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New patch rant and bug report ( welders , Thrusters wrong reach )

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Spanker, Feb 17, 2017.

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  1. Spanker Trainee Engineer

    Hello there , been playig SE since a long time . Some whitness will say that i am not rivaled pvp wise (even if my english is broken sometimes) , i will provide some help about gameplay DEV , all kinds of Gameplay .

    What i have noticed since the last patch :

    -Small ion thrusters seems to do N damage far beyond the reach they were suposed to do before the patch .

    -Welders : they are now useless . Keen , be advised that if your staff isnt bright enough to provide gameplay thru developing new activities , i can . i of course mean by that that your staff is trying to enforce the use of manual welders for "speed building" , but it is a retarded move as u can implement clever pirates ( will release the mod if u ask me to ) , wich dodges rockets , do some damage mitigation and of course , dont bump into asteroids , for a minimal upkeep cost (less than current pirates ) wich include eve online dead space alike encounters , coordinated assaults etc...

    -Rexxar should change his GITHUB picture : it is a disgrace.

    -Spaceballs not responding to Artificial Gravity because of gyroscopes when on the same grid ... I mean it : what is the point to have spaceballs , wich are easy to set up with a slider and powerless , if they dont respond because of an unfortunate bug coming out of nowhere ... inconvenients of using these ( like the fact that a bump will make em fly into your own ship and destroy stuff ) now far outreaches the fact u could use em to change your propulsion center to make it match your mass center ... Another part of engineering is going right to the toilets ( and for your tick heads : put a slider on mass block until you fix balls ty )

    -Conflict between spawngroups : Can you please give modders a break about spawngroups ? how comes you guys cant put a checkbox where people simply disable your BUGGY AND SERVER KILLER USELESS BLUEPRINTS THAT DONT EVEN PRESENT ANY CHALLENGE TO ATTACK ? please , do that fast cause u know i am here to develop PVE/PVP gameplay , and i know what i do .

    Thank you for reading this post , sorry again about this broken english of mine , but heh , question yourself about your skill in my own lang. Now , send any respond to explain those game breaking fails u did , or just PM me , i accept steam friends too but dont dream : until Keen pays me , i wont give any source/working mod to anyone .

    Have fun , rentless gaming andromeda server if u want a beating , ill provide you some death
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.