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Nitrado hosting - Medieval Engineers

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by Tim, Apr 17, 2017.

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  1. Tim Trainee Engineer


    Great game, though I'm looking forward to a few more bits added. Keep up the good work!

    However, I have been trying to set up a hosted server on Nitrado for my family to play on. However it seems your configuration options for Medieval Engineers are quite messed up. I get options for Asteroids and cargo ships and other things that I assume are related to Space Engineers. I fully understand that these two games are likely very similar in code base, but I think this could be looked at.

    Along with this, would it be possible to add an optional password requirement for servers? I'm having to faff with Steam Groups and awkward manual configuration options to make this work and so far no joy. This would be a nice feature for people hosting games.

    When are the servants coming back? I'd love a civilian AI! ;-)


  2. TodesRitter Moderator

    You should contact the nitrado support.
  3. Tim Trainee Engineer

    I have been in contact with them about this at great length. All we've run into are problems hosting this game. They assure me repeatedly that they have the image that you provided.

    On top of that, as soon as any player hits a tree in game with an axe, they crash out. The only reference to this bug I can see is from a Steam post dated July 2015. Can you please double check what version of server software you have posted to Nitrado?

    Again, I repeat, Nitrado say they have everything updated as to what you've sent them.
  4. Ryver Trainee Engineer

    I had the crash on tree error myself. Fixed it by setting:
    Can't remember which one was directly related to the tree issue, but I had stupendously large values in there by default.

    Also, if you post your config file, people can give you pointers. I am just learning what everything in there means myself, but I can show you what didn't work for me :p haha
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2017
  5. Tim Trainee Engineer

    Thanks Ryver for your help. I've tried some of your settings, working up to putting all of the changes in - alas nothing works. It crashes when I hit the ground as well. Here are my setting.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <MyConfigDedicated xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
                <dictionary />
    	<Scenario Type="MyObjectBuilder_ScenarioDefinition" Subtype="EmptyPlanetScenario" />
        <ServerName>Team To</ServerName>
        <Administrators />
        <Banned />
        <Mods />
  6. Ryver Trainee Engineer

    One thing I am finding is that no two config files seem to look the same. Obviously the variables will change, but the parameters are in some, but not in others, all with varying results.
    I've compared yours to mine, and here are the differences:
    * Note that the emojis are 'x D' (without spaces), as in Max Distance *

    Common parameters, differing variables
    Parameter - Yours : Mine - * = May cause issue


    <MaxPlayers> - You have this twice *
    <AutoHealing> - true : false
    <AssemblerSpeedMultiplier> - 3 : 1
    <RemoveTrash> - false : true *
    <RealisticSound> - true : false
    <SpawnShipTimeMultiplier> - 1 : 0.5
    <EnableIngameScripts> - false : true *
    <EnableOxygen> - true : false
    <CanJoinRunning> - false : true
    <EnableJetpack> - true : false
    <SpawnWithTools> - true : false
    <EnableWolfs> - false : true
    <AbandonedGridDecayTime> - 168 : 48
    <DayNightRatio> 0.6666667 : 0.8
    <ServantsPerPlayer> - 5 : 0
    <TravelCooldown> - 0 : 60
    <TravelMa:woot:istance> - 0 : 10
    <ClientCanSave> - false : true

    <AsteroidAmount> - 4 : 0
    <Scenario Type="MyObjectBuilder_ScenarioDefinition" Subtype="EmptyPlanetScenario" /> (yours)
    <Scenario Type="MyObjectBuilder_ScenarioDefinition" Subtype="Quickstart Planet" /> (mine)
    <IgnoreLastSession> - true : false

    Parameters I do have, you don't

    I also have a Steam Administrator set. You may/may not want this. (https://steamid.io/)

    Parameters I don't have, you do


    Below is my config as it works. Feel free to use it (replacing your own values) and see how it goes for you.

  7. Tim Trainee Engineer

    Hi Ryver,

    Thanks for all your efforts. I've managed to get it working (although I did this before trying your config changes, so I don't know if they would have helped also).

    Basically, two of us wanted to get started, so I wanted to see if I could upload my own world into Nitrado and it would run. So I found the right place, uploaded the right files and then managed to join the game. Well, while I'm here, I'll just test it again. Low and behold, I can hit stuff with the axe. The game is now playable.

    So, for those looking to get this working on Nitrado, I recommend you create your own world, single player, configuring it as you please. Then log into nitrado, your server, go to the file browser, go into the profile directory that's there and you will see a Saves folder. Then go to your AppData folder on your machine, Roaming, MedievalEngineers, Saves. Create a folder in Nitrado with the same name as the one that reflects your new world (should be obvious if you named your world something memorable). Upload each of the files there but don't worry about the backup saves. Then head to your configuration file (which we have shared above) and look for <LoadWorld> and <WorldName> - you will see a file path in LoadWorld - change that to the folder you just created. Change your WorldName to the same name (or something else if you want but I'd stick with keeping it the same). Restart the server.

    After that, I recommend you strip naked, dance around a totem pole, and pray. Sacrifice a lamb and then by the time the server has stared, hopefully it will work.

    Keen - you've got some ace game here, for your next iteration, please schedule some time to smooth away some of these random issues. Thank you!
  8. Ryver Trainee Engineer

    Ripping code from a locally generated config was how I achieved my success too, so we probably arrived at fairly similar results anyway :)
    It would be nice if there was some kind of wiki-post that shed light on what each parameter controls. I'd give it a good go, but I don't really know enough about it.

    Regardless, I am glad you have it working :)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.