Keen, Pretty Please with a cherry on top, add support to mod the SunGlare.dds
  16. Laguz Apprentice Engineer

    So... Can you set up upgrade modules for your own upgrade modules?

    I haven't figured out how or found any mention or example of this if it already is possible, so if it isn't, consider this a request.
  17. Tristavius Senior Engineer

    Access to a lot more things for upgrade modules please, especially the new jump drives. A complete list of what we can all modify would be useful too.
  18. Detoxifier Trainee Engineer

    Long range Sensors please.

    A sensor that works out to 50 KM, (for big and small ships) that is fully configurable just like the current sensor. Even using the stock model would be fine. I like making drones but 50 meters is a pointlessly short range.
  19. Immersive Apprentice Engineer

    Add and Remove Entities to Sensor's Detected List [modding only]
    This is (hopefully) a simple way to create custom Sensors.

    // Code signature
    bool ModAPI.IMySensorBlock.PushDetectedEntity(IMyEntity)
    bool ModAPI.IMySensorBlock.RemoveDetectedEntity(IMyEntity)
  20. druppi Apprentice Engineer

  21. Digi Senior Engineer

  22. druppi Apprentice Engineer

    mhm yeah i thinking about to make the mod by my self should not be too hard :D
  23. Dr. Nefario Trainee Engineer

    I'd like to request two simple shaped blocks. I want them for a ship I'm building, but I have no idea how to put them into the game and I can't find a mod with them anywhere. I'd like both the light and heavy armor versions for it.
    There are two images here, along with the original SketchUp file.

    EDIT: Added another six blocks to my request. Couldn't find them elsewhere either. Also, I'd prefer it if they were DirectX 11 compatible, and had textures similar to the other blocks in the game.
    Thanks again.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2015
  24. DVS_Skald Trainee Engineer

    I was tempted to make a new topic because I'm certain some of these mods already exist, I just suck at search terms; my Google-fu is quite weak. Occasionally I'll get lucky, but for the most part Steam doesn't seem to know what the hell I'm asking of it.

    • A dedicated meteor defense energy turret - i.e. one that does not burn ammo, but is piss-weak against virtually everything else. Discovered the awesome Darth Biomech laser turret searching for this, but it burns ammo and seems to be mostly anti-personnel.
    • A 'landing pad' tarmac block that allows ships to land without burning a hole through it - I know heavy armor and blast doors work, but one is ugly and the other has alignment issues.
    • Medical bay equipment - Deadtech had an AMAZING mod out... but it's abandoned-but-not-abandoned? Superceded? Kind of vague... Most search results for this show bizarre irrelevant crap.
    • An oxygen sensor Alternatively, a dedicated warning light for 'next room has no O2' would be awesome. I have seen complicated scripts that "kind of work," but not my thing.
    • A dedicated 'turret control' terminal/seat. I.e., If I activate the seat, I'm taken to the controls of a specific turret.
    • A gravity elevator - Actually, as I was compiling this list, I managed to find a mod. Woop!
    EDIT: This might suffice as a landing pad material. Edit^2 It makes a kickass landing pad.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2015
  25. SuperSnakeTate Trainee Engineer

    this mod has chrome on the models

    my request is if its possible to do this to those pistons would someone be able to make a new set of building blocks in chrome or somewhat metallic paint. i understand it may be a bit intensive on the game but adding a few (or a lot) chrome blocks to a ship would look cool
  26. Whale Trainee Engineer

    I just thought about something iI used a while ago to make multiples skins on Unity 4, I was simply adjusting the uwv coords to match 1/4 of a 4096px texture and then I was using offset to switch from quarters. Also you can set it up for rotate instead of offset.
    But it is not good if you need high numbers of skins ...

  27. Azzanine Apprentice Engineer

    Why are people suggesting mods here? It kind of looks like it's supposed to a thread asking the modders themselves what they would like to mod but can't due to the limitations of the API or the base code its self.
    Like for example hooks for customiseable mod Ui's that lets modders add their own bars and meters.
    For example that sheild mod, it needs to hack the block name to display its charge, why can't the creator just make a gauge similar to oxygen? Because the API does not yet allow modders to acess that stuff (that or the base code just can't do it at all(that or the modder thought that was the best way to do it?)).
    This thread I assume was to allow modders the opportunity to tell Keen what they need to make awesome mods.
  28. DeadWeight4U Junior Engineer

    Subpart Suggestion

    Okay, So my suggestions would probably be a bit of a pain, but I'll throw it out anyway.

    I've been slowly diving through the code, trying to work out how to add "Functional Subparts".

    Basically the practical upshot of which is that, instead of a Subpart_locator Pointing to a model (mwm) it points to a Cubeblocks_Definition / SubtypeID.

    The reason why this would be useful, is it allows multiblock functionality, Animations, etc; on to any block.

    for example: You have an Advanced door block (Has animations) functional block attached to both sides of a block, the center piece could be an Air vent + button panel Combo.

    This would allow for single block Airlocks and a huge host of other things.

    I would have worked on this myself, but I cant seem to get the source code to run on my computer... :L
  29. aequasi Trainee Engineer

  30. rylo Apprentice Engineer

    mod request

    vanilla thrusters with x10 inertial dampeners

    what would be really cool is if this was true for all thruster types and replaced the regular thrusters in the game.
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