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Newbie question: Tag asteroids

Discussion in 'General' started by Cassey, Jan 5, 2015.

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  1. Cassey Apprentice Engineer

    Here is hopefully a simple one: Once I find a good asteroid, with something noteworthy on it, how can I tag it so I can find it again?
  2. HollowVoices Trainee Engineer

    Make a new station/large ship with an antenna, set it to 50km, set the name, and use solar power to keep it powered. Takes two solar panels I think.
  3. kristakis Junior Engineer

    Can you see any beacons? If so then take some screenshots so you can reference the beacon and the skybox. Otherwise place a beacon here.
  4. Cassey Apprentice Engineer

    New station with station size solar panels and a large antenna is a significant investment. Was hoping there was some easy way like a small antenna.

    Will check into components for a beacon - maybe a small ship/beacon/solar panel?
  5. Blako Apprentice Engineer

    Small ship antenna is 5km range? Although a relay every 5k is yet another option.
  6. Cassey Apprentice Engineer

    Working with this:

    New small ship landing pad, light armor block, small solar cell (be careful to align landing pad), control panel, and beacon. Beacon only cost 1 extra steel plate over a small antenna, and has the 50,000M range, which the solar panel can easily support.

    Only concern is it drifting away.
  7. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    Trying using small ship beacon instead, it has a range of 50km, and naming it whatever ore types are found on that roid. That's what I do, +control panel and solar panel. Just make sure not to hit the small ship.
  8. DivineWrath Junior Engineer

    I'm still revising my design, but the best design I can think of right now would be to use a small ship built using a landing gear, a solar panel, a beacon, and a control panel block. When building a new ship, you can place the landing gear on an asteroid (so I don't send it flying after bumping it). Depending on where you put it, it will determine which way it is facing. I do it such a way that the solar panel that I will build will be pointed towards the sun and thus work at near maximum power. After the solar panel, you then add a beacon. Lastly, add a control panel block so you have a means to control the ship and to rename the beacon. I rename the beacon so it includes the elements that I've found on that asteroid in its name (like "U, Co, Pt").
  9. Volcano Apprentice Engineer

    Put the small ship landing gear on the asteroid itself, and on a sunny side of course. This way there is no reason for the beacon to drift away ;)
  10. Kuu Lightwing Senior Engineer

    I made a drone for tagging asteroids

  11. entspeak Senior Engineer

    ^ Nice!
  12. fastbike1 Trainee Engineer

    Station block w beacon, 1 solar panel, and a control panel is the best way to go. No issues with drifting if not on the asteroid. Shouldn't be too big an investment if you're tagging asteriods far from station. Meaning if you're that far out you should be self supporting.
  13. Geneticus Senior Engineer


    This is Space Engineers, there's always a reason for stuff to drift away.
  14. exorcarnifex Apprentice Engineer

    Lol touché.
  15. Cyber Cheese Apprentice Engineer

    You could also make your own coordinate beacon system by launching 3 or 4 large ships set to stop after an hour by timer with beacons set to maximum. In theory, you would only need enough solar panels, a beacon, a timer, a thruster to stop it, and a merge block to launch it with. Afterward, every asteroid can be located relative to those beacons (assuming your launched ships don't collide with anything).

    More expensive down payment, but less work in the long run if you plan to mark a lot of asteroids. (You could also just download a coordinate system mod.)
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  16. Latsabb Senior Engineer

    Cyber: Keeping a logbook of all the distances to those large ships would be really tedious, though. And getting to the right spot even more so. But, it does save your HUD.
  17. qbot3000 Trainee Engineer

    I've found a small landing gear, small reactor, and beacon will work just fine. Every so often when you make a mining trip, replenish the reactor. The setup uses so little power though, 3 uranium will keep your beacons up for days and days.

    When I finally found silicon, I didn't have the necessary components to build this setup, so I took 3 beacon distances and decided I would use them to find the asteroid again. One problem though - with only three beacons in 3D space, the distances could represent at least two different locations. You can work this out by drawing a plane connecting your three beacons, and one point on either side of the plain shares the same distances from each beacon. You need at least 4 beacons to adequately navigate based on distances between beacons.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.