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Nomad or city builder

Discussion in 'Survival' started by ObjectZero, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    Ok I'm both feet in the to nomad group, no away I can hide that. I don't set up long term station. I only use station as a temp build platform, just to grind that away and move on.

    Everything is built on to my one main ship, all small ship can dock and move with it and all other large ships merge to it so it can be move in one large mass.

    But I also play more PVP then some so staying in one location just ups the odds of someone finding me. I jet for rock to rock mining mark and mapping out ore sites and trading with anyone friendly, but never setting down roots. Using every piece of the space whale.

    So how about everyone else? Are you a nomad as well living off what you can find, never setting down root, your ship is your castle or to you try and build a base set down root and build a large ever growing network.
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  2. Cy83r Apprentice Engineer

    My base is a mobile industrial strip-mining rig that is steadily growing larger to the point where I plan on inhaling asteroids instead of resurfacing them with every pass, how do I pick both options?
  3. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    A mobile mining rig would make you a nomad. While it might means you have a base you carry it with you. This is if your not staying in one spot of space.
  4. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    At the moment I'm a base-builder (long range drones are fun but tricky). I like the idea of having an ultra swank capitol ship as a main base. No flying bricks though, I tried that and it does not satisfy.
  5. estile606 Trainee Engineer

    I like being nomadic, but I often stay in one place for periods of time, because I have captured enough cargo ships that moving involves the difficulty and danger of linking 8-9 ships together with landing gear and moving them around without damage. my main base ship is composed of 2 of these cargo ships and the spawn ship permanently linked together with merge blocks and then melded together with block bridges
  6. SpecFrigateBLK3 Senior Engineer

    Unequivocally nomad when I have the option.
  7. TidusKlein Apprentice Engineer

    Station builder.... I tend to make stations, but then I mostly play SP I'm shure thou I would still be a station builder oven in MP, just got to make shure to hide well and pack a missile turret turret punch...

    Ps please excuse all no sensory on that post, it's a pain to type on iPods
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2015
  8. ThatDutchIdiot Trainee Engineer

    Playing on Infinite definitly Nomad style. Haven't seen any decent clusters of asteroids that contain all ores which would make a decent station. Flying around in a big ship hauling multiple smaller ships works a lot better for me, parking up to asteroids taking whatever it has.

    Also, just setting your main ship to drift at a steady 5~10 m/s while you are walking around adding new parts, while asteroids are slowly moving by is just amazing :D
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  9. shimonu Apprentice Engineer

    For now I am building station. When I am will get out of ice nearby (soon I am afraid >_<) its will be modified to movable station (when ill finish that autopilot script so it can control direction with small ships attached).
  10. PolarWolf Apprentice Engineer

    I am definitely a nomad with one capital ship to carry all the purpose-built craft. There really aren't that many clusters of asteroids in infinite, so I spend most of my time constructing while slowly drifting from asteroid to asteroid. Only problem is getting too caught up on a build and you end up a grease stain on the side of an asteroid. Seems easier to build while enjoying the ambiance as well as you watch the space pass by, and also cuts down on people finding me while stripping asteroids bare.
  11. mecra Apprentice Engineer

    Nomad. Stations serve little purpose in this game outside of being railgun/railship fodder once they are found by other players.
  12. Samsonguy920 Apprentice Engineer

    Sometimes I wonder if the Nostromo's (from Alien) function wasn't just that. The whole ship was gigantic, which makes you believe that there was a system beyond LV-426 that was pretty clear of asteroids once the Nostromo was done with it. That might be just the analogy to look at. And then wonder when planets are introduced if one might include a crashed derelict with a certain bio signature....
  13. Cy83r Apprentice Engineer

    "Captain, we've hit paydirt! Sensors picked up a derelict hauling exotic biological elements, should I prep the recovery team?"

    "...wait one, ensign... what's the ship's name?"

    "Registry seems to indicate it as the Nostromo, sir."

    "Deploy nukes, slag that freighter, then nuke the slag just to be sure."


    "That's a direct order, ensign, do it now if you don't want to be inspecting the airlock hatch without a helmet!"
  14. BlackUmbrellas Senior Engineer

    That assessment rather requires you to be playing on an Asshole Server full of nothing but pirates. Which I specifically avoid because that's not my definition of fun.

    The whole "hide in deep space and never be seen" survival shtick is dumb, IMO, and I avoid people who enjoy it.
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  15. Sadjuuk Apprentice Engineer

    Really I would like to be abble to build space domes with greenery in stations to be a sedentary, and have a lot of more decoration blocks.. So with the current possibility of the game I'm rather a nomad with tempory industrial stations.

    But currently I'm building a map in creative with only 5 large asteroids, with a huge ennemi presence on 2 of them, and ennemi patrols, ennemi trade route etc... To play more as a pirate.
  16. Pucoslaw Trainee Engineer

    Im big fun of "Nomad zerg/borg" Type of game.............. Im start with settlement grow is big as resonable and gather resources...... tahn build vehicle/shp whitch is selfe contiained artifical unit and scavege thru world for resources when i get res i build biger ship/fleet and then as ultimate end game is big homeworld ship witch is station/home and movable shipyard........... baysycly flyinmg deathstar but wybouth blowing planets thing.
  17. zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

    online things might be different, but so far in sp building games I have a tendency to make a hub and explore things using it's location as reference(and thus a lot of stuff gets built up around it).
    I should look and see if there are any good online planets servers
  18. Namdoolb Apprentice Engineer

    Well, previous to Planets I would have put myself solidly in the Nomad camp...

    But there's something about planets that makes me want to build bases on them.

    (I haven't played much MP, guess on a server, the possibility of someone coming along and wrecking my base might make me rethink a little. Not sure what I'd choose in Multi.)
  19. SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    I play SP in Star System and think I'll stick with bases. Or more accurately, a main base in earth to mine and refine, a (hydro) fuel station above earth, and a moon base for constructing and parking larger ships.
  20. Anoth Junior Engineer

    I'm a bit of both actualy. I like to go around and explore and if i find a place that realy intrigues me i build at least a little self sufficient base with a med bay so i can spawn there to do stuff. Also i like to Build a small base around Mining Points to get me covered or at least stocked up until i can continue my journey.
  21. doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    I like to make a string of small industrial bases while keeping minimal industry on my main ship. Then use my main ship to patrol and refill the minibases. Sometimes I leave a small drill ship at each minibase rather than make one large one to gorge my refineries on. Decentralization helps minimize loss, unless you have a tough faction then centralization CAN be valuable.

    I try to keep a good eggs/basket ratio since anything can happen.
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  22. Frigidman Apprentice Engineer

    I play turtle in survival Star System. I build up a base at a neat location until I either run out of space, or tire of the thing. Then I build something to escape to somewhere else and virtually do it all over again, but differently, with learned lessons from the prior.

    So, I am kind of a nomad, but I stay put for long periods of time between wanderlust.
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  23. Timuroslav Apprentice Engineer

    I used to do the nomad thing which is the safest option, but it isn't any fun in the end game. Plus in the off chance you get caught... all your resources are in one thing and one location. :p

    One of the more fun thing to do in Space Engineers is be invited to other people's bases just to see how they build. It really adds to the element of multiplayer survival. Furthermore if EVERYONE is a nomad, servers will be empty and there will be nothing to explore. The game really needs more builders blocks and NPCs, imho.

    Necro_ For Greater Glory!
  24. Robotnik V Apprentice Engineer

    Pirates usually take what they need and leave, it's more cost efficient than stealing the entire station, or destroying the remains. So, call the people who destroy other people's stuff what they are, trolls, grievers, etc.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
  25. tmike Apprentice Engineer

    Though I will say if you are a member of a more militent faction (and I have seen some that try and run them selves as millatarys. in that case a hit and run raid would be intended to deprive the foe of supplys, or not nessarly takeing them your self destroying is accoplishes the goal as well. Also raids to destory or weeken your apponents definces, can also be worth wile, weeking there definces and scouting them out in force can be with wile as well.
  26. Calaban Junior Engineer

    The problem with going nomadic is the "all eggs in one basket" thing... Clang seems to look for those rather eagerly.

    And one chain reaction BOOM to all you own and you are a LOT more upset than if base 1,2, and 5 were raided, but the other 17 out there were still fine.

    So not, City building, as.. again; all eggs -> 1 basket. I dunno what you'd call my style then.... viral?
  27. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    i play with a nomad style, but every 200km or so I drop a medbay, some solar and battery and a large cargo stocked with enough goodies to slap together a basic set up. just in case.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.